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How to Use Salesforce


While thinking of how to use Salesforce, you have most likely done your research and already decided that you need this system for your business. And it is the right choice to do so, but there are some important things to keep in mind when working with the system. 

For example, you should consider learning how to use Salesforce for the purpose of customer retention as opposed to customer acquisition because the first is more affordable and pretty effective. Working with the customers you have in the right way will lead you to stronger relationships with them and better outcomes for your business. 

So to achieve your business goals, realize the importance of Salesforce for your business and go through available helpful tools and services to learn how to use Salesforce and make the system convenient for you.

Why Learn How to Use Salesforce?

Using Salesforce provides major benefits to your business and helps it grow at a steady and quick pace. While there are different CRM systems you can use, Salesforce has particular advantages over the others:

  • customization (adjust the system to your company’s needs in terms of its features)
  • ease of use (no technical knowledge is required to manage the system, it’s simple to learn how to use Salesforce)
  • various functionality (add apps, tools and features to meet your needs)
  • analytics (collect data and track patterns to improve your approaches)
  • scalability (the platform grows according to the growth of your business)
  • extensions (AppExchange gathers useful apps to integrate into Salesforce)
  • community (the system keeps advancing, and the community around it grows correspondingly)

Because of these, using Salesforce in your business provides you with an opportunity to make your working process as convenient for you as possible.

7 Ways to simplify business processes with Salesforce

In order to enjoy the possibilities that Salesforce gives you, you need to know how to use it. Since Salesforce keeps updating, you should learn about the upgrades constantly and implement the advancements in practice. 

Here are some recommendations on how to use Salesforce so that it makes a positive impact on your business.

1. Automate Sales Pipeline & Accelerate Productivity

Start with Salesforce automation in terms of using the system to change your sales pipeline from a manual one to an automated one. A great thing to use for this purpose is Sales Cloud, which provides a variety of features, allowing you to simplify the process. 

Here is the list of features that you receive:

  • Lead management allows you to gain more leads and convert them to sales deals in case you give them to the proper sales reps.
  • Opportunity management is good for tracking things, such as products, delivery, payments and other data, and sharing it with all the team members so that everyone is up to date with the progress.
  • Workflow and Approval. A user-friendly and easy to use tool that supports drag-and-drop management helps you to simplify your sales processes by сreating new conditions on applying discounts or special conditions to certain leads. Once the workflow is set up, the sales director or other users with the appropriate role can approve it in one click to close more successful deals.
  • Sales Data. It gives you a possibility to automatically enhance your user profiles with relevant data and receive powerful insights to improve your targeting. With fetching data directly from rest assured that you receive fresh and accurate information to turn your leads into valuable clients.
  • Account and Contact management. Execute all the potential of offering the right deals to customers.  This feature keeps all the account history including clients activity helping your sales agents to have fast access to be able to offer some unique propositions and build a personalized approach to any client.
  • Files Sync and Share erases the limits on sharing files with your team members and allows you to do so securely and conveniently, meaning that you can access files from different devices without risking to damage or lose them.
  • Reports and Dashboards allow you to have reports created automatically to get a full picture of the progress your business is making. 
  • Sales Forecasting works through algorithms that are based on AI and the information that is already available in the system to provide sales forecasts. This makes it possible for you to track your progress on goal achievement and adjust the schedule, strategy, and plan in a timely manner if you need to.
  • Mobile Salesforce. You no longer need to be at your desktop to get access to all the working tools you need. Bring your office with you anywhere you go with your mobile device. All the necessary communication features such as responding to clients, calls and dashboard views are included making Salesforce perfect for customer service.

As you can see, Sales Cloud has enough features to offer so that you can automate a great number of processes that occur in your workflow, making things easier and faster for you.

Tip: Unify Customer Data

In sales, you need to have a full picture of each one of your clients to understand your audience. That's why it is essential for you to create a place where you will keep all the information on a customer instead of keeping it in different apps and sources, and your place for this is Salesforce. As a result of moving all information to the platform, you will have a 360° view of every client that you will be able to share with the entire team. Not only this gives you transparency but also data that is easily accessible can be later useful for analysis purposes for forecasting and hence, improving your business.

2. Automate Service Support

Service Cloud, a personalized service, allows you to provide support to customers after the sales stage is completed. This includes informational and technical support, and the goal is to optimize and improve cooperation with your clients and their experience with your company. The clients choose the preferred channel of communication, such as messengers or live chats, and chatbots that operate based on AI assist them quickly according to their need. That’s what makes Salesforce the best CRM for small and medium business client retention.

Benefit from the following possibilities of this product:

  • Case Management. Improve your customer service with Salesforce. Having full access to all the previous history of the client’s interaction with customer support and checking all the info about the client in one place, your agents will be able to solve the client’s issues in a quick and efficient manner. 
  • Service Process and Automation. Tailor the services you provide according to your needs and simplify the routine processes by setting up the approval processes automating them with the Lightning Flow feature.
  • Lightning Service Console. Forget about keeping your canned replies at the desktop documents and speed up the response time of your agents. With this tool, you can integrate custom templates, shortcuts and quick access to all the client’s details such as History and contact information.
  • Knowledge Base. Leave the complex search algorithms for your articles in the past. With the knowledgebase option, it is much easier to find the necessary guideline and recommended articles can save time for your support since users can find the necessary information by themselves. 
  • Omni-Channel Routing. Best assistance quality achieved by recognizing the cases previously processed by your support department and matching the clients’ queries to agents with the most appropriate expertise for a certain request.
  • Service Analytics. With the help of the integrated configuration tool develop your custom apps by answering several questions about your needs. Artificial Intelligence will do all the rest providing you with the forecasts and actionable data to drive more prosperity into your business. 
  • Telephony integration. Enjoy all the benefits of CTI technologies to get the most of your telephone calls. Number detection can help you to personalize communication and instant logging can help you to keep track of all the received information. Such features as turning a call in one-click actions and enabling call answering without touching your phone will decrease the response time and make your clients receive timely support.  
  • Automation with Macros. Your agents are tired of repetitive manual processes? Make them happy- introduce automated tasks for the repetitive processes by running macros with the defined set of actions that are to be performed, thus speed up solving clients’ problems faster.
  • Asset and Order Management. Billing history, support requests including clients’ orders and processing payments with ease. Build trust having all the transaction details at hand when it’s necessary.

3. Marketing Automation

Obviously, Salesforce is best to use through automation, and marketing is not an exception. Marketing Cloud is another tool for automation and contains a wide range of functions, including Data Studio aimed for seeking new audiences, Email Studio for building email campaigns, Interaction Studio for simple user activity visualization, Pardot for B2B support and several other features you will most likely find useful.

Here are the  Marketing Cloud features that will help you to execute all the marketing potential:

  • Email Studio allows you to make your email communication more personalized gathering the data from other Cloud products you use with Salesforce or any other resources. Organize your campaigns by sending emails with different calls to action including informative and promotionally targeted emails. 
  • Mobile Studio. Enhance the communication means by using mobile resources. Choose between different methods: push messages or SMS or other notifications. Sent in the right place at the right time, they can be a trigger to try your products. Pick up suitable conditions based on the location or proximity to your offline store or a special event to increase your selling perspectives.
  • Social Studio engages you as a business into the world of social media communication to speak the same language as your users do, monitor your competitors and raise brand awareness on the Internet. 
  • Advertising Studio. transform your customers’ contact data into a powerful tool for digital marketing with the help of this tool. Launch win-back campaigns, contribute to customer acquisition, engage your target audience into promotions you run and use every opportunity to advertise your services.
  • Web Studio. Build consistent and elegant landing pages with the website builder tool integrated into Web Studio part of the Marketing Cloud. Don’t worry about the different versions of devices, as a responsive design feature is enabled by default. Save partially ready content into drafts and schedule the publication of the page to deliver them at the right moment.  

Help your marketing and sales team to achieve outstanding performance in fruitful lead nurturing with Pardot: 

  • Lead Management can help you to build closer relationships with your leads at any stage of the customer funnel. At the same time Automatic segmentation allows you to find your users and based on the criteria you define segment them to build unique service propositions for every customer category.
  • Lead Generation. Act on valuable data received from your traffic analysis,  build custom landing pages and create clean feedback or data gathering forms that people would love to fill in.
  • Email Marketing. It allows you to build effective email campaigns that will force people to click on it. Includes possibilities of A/B testing for you to find our a perfect message 
  • ROI Reporting allows to evaluate your marketing campaigns and measure its cost-effectiveness. With this feature, you can also have a global view of your sales funnel and engagement of your customers at any point. It also supports the integration of the most popular social media tools to see how your customers interact with you through any given channel. 
  • Einstein Lead Scoring helps you to build the forecasts of your prospective users, determine conversion rates and classify them into one of your customer segmentation groups. 

Key marketing tips:

Personalize Your Approach
With all the information you will be having in your database, it won't be a problem to make your clients feel special. Given the data on what they have viewed and considered to purchase but did not end up buying, you can come up with a personalized offer for the person to make him or her reconsider the decision. Eventually, you will change the way you approach each individual client and establish a more personal and close relationship with your audience.  

Besides these, you can also have different applications of the data you collect. Based on what you know about your customers, reach out to them on social media. Create opportunities for your company to interact with them through the networking platforms by coming up with what can be interesting for your audience. Consequently, you will have regular feedback from your audience and communicate with it. These are the ways of how Salesforce can assist you in changing the way you treat your customers and conduct your business.

Keep Track of Subscribers
An important thing to keep in mind is that some of the subscribers you have may have become inactive. A mistake you make in this case is that you still keep them in your email lists. Making some calculations will show you that inactive subscribers that you engage with will cost you a lot. And you limit the number of your mass emails that you can send out to active users by keeping inactive ones in the mail list because you can only send mass emails to 5000 external recipient mailboxes per org daily with a Salesforce Enterprise account. Therefore, when you're trying to learn how to use Salesforce, be sure not to make this mistake with keeping inactive subscribers.

4. Analytics Automation

Analytics plays a huge role in business growth, yet it can be time-consuming to manage it with the intention to achieve useful information. Therefore, to learn how to use Salesforce, you need to understand how to integrate analytics automation, which you can get with Einstein Analytics, one more business tool to keep in mind. This tool works on AI to analyze sources, build combination and track patterns, make predictions and provide recommendations based on them. 

The benefits of using these Artificial intelligence algorithms in Einstein Analytics:

  • Stay connected with clean Data Management that keeps the slightest details of your work smoothly organized.
  • Easily access all kinds of information, build forecasts and act on received advice without a necessity to retrieve the code.
  • Launch your applications built with Discovery and Analytics studio. No need to have advanced technical skills, as based on your answers, the ready-to-go templates will be offered for further customization.

As a result, you will be able to attain forecasts regarding your business much faster and make more profitable business decisions. In addition, you can integrate Einstein Analytics with other apps to gather particular data.

5. Collaboration Automation

Interactions are simple to handle with a collaboration tool called the Community Cloud. With this tool, you get an opportunity to exchange data and information in real-time and exchange files between devices, regardless of whether it is a mobile or stationary device. Another thing you can do is customize templates for forums or messages so that you spend less time on creating interaction and focusing on information exchange every time. Eventually, you'll stay up to date with everybody with no extra effort.

Have a look at its features which will contribute to your community building:

  • Business Integration. Create a one-stop place where all your partners and customers can fulfill their needs by using the data integration from any system inside or outside Salesforce.
  • Personalization Community Cloud. Analyzing insightful data such as interests and activity to provide you with suggestions regarding content. As a result, fosters deepening of the community bonds.
  • Customization and Branding Paint Community Cloud your colors and instill trust to your brand by customizing every single detail to correspond to the unique spirit of your company. 
  • Bring your community anywhere you go with using the application or a web version of the Salesforce Mobile version with adaptive web design for you to be able to collaborate from any place and location.
  • Topics. One more cool feature from Einstein AI that helps to generate the pages dedicated to a specific topic automatically gathering there all the necessary files and info about it. Also, there exists a feature to follow the updates on topics you subscribe to.
  • Using Chatter makes teamwork on the project easier. You can simultaneously work on documents and tasks with other members, making the process of interchanging ideas easier and your collective results more impressive.
  • Groups. Organize theme-related communication in one place. Engage group discussions, inform people about new events you organize or host. By the way, it supports embedding videos introducing more fun into your day-to-day routine. 

Features to facilitate communication with your customers popularizing self-service practices:

  • Knowledge: Supply your customers and agents with fast access to the necessary articles and answers repository to provide timely solutions 
  • Case escalation. Taking into account the spread of turning to various communities for solving problems, with this feature customers can raise their concerns directly and get help not only from your agents but from their peers and other customers who solved similar issues previously.
  • Engagement. Award your most active customers with badges to recognize their contribution to the community by labeling them as experts. Thank opinion leaders with the engagement software and add some entertainment by enabling voting so that clients can confirm the skills of each other.
  • E-commerce. Get a possibility to reach out to your customers when they see your products on social media and make your existing customers your partners by selling products with their mediation.
  • Community Management helps you to find the patterns in the behavior by showing you the engagement of your customers in groups, most popular themes and clients’ pain points.

And take partnership to the new level with Community Cloud:

  • Salesforce Automation. Enable information sharing with your partners. Now you can easily send them contacts and other necessary info so that they have access to more data. No more conflicts on the lead distributions or doubling efforts for reaching the same potential clients.
  • Data Sharing. Give partners sharing access to your inventories making sure they get all the right info to be able to launch sales. At the same time, control the level of permissions to avoid disclosing internal company data. 
  • Actions. Give your partners the opportunity to participate in the business flows right from a community feed and use applications integration to make them working with the familiar tools.
  • With Dashboards and Reports, you can follow the sales and activity health of your partners. In addition, being a great collaboration tool, it gives you the opportunity to share the reports and dashboards with your partner so that you can make sure they are aligned with your business aspirations.
  • Salesforce Files. Make the files accessible from wherever your partners need. Synchronize files from different devices to make sure you will not lose any important details. Also, FileConnect option makes it possible to integrate file sharing from other systems such as Google drive or Share point.

6. Embrace mastery over Cloud Commerce to drive more sales to your business

Commerce Cloud serves to help you build online stores with ease. Here you have the possibility to manage multiple websites from one account, connect with various API to ensure quick order processing and many other useful features designed to make selling online easily. Regardless of the business model be it either B2B or B2C, you will find all the necessary functions designed for making the process more convenient.  Let’s have a more detailed overview of what it offers to implement it to the store you own boosting your sales:

B2C Sector, where you directly offer your products to end customers can benefit from the following features:

  • Сonversion optimizing. Make sure that users finish purchasing flow by offering them saved items in the cart from the previous time, speed up transactions and make sure that the checkout process goes smoothly.
  • Engagement in social media. Give your users a choice to find your products in their preferred media through the ads integration in Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.
  • Online sales personalization. Using customer segmentation, place unique offerings for each group and increase the loyalty of your customers. And for sure AI algorithms will make everything possible to make this process better.
  • Unification of everything you need. This feature would be beneficial for everyone with several versions of the same website adapted to different country audiences. Have a unified view on all the products including the variations of pricing and currency. 
  • Smart searching algorithms and personified recommendations will make it easier to adapt to any particular user and give them results based on their preferences and executing predictions to show customized personal recommendations.
  • Develop your product offerings with Customer Insights. Based on activity and behavior patterns, get the most of them. Tailor special offerings, create product bundling and a lot more.

If you run the B2B model, here are the benefits you receive:

  • Quick deployment of your ideas speeds up product delivery making you the most attractive figure on the market.
  • Optimize Daily routine. Setup automatic re-ordering for your clients when certain items are close to going out of the stock. Monitor the product situation to be ready to satisfy the needs of your retail or wholesale partners at the right moment.
  • Respond to B2B challenges. Make online ordering easier with customized product categories and special pricing. Turn the process into self-service for your partners to feel the advantages of your services compared to your competitors. A side bonus from it: save the money spent on providing support and allocate these resources to grow more
  • Grow a partnering network: help your partners to grow with your help by building and launching websites that can be easily set up and customized by branding means.
  • B2B Experience Breakthrough: take сontrol over all the chains starting from making the product to provide support ( with possible mediation) to end customers increasing your reputation on the market.
  • Get maximum from SaaS. Now it’s easier than ever to manage SaaS applications enabling automated renews, plan upgrades and downgrades making your customers receiving top-notch service they deserve.

7. Improve your productivity boost with Quip

Focus on global development plans rather than on monotonous tasks. Quip addon for Salesforce provides complete office suite providing documents, presentation slides, and data management through creating different tables and graphs making it a pleasure to use for your team. Check it’s main advantages:

  • A one-stop place to manage all the office requirements. There is no need to use Google docs for one purpose, Excel for data management and third-party chat applications. Work on any doc with your teammates without disrupting and losing progress.
  • Be mobile by taking your office tools with you no matter where you go. Modify your docs staying in a queue, being on the go or just walking home.
  • Protect your productivity. Take complete control over the locations and networks from where your working space can be accessed. Quip Shield helps you to prevent potential breaches and malicious attacks.
  • Save your time on copying and re-typing. Include Salesforce data and provide the communication context with the available embedding feature and focus on finding perfect solutions rather than on routine document work.


Obviously, there are many benefits to Salesforce adoption to your business. But you need to learn how to use Salesforce in order to make the implementation successful and effective for business goal achievement. From the list provided, you can see that there are so many additional tools and features that you can use to automate a lot of processes related to Salesforce. In fact, automation plays a huge role in leads nurturing and successful customer retention. Automation takes an important part in lead nurturing and increases customer retention rates. 

In the long run, learning how to use Salesforce appears to establish strong relationships with clients, help you achieve your business objectives and contribute to the growth of your business.

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Written by

Arthur Koryaka

Starting from 2007, Arthur managed to successfully help automotive, insurance and healthcare industries to adopt a CRM system. As an experienced consultant, Artur proved his practical knowledge by passing certifications for the different Salesforce roles. Over the years, Arthur is developing his expertise in the financial industry and helps clients migrate to Finance Sevices Cloud.

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