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24 September, 2021 5 min to read

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What Is Recruiting Software?

Recruitment Software Definition

Recruiting software is a system that helps businesses quickly hire qualified employees. There are several software solutions for this purpose that perform comparable duties such as publishing job ads and managing candidates but that differ in terms of features, outlook, and complexity.

Quite often, recruiting software is referred to as ATS (applicant tracking system) recruitment software, although the two are not synonymous. Recruiting software is a wide term that includes applicant tracking systems and other tools targeting certain stages of the recruiting process. In a minute, we’ll discuss the main differences.

How Does Staff Recruitment Software Empower Recruiting Workflow?

In general, recruitment software keeps track of candidates during the screening and interview stages. Such systems help to recruit managers by creating a job ad, distributing it to the right platforms, and monitoring all relevant job applications via the recruitment software platform. Once the applicants have been interviewed, the system provides recruiters with relevant updates. The recruiting software may also be used to send out job offers, manage paperwork connected to onboarding new employees, and generate hiring reports. This improves the efficiency and organization of the whole process, allowing everyone to focus on other responsibilities.

In addition, recruitment software benefits applicants, as it improves scheduling and communication between candidates and the company that they would like to work with, simplifies the job application process, and provides more informative career websites. Candidates who have a positive experience with an organization's recruiting process, regardless of the outcome, are more likely to recommend the company to their friends and family or even apply again.

Types of Recruiting Software

A lot of recruiting software is available with different features. To choose a relevant system, you must identify the goals you need to accomplish. We have described some of the most popular types of recruiting software to clarify certain points and help with your decision. Let’s jump right into them.

ATS Recruitment Software

ATS is one of the most popular types of HR recruitment software. Many of the time-consuming parts of the recruiting process are made easier using applicant tracking software. An applicant tracking software for recruiters may sort and monitor resumes, handle job applications, analyze data for important information, and maintain contact lists. These types of systems help companies find certain keywords in cover letters and applications, which may improve the efficiency of recruitment. You can also use ATS to restrict the application pool by using assessment tests to check the candidates' abilities. The best part is that you can monitor all application information from a single platform, making the hiring process more efficient and time-saving.

Recruitment CRM Software

Candidate relationship management systems help recruiters search for candidates who have already applied for a position at a business. It stores all the relevant information in order to quickly find current and former candidates, maintain contact with both, evaluate and enhance the hiring process, and, most importantly, save time by improving the candidate experience. However, to enjoy all the benefits, the information must be entered into the system beforehand.

CRM may be used with an ATS to bring the most qualified candidates to the table for an available position. By making the appropriate contact at the right time, CRM helps improve the applicant experience, which portrays the target business as a desirable employer.

Recruitment Marketing Platform

A recruitment marketing platform (RMP) is an all-in-one solution that helps recruiters with all stages of the recruiting process, from sourcing prospects to attracting active job searchers to managing their employer brand. Recruiters can manage their candidate connections, guide job searchers through the application process, and keep track of their positions and applications in real-time. Usually, these systems offer a great number of features including a talent network, social media sharing, management of employee referrals, job notification via email or messaging, recruitment event management, and internal mobility career websites.

Most recruitment marketing platforms easily integrate with several applicant tracking software programs to bring in jobs, show them on the careers site, and automatically distribute job listings. Moreover, this integration may allow companies to track which prospects become applicants, watch their progress through the recruiting process, and determine whether they become applications or hires.

Healthcare Staffing Software

When it comes to attracting a large number of qualified individuals, healthcare staffing agency software is necessary. The health industry must be highly regulated because it has to attract candidates for permanent, temporary, and travel positions, as well as organize shift scheduling and provide accurate reporting. Thus, healthcare staffing software systems have healthcare-focused features, apart from the general features, that help easily track the processes of recruiting and job placement, thereby leading to enhanced efficiency and placement quality. Staffing software for healthcare usually includes credential management, automating emails, tests and checklists, workflows to travel, recruiter and client prospect management, timesheet data for payroll and billing, analytics and reporting, automated hospital files, shift scheduling, commissions management, and many other customizable features that should match the necessities of a healthcare organization.

Recruiting Conversational Bots

Recruiting conversational chatbots, often known as recruiting assistants, enable prospects and recruiters to communicate more efficiently. Chatbots are commonly used to collect applicant information, screen prospects, schedule interviews, and answer applicant queries, among many other things. They replicate human conversational abilities in the sense that they are built to understand written and spoken language and reply appropriately. Recruiting conversational bots are usually used in various media such as email, messengers, ATSs, social media profiles, and much more. The most important benefits of chatbots can include the fact that people are usually comfortable interacting with them and they assist recruiters with administrative tasks, such as collecting information from candidates, scheduling interviews, asking screening questions, and much more.

Interviewing Software

Interviewing software allows you to interview candidates using a video connection. It is a very simple recruiting tool, though it offers a lot of benefits. Among the most common are enhancing applicant selection by finding remote workers, lowering the expense and stress of in-person interviews, the possibility of recording the interviews to be able to rewatch them and thereby choose the best applicants, and much more. Covid-19 has drastically influenced the interviewing software industry, which gained high traction during the outbreak. Because organizations are operating from distant locations and conducting interviews using video platforms, the demand will continue to rise.

Recruiting Agency Software Features

The size of your company, your hiring model, and your geographical scope are the three most important factors to consider when choosing a set of features for your recruiting software. If you have a decentralized recruiting process, you'll benefit from more extensive administrative controls and user management. If you utilize a more centralized hiring strategy with a single office or department, it's vital to see all the candidates and available job ads in one place. Additionally, the more geographic areas you wish to deploy your online recruitment software to, the more logistical challenges it will face. When it comes to these three factors, not all staffing systems are created equal. To clarify the level essentiality of recruitment features and help you understand which features are necessary in your case, let's discuss the most common ones that companies look for to reach their recruiting goals.

Lead Generation

Recruitment lead generation software solutions are crucial because they help identify available candidates on the market. Lead generation is the first step in the recruiting process, as this feature gathers information, about the professionals, that matches specific job requirements. This is one of the most useful features. Any type of company would enjoy the benefits that it brings to the table.

Recruitment Management

This feature simplifies the management process for both candidates and vendors. Additionally, recruitment management software can help control all the workforces and workflows associated with recruiting at the company.

Boolean Search Solutions

Search solutions include selecting and combining keywords to improve the efficiency of the searching process.

Recruiting Software Applicant Tracking

Another useful feature is the ability to keep track of all staffing processes in real-time. It allows you to track the candidates’ hiring stages and all the relevant details, candidate pipeline, information about contractors, and much more.

Hosting Solutions

Staffing solutions are available as cloud-based recruitment software or as web-based software or can be purchased for hosting onsite through client servers. Web-based solutions are on-premises - that is, at the company's location - and are accessed via a web browser. When cloud-based solutions and tools are hosted and managed offsite in the cloud, they can be accessed remotely from any device via a remote desktop connection

User-Friendly Interface

A simple and easy-to-use interface makes all the reporting, timesheets, pipelines, and requisition approvals much more understandable. The easier you can analyze the information, the more efficient steps you can take to meet your recruiting goals.

Recruitment Screening

Usually, these solutions include screening, testing, and tracking tools that make it much easier and faster to find the potential best-fitting candidates for the position. Recruitment screening software may also allow for skill-based talent searching and matching.

Recruitment Automation

Automation is the most efficient way to save time and simplify workflows to focus on more crucial processes. Recruitment automation software can publish jobs to free and paid employment boards, verify references, and download and process resumes, as well as offer management solutions.

Integration With Third-Party Applications

Recruitment tools are usually integrated with career websites, corporate websites, job boards, and other relevant resources.


Customizable solutions help obtain customizable reports, templates, and forms.

Back Office Software Solutions

This feature includes form and template generation, an integrated email system, portal management, multi-function lists, and tracking and tagging solutions, among many others.

Benefits of Recruitment Software for Small Businesses and Enterprises

The most essential thing a company will ever do is hire. As a result, there's little doubt that your company requires recruiting tools to find and interact with the finest applicants. While we all know that recruitment software is the answer to bridging the gap between employers and job seekers, it's critical to distinguish between a good system and one that fails to meet the demands of recruitment and talent acquisition. As mentioned above, the size of your organization is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a system. Consequently, the benefits of recruitment software may vary as well. We have prepared two lists of the most common advantages of staffing software for small businesses and enterprises.

Benefits of Recruiting Software for Small Businesses

Increase Your Database and Speed Up the Hiring Process

You can get all the information you need and communicate with applicants and employers from anywhere and at any time. All updates are automatically incorporated into the system, so you'll always be up to date. This helps you cut down on the time it takes to find and hire the appropriate individuals. Additionally, you can allow applicants to register and submit their CVs directly, allowing you to reach a broader audience.

Cost efficiency

The only expense is the installation of the program or the development of a customized one. However, it's a sensible investment with quick returns. Recruitment agency and vacancy marketing costs, as well as hidden expenditures like photocopying and HR resources, may all be cut.

Improved communication

When it comes to recruitment, it's essential to effectively communicate with both your current employees and your potential candidates. This sort of software can give you great communication capabilities as well as the capacity to automate things like email answers. Using recruiting tools, you can significantly expand your communication channels and keep candidates updated.

Reduce administrative effort and improve the quality of your hires

When you automate posting positions on several job sites, you may save hours. Having all of the resumes in one location also allows you to find better prospects in less time. You can sort the CVs you get into different categories and then filter them according to what you’re looking for. That way, you can guarantee that potential candidates are matched to appropriate job openings. In addition, you can utilize a shared calendar with small company recruiting software to more easily arrange interviews. This automation gives you greater control and allows you to concentrate on other aspects of the process, such as conducting in-depth interviews and evaluating your prospect list.

Benefits for Enterprises

Improve employment brand experience

Simple and relevant job applications provide candidates with a genuine insight into your working culture. Recruitment compliance software that is overly difficult or outdated could cause your candidates to be concerned that this is reflective of the workplace they may be entering. When you provide a good hiring experience, you demonstrate how important your workers and prospects are to company culture.

Post more efficiently

Not only are candidates competing for your job, but you're also competing with other companies for the top prospects. At times, it might be difficult to get to the most competent person. You may establish a branded career website rather than posting open opportunities on a job board.

Accurate insight analysis

Good staffing systems compile data into graphs and recruitment software dashboards, allowing you to better absorb and analyze information. You and your recruiting team can make the best hiring decisions with the help of thorough and precise analytics. Also, you can adjust your tactics to match the patterns you're observing.

Secure storage

This is crucial for big companies that already have a huge database of applicants and employers. All applicant information, whether provided on the candidate's profile or during the recruiting process, should be kept completely private. This will not only maintain confidence between the candidate and the organization but also prevent talent leakage.

Increase productivity

Traditional recruiting methods bind you to an office and require you to have access to a computer and documents. Online recruiting tools can help a recruiter work more efficiently. Cloud technology is widely used in recruiting applications, allowing users to connect while on the go using their mobile devices.

No doubt, all of the benefits are interchangeable. What works for enterprises can work for small businesses as well, such as accurate insight analysis and secure storage. However, small businesses should pay attention to speeding up the hiring processes and reaching the correct audience to lead the organization in the right direction from the beginning. Investing in more crucial features, and forgetting for some time about the additional ones, will be much more cost-effective for small companies.

Benefits for small businesses

Benefits for enterprises

Increase your database

Improve employment brand experience

Speed up the hiring process

Post more efficiently

Reach the correct market

Increase productivity

Improve communication

Obtain accurate insight analysis

Enjoy cost-efficiency

Enjoy secure storage

Reduce administrative effort and improve the quality of your hires

Improve HR’s productivity

Top 5 Recruitment Software Solutions on the Market

As mentioned above, before buying a plan for any software program, you should identify the goals you want to accomplish. Then, based on this, you will choose a system with relevant features. The market is full of recruitive software; however, some of the systems are winning over others. Here are the top 5 recruitment staffing software solutions on the market.


Freshteam is the ideal human resources software for a growing company. It allows you to recruit, hire, and onboard new workers, as well as offboard departing employees, manage employee information, and schedule time off, all in one location.

freshteam rating

Source: GetApp

Recruit CRM

Recruit CRM is a cloud-based recruitment software that assists small and medium businesses in managing their recruitment operations, daily activities, applicants, clients, contacts, and more. Recruiters can use the platform to see and track application information, job openings, hiring status, and notifications.

recruit crm rating

Source: GetApp

Bullhorn for Salesforce

Bullhorn for Salesforce, formerly known as Talent Rover, is a cloud-based Salesforce recruitment software program that includes an applicant tracking system (ATS), human resources information system (HRIS), customer relationship management (CRM), timesheets, expense reporting, accounting, payroll integrations, and more.

bullhorn for salesforce

Source: GetApp

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a talent acquisition system that helps recruiters overcome a variety of challenges. Zoho Recruit provides comprehensive solutions for both in-house recruiters and employment agencies, allowing you to find, monitor, and hire the finest prospects without having to juggle several media.

zoho recruit rating

Source: GetApp


CEIPAL AI recruiting software, particularly the ATS & CRM platform, is designed on an open-source architecture that allows organizations of all sizes to scale. Higher education, IT consultancy, healthcare, and small to mid-sized industrial units are among the industries that can benefit from the solution.

ceipal ats rating

Source: GetApp

Recruitment Software Price Comparison

Staffing Software

Starting Price


Free for up to 50 employees

Recruit CRM

$76.00 per user/month

Bullhorn for Salesforce

$160.00 per user/month

Zoho Recruit

$25.00 per user/month


$114.00 per user/month

Custom SaaS Recruitment Software Development

Case Study

Implementing new technologies and refining best practices, our team of fully dedicated developers created a customizable staffing solution to have a positive impact on the hiring process. Based on the type of company, and having discussed the main recruitment goals, we developed a system perfectly matching the client’s needs.

The portal has the following framework:

  • Jobs
  • Candidates
  • Interviews and interview questions
  • Workflow automation and integration
  • Candidate pipeline
  • Document and CV management
  • Rating system
  • Dashboard and analytics
  • User management I Profile I Registration I Authorization
  • Parameters and skills
  • Salesforce and CRM integration
  • Search strategies
  • Ideal candidate profile

The solution includes Google SSO, LinkedIn, and email integration. Using the best practices for creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface, we developed efficient dashboards, pipelines, and analytics for an accurate outlook on the process.

The portal has the key parameters of the ideal candidate implemented in such a way that all the applicants receive a score on every recruiting stage, making the process faster and more accurate.

Key Benefits of Our Recruiting Software

  • Salesforce integration
  • API-driven application
  • SPA architecture
  • Laravel framework
  • js framework
  • Postgress database
  • Deploy anywhere
  • Good performance
  • Security
  • No need to pay for licenses
  • Better integration capabilities
  • Customizable user interface
  • The client paid only to developers
  • Fully customized for the client’s processes
  • Quick support
  • Better data control
  • No API call limits
  • No storage limits

Custom Software Benefits

Custom software development allows customers to create software tailored to their specific demands and business practices. A solution that works for others might not work for your company. One of the advantages of custom software development is the ability to tailor solutions to your specific processes and requirements. Because custom software development is geared toward meeting an organization's specific business-centric requirements, it offers a number of benefits. Here are some of the most common advantages that organizations gain from designing and developing software suited to their specific requirements.

Business processes optimization

It is no secret that each organization has developed its own business models and procedures. That is why software must be created in such a way that it can be readily updated and aligned with those models and procedures. Custom software solutions allow you to optimize your company operations rather than altering them to fit a certain application or piece of software.

Higher level of security

Commonly used software is the target of a high number of attacks. Because many firms use the same software, hackers can exploit similar weaknesses in various companies' systems. Furthermore, they can purchase this software and study it from the inside to discover such flaws. One of the most notable advantages of bespoke software is that it is utilized mostly by your own team, making it harder for hackers to get access to your system via insecure software tools. Custom software development services enable organizations to incorporate required security standards and procedures that ensure data safety and security. Furthermore, companies have the option of selecting the security system that is most suited to their needs.


Because the software is completely customizable, you can choose whatever custom recruitment software development technique to employ to create your own program. You have the power to create your own software and make it function the way you want it to by using cutting-edge disruptive technology.


Custom software development services provide the ability to design the entire process. This means that a company can begin automating some operations based on its budget and then plan the next stage of the development process. Bespoke software development enables businesses to save money in the long term. There is no need to purchase extra package software expansions or features. In fact, organizations will create profits in the long term thanks to the insights gained through functionalities suited to their needs.


With bespoke software, your team can take up your suggestions at any moment and develop or update functionality for you. Software scalability is critical to your company's long-term success. Your procedures will get more complicated and sophisticated as your company grows. In fact, many businesses use cloud databases to reduce the requirement for expensive hardware that is ideal for growing custom software. Scalability is not only important for software development but also critical for effective company expansion.

Easy integration

You don't have to be concerned about your software's compatibility with existing apps. Custom software allows you to integrate with your other company systems. The advantage of bespoke software is that it can seamlessly integrate into any company's software environment.


Organizations have the option of selecting the technology that will be utilized to develop their applications. As a result, clients can choose all of the features they need to make the program work for their business.

Improved productivity

As compared to firms that utilize bespoke software, businesses frequently face greater interruptions when they rely on off-the-shelf software that does not provide all of the features and capabilities the company needs for its operations. Building software that matches a company's specific needs allows workers to work more effectively and confidently on their job tasks.

Stay ahead of the competition

Individually designed solutions may help your firm earn a profit and grow more effectively, thereby allowing you to generate more money and remain ahead of the competition.

Responsive design

There are no design limits when it comes to customizing your software to fit your company's style. In other words, bespoke software helps you maximize your company's potential while avoiding the restrictions of off-the-shelf software. Generic software programs are frequently not mobile-friendly, which is a significant disadvantage for the firm that uses them. Custom software, on the other hand, connects all devices, allowing you to enhance usability while keeping procedures and workflows running smoothly.


What works well for one company might not work for another. You may be following procedures that others aren't. Software created specifically for you guarantees that all of your operations and procedures are handled and automated in accordance with your specifications.


The capacity to maintain and follow your company procedures over time promotes your eventual success. Reliability is a key aspect of success. Thoroughly testing your bespoke software guarantees that you have a dependable IT product that can help develop your organization.

Maintenance and support

Custom software development allows you to communicate with the development team at any time. When problems emerge, companies may rely on their development teams to solve all the issues. Furthermore, as the software's designers, they can solve obstacles efficiently and swiftly.

License agreement

You are the only owner of all software rights and the code that underpins them. Consequently, as your firm grows, you will have more control over future software adjustments and changes. Off-the-shelf software requires you to pay a monthly charge to utilize someone else's product. You must also adhere to their rules, features, updates, and restrictions. If you decide to stop using your program, your license will simply cease to function, and you will lose all rights to it. Off-the-shelf software may be useful if your firm requires software just once. However, if your firm intends to utilize the software regularly, bespoke software is a better investment.

To Wrap Up

Overall, it is reasonable to conclude that recruitment software as a service is on the increase, and custom software development firms throughout the world are in great demand. Because the way businesses operate has evolved dramatically in the last decade, investing in staffing systems like online recruitment management software or recruitment marketing automation software is essential for achieving effective hiring results and maintaining pleased candidates and employers. Fortunately, every company has the chance to choose its ideal partner for custom HR software development and get the most out of the product.

It should be much easier to make decisions pertaining to this topic now that you understand what recruiting software is, the benefits it provides, the most valuable aspects of the hiring process, the advantages for small businesses and enterprises, and the answers to questions like “how much does recruitment software cost?”

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