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Salesforce Implementation and Existing Salesforce CRM Improvement

In case you want to migrate from another CRM to Salesforce, improve your existing Salesforce solution, or want to automate sales, marketing, or customer service departments, we will lead you through with certified Salesforce Consulting Services.

Our Salesforce consultants provide several variants of solutions to meet business needs, and when a client chooses one of them, we create a detailed plan of implementation.

Ergonized offers a complete range of Salesforce professional services to develop, customize and implement your tailored CRM solution.

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Salesforce Professional Services

Salesforce Consulting

As a Salesforce certified partner, we provide a full range of consulting services for all types of Salesforce clouds: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Pardot, Field Service Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, and others. Our consultants help automate business processes, enhance communication for our client’s support with their customers and improve collaboration between sales, marketing, and service departments.

Salesforce Implementation

We use a consultancy approach in Salesforce implementation. Our team will perform the Salesforce implementation following your business needs, migrate data to Salesforce and help go through the adoption period. We train your team to get the maximum value from Salesforce. After launch, we provide after-launch support services. It includes any consultation concerning Salesforce-related issues or release notes, etc.

Salesforce Configuration and Customization

Our team helps to configure and customize Salesforce Clouds with minimum custom coding and maximum utilization of built-in Salesforce tools. We start to modify objects, UI, dashboards, reports, and business logic with point-and-click tools. If you need a functionality that is impossible to get with configuration actions, we start customization and adjust your solution with custom coding.

Salesforce Migration and Synchronization

Our team will arrange a data migration from any CRM or legacy system in Salesforce with minimal risk of work interruption while checking data consistency. Our QA engineers validate data and check whether all the information has been transferred properly. If you need to synchronize data between your application and Salesforce, we can do that through integration servers or custom integration applications.

Salesforce Integration

We can combine your Salesforce solution with other data software to increase the productivity and performance of your team. We help our clients synchronize information between different systems and stimulate collaboration by developing complex integrations with other applications. We can integrate your Salesforce solution with other third-party software to increase the productivity and performance of your team.

Salesforce App Development

We create apps using services built into the Customer 360 Platform (the former Lightning Platform). The Lightning Platform provides simple approaches to make and change business logic, customize UI, and integrate with third-party apps and systems.

Salesforce Lightning Migration

Upgrading to Salesforce Lightning is less stressful than it might look like at first, and Salesforce Classic to Lightning migration does not need to cause any trouble. With the right approach to the process, the transition is a smooth and seamless experience. It is a three-part series process of successfully migrating to Salesforce Lighting, while transitioning from one phase to the next one at a time.

Salesforce Support

We offer support of the Salesforce solution to all our clients after the implementation phase passing. Also, we help to support already existing Salesforce solutions. Our team of certified Salesforce developers and administrators, together with business analysts, is ready to keep your Salesforce solution stable and well-functioning.

Salesforce Managed Services

A wide range of operations varying from development to deployment and support are called Salesforce Managed Services. We help to avoid system problems before they affect users and Salesforce-supported processes.





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Problems We Solve

Customer and Partner Communication

Salesforce agency partners are always ready to share the most useful methods of using Salesforce Community Cloud to help you enhance interaction with customers and partners. You can benefit from getting the Salesforce integration partners’ expert guidance on communication help forums as well as from receiving direct feedback from clients.

Marketing Campaign Flexibility

Marketing Cloud capabilities and analytics exist to provide our clients with insights into the customers’ perceptions, while at the same time, the cloud becomes a tool for improving the efficiency of marketing campaigns. The possibility to measure end-to-end marketing profitability across all digital channels provides personalized, data-driven experiences. Marketing Cloud users can engage with a large number of clients, addressing their needs in a highly personalized way with individual Salesforce CRM partners covering various customer communication scenarios. It’s a chance to take marketing even further.

Sales Rates Decreasing

With Sales Cloud, we may assist you in the sales process straightening. To avoid the lead loss and mismatched data, we formalize the sales processes. To guarantee efficient process automation, we recommend using default Salesforce functionality or code-based customizations, which allows planning the sales process and guiding it accurately. It helps to improve the accuracy of the forecasts up to 38% as well as to increase sales productivity on the same level, which consequently enlarges the sales revenue by 28% and the sales win rate by 26%.

Enhancing Case Resolution

We also can help you to enhance your customer service quality by default or custom case management instruments of Service Cloud. Both options have the tools of automated case assignment, prioritization, and escalation. With Service Cloud, you can decrease the case resolution time and promote the productivity of the customer support team. The data speaks for itself: Due to the average percentage of improvements reported by Salesforce customers, support costs were decreased by 22%, customer retention has grown to 26%, case resolution growth is 31%, and the development of customer satisfaction has risen to 35%.



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