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8 easy steps for Salesforce Community Implementation

Step 1. Enable Community Cloud Salesforce

You won’t be able to launch the community without verifying the license, so that’s the first step to follow. To do this, simply login to your Salesforce account and locate the “Company information” section.

Is the license available? If yes, move to:

  • Communities
  • Communities Settings
  • Enable communities

Type your domain name and then select the “Check Availability” option. By the way, you can create a different URL i.e.,, etc for each community within your Salesforce solution.

Step 2. Create a community

To create a community, select the name or make a new one, write a description, and type in the URL. Then click “Create”. The community has been created, which you can now publish.

Step 3. Add new members

Select the profiles you need to operate the community and provide them with permission to access the created community.

Step 4. Add the engaging content

You can add any tab that reflects the nature of the content. FAQ, use cases, and so on – you can create and add whatever you need.

Step 5. Brand your community

Upload the logo and add the tagline or whatever else you might need. Change the colors, styles, and so on. This will help your community look unique and memorable, thus raise the brand awareness of your users.

Step 6. Customize your login page

You can not only perform community page branding, but you can also customize the login page. Just make it look how you’d like it to.

Step 7. Configure the email

Here, you can set up the generic email address to add branding details and a customized message.

Step 8. Put in the finishing touches

Once you are ready with all the steps outlined above, take a chance to preview the community. During this stage, you can play with it, get your employees’ feedback, introduce the final changes, and publish it.

That’s it! Your Salesforce community is ready to be used.

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Written by

Arthur Koryaka

Starting from 2007, Arthur managed to successfully help automotive, insurance and healthcare industries to adopt a CRM system. As an experienced consultant, Artur proved his practical knowledge by passing certifications for the different Salesforce roles. Over the years, Arthur is developing his expertise in the financial industry and helps clients migrate to Finance Sevices Cloud.

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