The Best CRM for Real Estate Agents: Choosing Guide

17 February, 2022 5 min to read

Picking the best CRM for real estate agents is critical. Since success in this field is mainly defined by the relationship you build, thus real estate CRM systems are both the main driver for new leads to your business and a means for closing them faster.

However, you might already be using real estate CRM software, but it no longer serves your needs. In this case, switching to a new CRM can upset the entire business foundation. That is why you need to be sure the new app is worth it.

The CRM market is flooded with apps, making the decision-making process especially challenging. But with our guide, you will find the search for the best CRM for realtors less cumbersome. We’ll cover which aspects to consider when picking a CRM solution for your real estate business and get an overview of some of the most suitable options.

So, let’s get the ball rolling.

What Does CRM Stand For in Real Estate?

A CRM stands for customer relationship management software. It helps companies manage customer-related data more efficiently, arrange customer-tailored communication across different channels, track customer behavior and engagement level, and identify sales opportunities. As a result, any company effectively using a CRM improves relationships with their leads, streamlines workflows, and boosts profitability.

Nearly 3 out of 4 realtors use a CRM to deal with day-to-day tasks. The same survey also suggests that 96.2 percent of brokers experienced significant improvement in productivity after implementing CRM for real estate agents.

These impressive figures are relevant to realtors for several reasons. The real estate workflows have peculiarities that are not inherent to other businesses. So, the best CRM for real estate should address the specific needs of realtors.

With that in mind, we define a real estate broker CRM as a tool that enables real estate agents to effectively run their business by keeping track of leads, managing deals, following up and taking notes between showings, uploading documents and contracts, managing schedules, and catching up on real estate trends.

How to Use CRM for Real Estate?

When dealing with the daily agenda at work, real estate agents have a lot to manage: record buyer or seller details; create pipelines for properties, buyers, or investors; move leads through the sales pipeline; access data on-site; arrange deals, and get feedback from customers.

Realtors require a specific toolkit to effectively handle these tasks with little time wasted, which is lacking in standard CRM platforms. Common solutions might partially address the needs of real estate agents but will never provide the niche-specific features for more efficient work.

Luckily, there are real estate CRM systems specially developed for this industry. Apart from having the standard features like lead management, real-time communication, analytics, integrations with project management tools or social media, CRM apps for real estate also have the functionality that equips agents with everything they need.


In the fast-paced business world overcrowded with rivals and customers with high expectations, there is a need for optimizing workflows.

Top real estate CRM solutions help agents streamline workflows by running manual tasks through an automated centralized panel. Thus, companies reach a higher efficiency level by involving fewer resources. Here are a few examples of these automated processes:

  • Data management - tracking lead status and automatically updating the database when the lead’s status is changed, updating expiration dates and other customer information;
  • Reminders - real estate agents can set up reminders or schedule calls with clients (they will get notified about any upcoming events);
  • Follow-up - by setting specific rules for follow-up emails or calls, the realtor will get notifications about any desired activity, or the system will automatically send an email using a template;
  • Customer care - automation of customer support service will enable avoiding answering the same questions again and again by allowing the software to do the job;
  • Documentation flow - many CRM systems have file templates that cut down on time creating and sending documents required to finalize the deal.

By automating workflows, you may also avoid human errors, boost productivity, reduce operating costs, improve client satisfaction, and enhance scalability.

Lead Nurturing

Every business relies on its relationships with clients. Real estate broker CRM software enables agents to drive more leads and nurture relationships with potential and existing buyers.

CRMs provide a robust lead and contact management platform that makes it easier to communicate with clients. These apps maintain a vast client database, including contact details, interaction history, referrals, communication preferences, and other essential details. Additionally, some CRMs allow for client detail customizations, so you can add or keep information that is critical for you.

Aside from real estate CRM lead management, you get the means to nurture every lead throughout the entire sales process. From accurate analytics of the clients’ behavior to integration with the communication tools and document templates, you get all you need to stay in touch and provide exceptional service at every stage.

Market Snapshots

Niche-specific real estate CRM programs may even include a market snapshot feature. This feature analyzes and summarizes current market activity, thus enabling you to process key information and respond to market movements much faster.

With market snapshot reports, you can provide your clients with the freshest MLS market activity in your clients’ areas of interest right, right at their fingertips. You’ll be able to notify your clients of new listings or any price changes. Every report will also include advanced client search, listing details, or other local information. But perhaps the most appealing aspect of these reports is that they are easily accessible from any device, be it mobile or desktop browser.

Email Drip Sequences

Would you like to warm up new newsletter subscribers and gradually funnel them into engagement with you? A top CRM for real estate agents will provide the tools necessary to run a fully-automated campaign by sending a series of informative and useful emails.

The goal of drip email sequences in real estate is to address the lead's pain points with valuable information, provide your expertise, and build a warmer rapport. In this way, you transform passive leads into active clients who are genuinely interested in what you are offering.

SMM Integration

It’s hard to imagine a modern business without a social media account. Presence on social media allows companies to get more touchpoints with leads, be on the same page with them, and maintain omnichannel communication. That is why real estate agents should not neglect to promote their social media accounts.

While some CRM tools might not boast integration with social media, the best real estate CRM software provides realtors with an opportunity to arrange communication with leads via social media platforms. These CRMs allow for the creation and planning of content, automatically adding new posts, and more.

Built-in Lead Generation

Capture more quality leads with the best CRM for real estate investors. A CRM with lead generation features streamlines any efforts towards bringing in more clients and managing the relationship with them more effectively.

You will understand your target audience and how they behave when you reach out with a particular offer. With the right CRM, you will attract more leads, gather them in one place, and track your interactions with every one of them.

For Teams & Brokerages

The greatest perk of CRMs is that they enable different teams to work out of one centralized database. By distributing lead information between the various departments, deals can be closed faster.

Also, top managers can track the performance of every agent by checking the report. There are also summarizing reports that give insights into the company’s state of affairs.

Benefits of a Realtor CRM

Buying or selling homes or other real estate property can be quite a challenge, but a CRM for real estate developers can make things much easier. The moment you switch to a CRM system, you’ll notice an immediate change in workflow quality.

Firstly, cloud-based CRM for real estate is extremely useful for agents who frequently work on site. You never know when the client will reach out to clarify some details and what kind of information you may need. With a cloud-based or mobile CRM, you will always be able to check any important information or add changes to the client's profile or status no matter where you are.

But there is much more to CRM apps than that. These tools also result in better deal management. You’ll get a full view of every lead throughout the sales funnel and be able to arrange the workflow to quickly move deals along. You will get access to the most current point in any deal, break deals into categories for better management, and share documents.

There is no doubt that a CRM will significantly improve your bottom line. According to Salesforce, CRMs help users boost lead conversion by 30% while increasing the deal size. These are dramatic results, considering that the average return on CRM investment is $8.71 for each dollar spent.

benefits of real estate CRM software

Hubspot has shown that only 27% of leads that move into a company's pipeline are sales-ready. A real estate CRM with an integrated lead nurturing module will allow you to warm up cold leads, build connections with them, and close more deals.

CRM platforms make lead management a breeze.  And your clients will love it too, as the quality of communication feels almost seamless. Due to in-built tools like live chatbots, follow-up emails, cloud telephony, email templates, social media outreach, and messaging, you will be able to stay in touch with your clients in a way that is convenient for them, all from a centralized platform.

Another fascinating merit of a CRM is that it enables departments or other team members to easily communicate and exchange data, thereby reducing the deal processing time.

In other words, a CRM becomes a single point of reference where real estate agents get all the information they need to build healthy and strong relationships with their clients.

Top 10 Easy to Use Real Estate CRM

At Ergonized, we have implemented dozens of pre-made and custom CRM solutions. So we are well aware that some tools are instantly ready to use, while others are too complicated and require training.

There is nothing wrong with hard-to-grasp solutions. They might turn out to be extremely effective when you sort things out and learn how to use them.

But if you do not want to waste your time figuring out how a CRM works, here is a list of the easiest CRM for realtors.

Real Geeks

Real Geeks is an easy-to-use real estate sales and marketing solution designed especially for agents and brokers to help grow their business and close more deals.

This platform integrates a lead generation and retention CRM, automated email drip system, instruments for Facebook marketing campaigns, responsive IDX real estate websites to help you capture more leads, marketing analytics, and more. It might be slightly expensive to get started, but it's worth the investment.

Why it's for you

Real Geek is a bargain if you would like to build your own brand, grow your lead base through marketing campaigns and your website, and manage interactions with prospects, all from one app.


BoomTown is a lead generation and management tool for real estate agents coming in scalable and flexible packages.

When you settle on this CRM, you get access to lead management features, IDX websites, and more. It's easy to use and will provide you with the tools to upscale your business easier and faster. The desktop app is great, but the mobile version might be slightly cluttered.

Why it's for you

If you are looking for a simple yet scalable CRM, BoomTown is a great solution.

Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss is the intuitive and free CRM for real estate with rich functionality. It will gather all the leads in one place and allow you to easily track communication and deal with progress.

This CRM supports the entire sales lifecycle. It gathers leads from more than 200 sources and enables you to communicate through a single hub. However, due to its rich functionality, this app might require some customization, especially for a small real estate business.

Why it's for you

If running your business in a smart way and building healthy relationships with your leads sounds enticing, then you should try to Follow Up Boss CRM. After all, it's free to start.


kvCORE is an all-inclusive platform for real estate agents who want to access essential tools in one place.

This is the best CRM for small real estate businesses as it integrates an ÃI-powered CRM along with other functions like a website builder, marketing autopilot, transactions management, analytics, and more. With this CRM module, you can easily validate leads, automate day-to-day tasks, and reach clients via an in-house smart dialer. Some layout pages might look awkward, but that's not a big deal compared to the app's many benefits.

Why it's for you

The kvCORE is a wise choice if you’re searching for an all-in-one platform for performing real estate activities and growing your business.


With CINC, you will effortlessly build your real estate business by attracting more leads and closing the lead-to-deal cycle faster.

This software will help you attract and retain more leads by offering intelligent workflow automation, enhanced lead generation, and management. It also lets you stay in touch with your clients, run marketing campaigns, and connect other tools for a seamless experience. Moreover, this is a great mobile CRM for real estate agents, so you can always work effectively, no matter where you are.

Why it's for you

By smoothly integrating with other apps and offering extended features for real estate agents, the CINC will cover all your business needs.


Chime is another excellent platform for brokers that supports lead generation and building strong relationships with them.

This AI-driven CRM system allows you to shorten the time from contact to close with enhanced operational intelligence, workflow automation, power dialer, and more. The AI assistant advertising feature will help you extend your lead database, while you'll be able to easily track the status of every lead.

Why it's for you

The Chime is an all-in-one platform that will help you effectively manage each and every interaction with your leads.


Improve lead management and integrate sales processes with the Lasso CRM.

You will see a significant boost in communication with your leads using Lasso. This CRM integrates lead management, email marketing, sales processes, reporting, and API integrations. The Lasso company offers CRM onboarding and consulting services to make the onboarding process more accessible.

Why it's for you

You may want to use the Lasso CRM for streamlining your lead management and marketing tasks.

REthink CRM

The REthink CRM is an ambitious Buildout project designed to help you buy, sell, lease, and manage properties with less effort.

With a centralized database and automated workflows, you'll be handling all your tasks much faster. Monitor how deals are progressing through your sales pipeline and get insights into your performance. Get details about your leads and communication history in order to devise more value-added and client-oriented interactions.

Why it's for you

A REthink is an effective tool for capturing leads, establishing a rapport with them, and closing deals, all in one easy-to-use hub.


Contactually is a sleekCRM solution that helps real estate agents establish and strengthen long-lasting customer-agent relationships.

The app tracks each communication touchpoint automates workflows with AI features, schedules emails, and groups contacts by how you work. It easily integrates with other apps via API, so it will easily fit into your tech stack.

Why it's for you

Contactually is easy to set up, and it will connect you with your clients without much effort from your side.


Fine-tune communication with your real-estate clients using the Realvovle CRM solution.

This CRM software will help you scale your business while reducing effort on lead management and day-to-day tasks. Keep clients' profiles and client-related files in a centralized database, manage properties and transactions, control your deadlines and track to-do’s, send emails using templates while logging all these activities for reference.

Why it's for you

The Realvolve CRM will help you drill down on relevant client information and streamline the communication without much effort.

Top Real Estate CRMs for Agents, Teams, Brokerages

What is the best CRM for real estate when it comes to agents, teams, and brokerages? We've compiled a list of top CRM for commercial real estate teams.

IXACT Contact

IXACT Contact is a user-friendly and affordable CRM for realtors offering rich functionality for managing effective relationships with leads.

By offering an appealing user interface, a customizable home page, convenient contact profiles and categorization, automated tasks, and appointment reminders, the IXACT Contact will accelerate your success in the real estate business.

Why it's for you

The IXACT Contact CRM will enable you to steadily grow and retain your lead base while staying on track with your business goals, all through an intuitive app interface.


LionDesk is a powerful CRM and marketing tool that automates real estate workflows,  allowing you to focus on value-added activities.

This app has several modules like CRM, transaction management, lead generation, power dialer, and integrations, so you can better manage interactions with leads, streamline the transaction process, and generate higher quality leads. Since this is an ever-growing CRM, some bugs might occur (like failure to import leads, failed transactions, etc.). But the developers are responsive, and they react to any issues you report.

Why it's for you

The LionDesk is a good choice for you if you are looking for a basic real estate CRM with extended functionality.


What is the best CRM for real estate agents? Without a doubt, that would have to be Salesforce.

Salesforce offers a comprehensive toolkit for ecologically building relationships with clients. This solution is suitable for small teams and enterprise-level organizations seeking to optimize lead management and streamline real estate workflows. The most significant advantage of this CRM is that it scales with your business. You can start with a basic plan and then add as many useful features as you need. Get to know how Salesforce will transform your real estate business in our in-depth article.

Why it's for you

If you are looking for a CRM platform that gives you a full view of your target audience with the utmost in customization, Salesforce wins hands down.

Top Producer

The Top Producer CRM is another convenient tool for connecting with leads and closing deals.

With rich functionality, this CRM allows you to easily manage leads, track their journey through the pipeline, automate marketing, customize workflows, send emails and call your clients, as well as manage transactions. However, it might lack integrations with other business automation tools you may want in your toolkit.

Why it's for you

The Top Producer all-in-one platform is a great solution for teams that do not plan to use other software.


Elevate is another CRM made to empower teams of real estate agents or brokers with effective tools for converting leads into clients.

This app creates a single point of contact for client collaboration, marketing, and lead generation. It allows for building IDX websites, managing social media, running email marketing campaigns, generating leads, and tracking metrics. So, along with streamlining connections with your leads, you will also get tools for maintaining an online presence through numerous channels.

Why it's for you

Elevate is a functional CRM platform offering advanced marketing tools for managing lead interactions and social media.

Wise Agent

The Wise Agent CRM for brokerages, teams, and agents contains all you need to cover your contact management needs.

The Wise Agent CRM boasts advanced automation options and 24/7 support, regardless of the package. Along with great tools for contact management and lead automation, you also get tools for transaction management,  commission reports, text messaging, landing pages, and marketing. In fact, everything you need to become a successful player in the real estate game is packed in this CRM.

Why it's for you

If you appreciate rich functionality over a modern interface (the layouts are somewhat outdated in this app), the Wise Agent certainly fits the bill.

Market Leader

The Market Leader is a sound solution for teams looking for a single platform to generate leads and turn them into returning clients.

This professional solution for agents and brokers is not just a static contacts database. It's a living organism that ensures new leads every month through powerful in-built lead generation features. With this app, you can create a lead-generating website, effectively manage existing and new leads through a marketing center, automate your marketing efforts, and get a deeper look into your business operations.

Why it's for you

Market Leader is an outstanding option for real estate teams looking for a CRM system that allows for managing existing leads and converting prospects, so you can build a deep pool of returning clients.


If you are looking for a solution that can deliver more than just a place to keep contacts, Propertybase is a CRM worth considering.

This full-featured app is great for teams and brokerages that are not satisfied with tools constrained by limited functionality. As you switch to Propertybase, you'll get advanced analytics on your communication with leads, lead routing, and more. On top of that, it fosters collaboration between agents and teams for better performance and faster deal closures.

Why it's for you

Being built on the robust Salesforce platform, the Propertybase tool enhances collaboration within organizations working toward a  common goal – to grow their client base and make sales.

Custom Real Estate CRM: Is It Worth It?

The research carried out by Hubspot reveals ten reasons that prevent real estate agents and brokerages from implementing CRM systems.

reasons to use real estate CRM

Some agents are still convinced that they can easily do without a CRM. Others are uncertain which CRM is best for real estate (we hope that if that was the issue for you as well, we’ve addressed all your questions). But a certain percentage of agents lack specific integrations or features.

We totally agree that the absence of critical features is a fair reason for refusing to use a ready-made CRM. But there is another solution available in such a case – a custom real estate CRM software development.

A custom CRM is built to meet your needs exclusively, so it will surely contain everything you require to take your real estate business to a new level. What's more, it would be free of redundant features you would never use but would have to pay for.

So, by now, you might be wondering what's the best solution for you: an off-the-shelf or custom CRM. Check out the table below to compare ready-made and custom CRM apps.

Pre-made CRM

Custom CRM

Specific features and integrations are determined by vendors, so there is no way to add or remove them Specific features and integrations you want for enhanced productivity
Fixed fee per user (paid monthly or yearly) - comparatively affordable You pay a significant fee once (or the payment is split into two parts) and then for its maintenance (optional)
Limited customization capabilities You can fine-tune the CRM (the layouts, forms, etc.) the way you want
No way to control new app versions and bugs You control what updates you make and when
No competitive edge - your rivals are using the same software Better competitive edge - you will get data generated by unique algorithms, and thus will be able to outshine your rivals
Free trial No free trial is available
Customer support and maintenance from the vendor's side You are in charge of supporting your team and maintaining the app (or you can outsource these services to a third party)
Fast implementation and set-up It takes some time to develop an app (from one month to 6 months or more, depending on the complexity)

When is it Better to Use a Pre-Made CRM?

  • If you run a small business;
  • If you would like to sort out how a CRM works and how it would affect your business;
  • If you are not ready to invest significant money into app development;
  • If you do not have resources to maintain the app once it is delivered to you;
  • If you do well enough with a standard pack of features and integrations.

When It’s Better to Use a Custom CRM?

  • If you already use custom business management apps;
  • If you would like to scale your enterprise-level business;
  • If your team requires specific tools for performing its tasks better;
  • If you would like to take a competitive advantage over your rivals;
  • If you need customization and flexibility.

If a custom CRM for your real estate business strikes you as a powerful solution, the Ergonized team will happily take on your project. Our developers have vast experience in delivering CRM platforms with rich functionality. We can build a CRM that will zero in on your real estate business objectives.

Key Takeaway

A CRM is no longer optional for managing leads and deals in the realm of real estate. As a realtor, it is something you simply cannot do without, if you want to succeed in this notoriously competitive industry.

So, if you find yourself in a never-ending search for the best free CRM for real estate or for a reliable team who can develop a custom CRM solution, then reach out to us at Ergonized. We will be more than happy to help you determine the optimal solution for your real estate business.

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