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How To Find Top Salesforce Partners

Top Salesforce Partners

You have decided to implement Salesforce, and this is right. Your business deserves the best solution. Now, the main question is, who will implement it? The effectiveness of the Salesforce platform largely depends on the implementation partner, so you can’t go wrong!

Salesforce is a comprehensive business automation tool and the best CRM platform and app for sales representatives nowadays. Top Salesforce consultants implement this advanced solution that helps businesses get ramped up and grow faster, thus enlarging their productivity and sales. With progressing competition and global changes, firms are resorting to Salesforce CRM partners to optimize their processes, turn their activity around, and become the leaders in their segment.

Therefore, the issue of integrating this technology into your business processes is becoming more actual and urgent than ever. And if you still haven’t found your solution, this article is for you. Let’s get to know how to find a partner that will match your biz' requirements for Salesforce design, development, implementation, customization, and integration.

How to Find a Salesforce Partner?

This is a good question as it can be a bit of a potential minefield. There are many Salesforce consulting companies, and it becomes difficult to separate the good ones from the bad ones. Therefore, hiring a Salesforce agency may not be as simple as it seems at first glance.

However, we know how to make it so. Here are our best tips and tricks for selecting a firm that is excellent for your business: from searching for options to evaluating them.

Spoiler: keep reading to find our rating of top Salesforce implementation partners.

Explore Online Resources

The fastest, most reliable, and most convenient way to find something is to search on the internet — and in our case, on resources such as or These are great places to start. There, you can find Salesforce vendors around the world, with any directions and pricing policies. Furthermore, these resources rank companies with different parameters and criteria. So, what information should you pay attention to?

  • Certification and rating. Checking companies’ certifications and trying out their reliability will help you determine the best firm to hire. The aforementioned resources rank service integrators and show them in accordance with your research. The Salesforce partners list is leaned on reviews, previous works, prizes, market presence (marketing efforts, reputation, and geographic location), and specializations. This is your first step in detecting great business service providers.
  • Categories and products. Explore top services and solutions across definite markets to find the appropriate resource for your project. Browse all directions and categories (ad & marketing, web & software dev, design & production, IT solutions, business services, resources, etc.), as well as product collections (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Platform, Einstein Analytics, Financial Services Cloud, Salesforce Essentials, and so on).
  • Cases and reviews. Nothing says more about a team than its work. Thus, look for the cases (projects, services, and industries) of each agency to explore whether it has practice in the services you need and proof of successful past projects. Also, take note of the Salesforce consulting partner levels (Base, Ridge, Crest, and Summit) and do not neglect reading reviews. This is your opportunity to find out about the previous customers' actual experience. All reviews on such authoritative resources are verified, unbiased, and conducted by analysts. Remember that someone else’s experience can serve as an opportunity for you.
  • Location and cost. These also are crucial criteria to consider when choosing cloud implementation companies. You may find a local team with the filters, but don’t limit yourself to your country's borders and don’t solely focus on local agencies. By hiring Salesforce outsourcing companies in other countries, you will get access to global talents and cost reduction. Be sure that outsourcing is always a good idea in 2021.

Evaluate Your Vendor

Once you have chosen a certain number of more or less suitable companies, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of certification do they have?
  • How do they differ?
  • How many certified devs/specialists do they have?
  • How to find the one that matches your requirements?

This will help you learn more about your potential candidates and enhance your chances to find the very best team.

But that is not all! We have prepared for you the Salesforce vendors list, which includes advanced agencies in any direction, location, specialization, and price.

You will definitely find something for yourself.

Salesforce Consulting Partners List

We have analyzed the Salesforce consulting firms present on the market and rated them based on a complex set of evaluation criteria, namely their current supply, Salesforce partner ecosystem, information about customer demand, public surveys and researches, the general strategy of partnerships, and presence on the industry market.

So, here is our top 20.


New York, USA. 50–100 employees 

This is perhaps the frontrunner among the best Salesforce implementation partners. The innovative agency was created in 2007 as a custom software dev agency. Today, it is a Salesforce-certified consulting partner with over 14 years of practice, solid customers worldwide, and certified specialists. Ergonized adapts a success-oriented approach and helps companies get the maximum profit off of their Salesforce implementation.

As a Salesforce consulting integrator, Ergonized proposes all the necessary Salesforce services, including consulting, implementation, customization, integration, managed services, support, lightning migration, component development, Salesforce app development; as well as expertise in any industries (financial, health, nonprofit, marketing, sales, etc.); and creates Salesforce solutions in all the most popular Salesforce clouds.


Texas, USA. 100–150 employees

Set up in 1996, this one of the top Salesforce consulting companies. It ensures a full range of software and product dev services. The firm is a Salesforce-certified consulting associate with more than 25 years of expertise and over 200 customers. It provides plenty of services and solutions in different industries and using different techniques.

The company's goal is to transform any concept into a high-quality custom software solution. Ascendix Technologies offers versatile models, high product-development practice, solid domain expertise, the latest IT market standards, a high-quality codebase, and 24/7 maintenance.


New Jersey, USA. 2500+ employees

Avenga is an international IT and digital transformation agency formed in 2019 after the merger of four companies with different cultures, backgrounds, and strengths. Today, Avenga has more than 350 projects and 2,500 specialists with departments in Europe, the United States, and Asia. It is known for its imaginative approach and mission to alter the traditional IT environment.

The company considers full-service solutions worldwide. This Salesforce partner has been submitting Salesforce solutions for 10 years, has worked on more than 100 projects, and obtained 270 Salesforce certificates. Avenga provides a diversity of Salesforce dev services, solutions, and tools.


Munich, Germany. 10–50 employees

The company has been present on the market since 2013 and has been a Salesforce partner since 2014. It is represented in several countries and has clients on the international market. The Welkin Suite executes all the latest Salesforce technologies and Salesforce dev services.

The company has created the Welkin Suite product — a powerful IDE for the Salesforce market. It is an integrated development environment that is delivered as a standalone application. This IDE for the platform saves developers’ time and increases their work efficiency by up to 30%. It probably is the most powerful and flexible cloud business tool in the industry.


Copenhagen, Denmark. 50–100 employees

This top-quality Salesforce solutions partnership was built from scratch in 2017. The crucial direction of their activity is Salesforce realization and Cloud consulting. The firm’s specialists are skilled in all major Salesforce domains, offer different business solutions, Salesforce-related services, and leading practices for any industry, using a full stack of instruments.

Twistellar proposes all-in-one business automation services and is concentrated on solving business goals with consulting and solutions on the Salesforce platform. The company operates internationally and targets the global market. It leads Salesforce projects of any scale and complexity, and is involved in the most demanding Salesforce projects.


New York, USA. 700–1000 employees

Bluewolf is an international consulting firm and verified Salesforce strategic partner that was created in 2000. The agency specializes in leading cloud technologies such as Salesforce, suggests Salesforce consulting and implementation services, and has a broad case study of implemented cases.

Bluewolf helps customers create and implement their business' happy future using Salesforce. The company’s Salesforce approach helps clients detect possibilities, make smarter decisions faster, increase their performance, and improve their workflows and technology solutions.


Lviv, Ukraine. 100–150 employees

The Ukrainian startup was created in 2014. Today, it is a Salesforce consulting partner, product development partner, and certificated expert. This agency is specialized in design and integration. TechMagic proposes Salesforce services such as dev for AppExchange, integration, custom dev, and technical implementation. The crucial objective of the agency is to help both small startups and huge firms raise their potential and boost their power.


New York, USA. 300–350 employees

This company was established in 2009 and is specialized in Salesforce financial services, public health, integration, and custom dev. Silverline will apply the best practices it gathered from over a thousand cases and the expertise gained over more than 10 years of work. This expertise concerns people, processes, consulting, and change management.

The agency provides services on all phases, from strategic planning to realization and management. The key mission of the partnership is to change the way customers do business.


Dublin, Ireland. 50–70 employees

Pexlify was founded in 2015. Today, it is a leading certified supplier of Salesforce in the U.K., Ireland, and Europe.

The firm specializes in the modification and optimization of businesses with the Salesforce platform. It helps customers simplify and robotize their processes, refine performance, and increase gains by delivering flexible Salesforce solutions. Pexlify strives to solve the hardest troubles and ensures its clients' growth.


Florida, USA. 200–250 employees

The startup was created in 2012 and is the only platinum Salesforce consulting integrator in the state of Florida. It provides consulting, implementation, and managed services to businesses, non-profit partnerships, and the public segment. Coastal Cloud has vast Salesforce expertise, suggests powerful solutions, and applies the most recent cloud-based technologies.

The agency’s purpose is to help customers move away from rigid, expensive, and outdated mechanisms and techniques, and instead move toward current, modern solutions that are versatile, affordable, and social.


Virginia, USA. 200–250 employees

This innovative startup was created in 2008 with the intent to help businesses reach their digital transformation goals. Therefore, it has more than 10 years of specialized expertise and ensures services at Salesforce implementation, dev, and consultancy.

The firm is known for its advanced software solutions and driving business success with Salesforce. Tkxel helps startups and enterprises from all over the world, as well as organizations of any format, direction, and industry.


Ahmedabad, India. 300–350 employees

This Indian Salesforce-certified dev company was established in 2011. The target of the agency is to revise the way businesses communicate and control their clients, products, colleagues, and employees.

To do so, it offers Salesforce dev services from idea and design to practical realization of complex Salesforce business solutions. Hyperlink InfoSystem applies powerful developer tools, uses different technologies, and suggests different narrow-specialized services.


Torun, Poland. 10–50 employees

SevenPoints is a Salesforce introduction partner and has vast expertise in completing different cloud projects. The partnership was built in 2013 with the key idea to popularize cloud engineering and guide clients in order to provide them with maximum profits from their cloud technology investments.

The agency’s certified Salesforce technology experts create solutions that unit optimized processes and all the possibilities of the advanced Salesforce platform. SevenPoints takes sales and maintenance to the next level of quality.


Utah, USA. 500+ employees

Simplus is a Platinum Salesforce Partner and the pacesetter in Salesforce consulting. The firm has strived to make it simpler for customers to implement Salesforce since 2014. The company’s slogan is “success simplified.”

Today, Simplus takes the cake in Quote-to-Cash implementations. It applies advanced cloud solutions and leading Salesforce technologies to help startups and fabricators improve, update, and progress. Salesforce with Simplus is about profitable growth, operational performance, and an integrated customer experience.


Texas, USA. 50–100 employees

AGG was created in 2011 and specializes in the financial and healthcare markets. The key idea of the startup is to help teams make the transition to Salesforce and help customers realize their full potential using limitless possibilities of cloud technologies, all while using Salesforce.

Among the services they offer are Salesforce's quick start program, transition to Salesforce lightning, financial services accelerator, and Salesforce optimization services. Besides, they manage services such as Salesforce Cloud services, integrations with Mulesoft, CPQ, and Billing, and CTI.


Minsk, Belarus. 50–100 employees

Onilab is a strong unit of certified specialists created in 2011. The agency helps both small startups and huge firms with Salesforce dev, integration, and tech design. It implements a whole cycle of Salesforce services, such as consultancy, research, design, QA, deployment, and maintenance.

The IT agency also suggests Salesforce dev services for every cloud. Onilab is an advanced and certified partner in making your operations scalable, reliable, versatile, and optimized. It is one of the top-notch Salesforce integrators in Europe, and is chosen by clients from all over the world.


California, USA. 20–30 employees

The modern Salesforce solutions organization was created in 2017. Its main areas of work are consulting, tech realization, and business transformation. This certified agency helps go from outdated CRMs to Salesforce and fills in all the pros of Salesforce on how to become more profitable and effective.

Cloudsquare works with all industries provides support throughout each step, offers unique and effective Salesforce solutions, and applies an individual approach. Overall, it makes your daily operations efficient.


Illinois, USA. 20–50 employees

The company was founded in 2010 and specializes in transforming businesses through digital solutions. One of such solutions implemented by the agency is Salesforce. SMBHD helps companies open all the potential of this technology and achieve convincing results through its implementation. The IT agency also pays respect to all the freshest industry trends and offers advanced cloud-based solutions for SMEs.


California, USA. 10–20 employees

This is one of the advanced Salesforce consulting integrators that submit a full range of professional services worldwide. MondayCall Solutions is an official Salesforce partner with a crew of certified specialists.

It provides implementation, custom dev, integration, data migration, optimization, and managed services. The firm offers a wide range of packages and custom services, as well as a stack of different technologies and tools.


Lviv, Ukraine. 30–40 employees

This Salesforce-certified firm was established in 2017. It designs and incarnates Salesforce solutions for companies of any scale and any direction. This IT agency provides services at different stages and helps companies make a good start, switch to Salesforce, make improvements, and grow. Noltic is focused on customers’ success and brings the best out of all the Salesforce peculiarities.

Summing up

Salesforce is chosen by businesses from all over the world. Magnify your Salesforce investment and explore what your business can achieve with the top Salesforce consulting firms. Enhance your potential, achieve your unique objectives, and boost your productivity with Salesforce.

In this article, you have observed the best Salesforce consulting companies. Make the right choice. And we hope that we have helped you doing so.

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Written by

Dmitriy Ogol

Experience in various CRM systems as Zoho, SugarCRM, Hubspot and Pipedrive helped to reach the right expertise level in the CRM systems, which, consequently, lead to significant Salesforce potential. So now, Dmitriy helps to create various solutions on the Salesforce platform.
Starting from 2008, Dmitriy helps in the development of CRM solutions for such industries as Real Estate, Marketing, Insurance and Healthcare.

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