What is digital retailing in the automotive industry?

An automotive digital retailing platform is a mix of tools that can be personalized in order to provide your customers with the very best online experience possible, which in turn produces more conversions.

It provides a streamlined shopping experience for vehicles for all customers across all platforms and devices. Discover the future of car buying with automotive digital retailing. Streamline your purchasing process with a seamless online experience, personalized options, and virtual showrooms. Experience a new level of convenience and transparency in the automotive industry with Ergonized.

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automotive digital retailing features

Quick Search

A good automotive management software enables key phrases may be entered into the Quick Search field to assist consumers in quickly finding goods. It's a quick and simple tool to use. When you first start typing in letters, it does a search and shows you the results in real time.

Banner ads with animation & video | Slideshow

Implementing banners in the main block of the helps emphasise current products and marketing activities that are essential in developing a business strategy and enhancing customer focus.


Websites for car dealers to also be customized to reach customers via a multi-language platform implemented with a simple solution tailored under client demand aimed at a deeper transition to the market.

Vehicle Listing VLP with enhanced filter options

With automotive software programs the possibility to use multiple filters while looking for a new car gains an increase in sales through higher customer satisfaction achieved with enhanced functionality.

Vehicle Detail Page VDP / UX optimised

After detailed analysis of buyer personas, we’ve created a template for a UX optimized vehicle page, where all the details of the offered car are shown to the user with an emphasis on easy perception.

Wish List

Adding the possibility to save and evaluate products on an auto dealer website gives the possibility to maintain the loyalty of a client and enrich customer success.

Comparison Page

With an auto dealer website design you can make advanced comparisons as another UX feature created to develop user’s satisfaction as well as to maintain the client’s journey, which, thatwise, is more likely to lead to the purchase.

Price Rules

Implementing the possibility to arrange specific pricing on a product is a UX feature that helps to gain data on users' demand on the market as well as provide better customer satisfaction.


Motivate your consumers to keep collecting coupons with attractive deals and discounts.

Financial Calculator

A customized automotive retail software tool for pricing estimations that reflects loan approval via a partnership with a third-party creditor.

Value Your Trade

The tool was designed to find out how much users’ current automobiles are worth as a trade-in for a new or used vehicle, truck, or SUV.

Schedule Service Page

An interactive form was created to schedule service or maintenance of the customer's vehicle. So, the service can fit into clients' agendas. Employee of the service will confirm the appointment after reaching via form.

Test Drive

The process of automating the arrangement of a test drive for any car that is currently in stock at the dealership.


The showcase of success stories is a great tool to manage loyalty, develop trust and gain customers.

Landing Page

With a CRM software for the automotive industry you can develop a pipeline of optimized content is automated and provides the best experience for users as well as increases sales.

Show Room

By implementing a car dealer inventory website, you can employ a digitized showroom that helps to showcase used vehicles and their current condition to clients and gain more trust.


Automated chats to gain leads and help customers are also possible with a more advanced car dealer web platform, which can be used to lead prospective buyers through the sales funnel.

Ordering Parts

Another big upside to a dealership sales platform is the intuitive way to place an order for any vehicle parts, which is synchronized with automotive parts inventory software and helps to automate the purchase process and reduce workload.



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    Dealership websites allow you to avoid unnecessary budget expenditures while providing a readily accessible, customer-focused digital retail system.

    Enhanced UX | Mobile First Experience

    A dealer website with responsive design that can provide the greatest possible experience for customers on the devices they use the most.

    Intensified UI | Fully Custom Branding

    Growth of your personal brand by changing your website design and usability. Vehicle dealers can focus on their identity and let their customers enjoy surfing through each and every webpage.

    SEO & Marketing Optimisation

    A proper car dealer website is designed for SEO & Marketing, improving your visibility and platform effectiveness. SEO optimized structure with free built-in SEO tools helps you reach new horizons and step forward into optimized and structured content.

    Quick to Deploy

    This powerful alliance is embodied in the dealer site, which can be implemented swiftly.

    Open API Integrability

    This robust platform offers the ability to synchronize with any tool that you could employ by way of an API.


    Experience all the benefits of the digital revolution in sales by personalizing your workflow and automating your daily tasks.

    Scalable tool

    Take full advantage of car dealership websites by managing volatile workloads and user requirements. Scalability is the ability of a system to adjust to changes by adding or removing resources to meet demand. Scale up to maintain higher customer demand and heavier workloads without delay.

    Extra Security

    WIth a car dealers website, you can rest at ease knowing you have data leak protection, protection from financial fraud and legal fines, and the ability to concentrate on your main business objectives rather than dealing with security headaches are some of the benefits that may be gained by investing in an information security system.

    Integration with CRM

    Integration of CRM allows for streamlining and automation of digital retail solutions workflows. The Dealer Management System is fully connected, providing you with convenience, accuracy, and coordination across all of your stores. Through a car dealership website, it’s possible to synchronize with the inventory management system enables increased productivity and efficiency. By setting up an automotive service software you’ll be able to provision insights with integrated and automated social media management.

    Limitless API calls & Data Storage

    Obtain enhanced data analysis with an unlimited number of API calls and the ability to store an unrestricted amount of data on your digital retailing tool.

    Enriched Support

    We maintain communication with our customers until the dealership retailing platform is complete and the expected results have been achieved. We keep on supporting the client with any difficulties or problems that may occur, making the necessary modifications and being ready to answer questions regarding automotive digital retailing solutions.



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