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30 October, 2020 5 min to read

Salesforce invests not only in the development ecosystem for its platform but also in the development of commercial solutions for a wide range of industries. With their help, you can automate a business activity, create and deploy customized solutions, and integrate third-party apps.

All Salesforce products can be tailored to the requirements of any business, without much need for support. The big advantage here is that the functionality of these products has already been implemented and tested. Get clued up about Salesforce CRM software and watch a Customer Relationship Management demo to explore solutions.

Salesforce Clouds Overview of the Most Popular Solutions

Salesforce offers a wide range of cloud business solutions. Our Salesforce demo of the best ones will help you narrow your search and find a product that suits your business needs. Salesforce demos training videos provide contextual support and demonstrate all the features you can utilize with the Salesforce solution.

Sales Cloud

The most requested aspect of Salesforce is Sales Cloud, which is a CRM that helps business agents manage leads and conversions. Salesforce Sales Cloud offer:

  • Account, Contact, and Opportunity management
  • Opportunity Tracking and Optimization Analytics
  • Sales data and sales strategy
  • Mobile sales office

In Sales Cloud Salesforce demo, you will see how solution assists companies to manage their sales processes with features like:

  • Workflow and approvals with drag-and-drop tools
  • File sync for all employees
  • Reports and dashboards for a quick overview of your activity
  • Real-time sales forecasting to view your team's performance levels

Watch the Salesforce Sales Cloud demo for a better understanding of how it works.

Service Cloud Salesforce demo video

Salesforce Service Cloud is designed to maintain and build relationships with customers. With it, you can provide your customers with the most efficient and fastest customer service available on the market. Features include:

  • An agent view for a complete overview of every shopper journey
  • Self-service portal with databases and articles
  • Multi-channel support, social media and messaging, webchats, and more.
  • Optimizing operations
  • Artificial intelligence for information processing.

As part of Salesforce Service CRM, you will also have access to a variety of reporting and analytics features so you can get the most out of your future business decisions through informative behind-the-scenes data. Watch the Salesforce Service Cloud demo for how to make better customer service decisions.

Field Service

Field Service is designed for a quick and personalized transition from phone to site. Agents, mobile groups, and customers interact on the same platform to deliver onsite services. Field Service includes scheduling and optimization tools for meetings, an AI-powered dispatch guide, asset performance analysis, and automated customer communication to complete tasks done on time. Check out the Salesforce CRM demo to see the functionality of this solution.

Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud is a digital engagement platform that allows businesses of all sizes to build portals, forums, and sites with beautiful brands powered by Salesforce CRM. Community Cloud digital spaces streamline key business processes and extend them to customers and partners. Communities are built with Lightning Community Builder and its out-of-the-box templates with an ecosystem of solutions.

Community Cloud offers:

  • Relationship management with partners
  • Customer self-service with online access to business data, processes, content, and experts
  • B2B Commerce.
  • Customized solutions to create customized applications for your business

Watch Salesforce Communities demo:

Marketing Cloud

This multi-functional platform is designed for marketers who want to maximize their investment return by better understanding their customers’ needs.

Marketing Cloud benefits: unify data sources, customize each channel, interact with customers at any time, and analyze campaign results using AI Einstein and Google Analytics 360.

As shown in this Salesforce Marketing Cloud demo, the platform helps create customized content for each visitor through any channel such as email, online or mobile advertising, e-commerce, and even social media or user communities.


One of the most advanced features available in Salesforce today is its robust Pardot automation strategy, designed to control and improve the B2B sales cycle's productivity.

The Salesforce Pardot solution offers:

  • Access to smart lead nurturing with automatic customization of marketing tasks and unique emails
  • Sending private messages and real-time alerts about the actions of potential customers
  • Review of the potential client's activities at every stage of the journey
  • Landing pages and forms
  • Access to paid and organic searches

Salesforce Pardot demo will show you how to use Pardot to make informed decisions in the future.

Commerce Cloud

This solution is designed to provide customized support for B2B or B2C sales depending on your company's specialization. Both commercial cloud versions provide access to countless capabilities, including product, price, catalog management, campaign and contact management, social integrations, multiple payment options, and more. Some of the more interesting Salesforce Commerce Cloud features include:

  • Manage orders in the cloud
  • Unification of purchases
  • Converting mobile shoppers
  • Intelligent personalization with Endless Aisle

For more information, see this Salesforce Commerce Cloud demo:

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is a new look at financial services. The areas of influence include wealth management, retail banking, and a comprehensive overview of client financial profiles. Tracking a client's wealth helps consultants interact with them across multiple networks and tailor relevant services to their needs. By integrating with the Lightning-powered world of Salesforce, the product gets the power, scalability, and security it needs. This Salesforce Lightning demo shows how the solution works.

Non-Profit Cloud

Salesforce Non-profit Cloud is a smart data model that supports features such as founder management, fundraising, and more for nonprofits. It also offers these organizations access to ever-growing Salesforce apps from the AppExchange, such as Inspire Planner for project management in Salesforce, DocuSign for e-signatures, and FormAssembly to create web forms, and more. The Non-Profit Cloud connects all the essential CRM processes, including fundraising, program management, and engagement on a single platform with 360 vision. Also, it provides Einstein analytics at all levels from basic to advanced, thereby enabling nonprofits to gain insights for maximum reach with minimal resources. See the Salesforce for Nonprofits demo for additional details.

Manufacturing Cloud

Manufacturing Cloud, as part of the Salesforce Customer Platform 360, addresses the challenges of forecasting demand and resulting stock-outs or stockpiling that can increase warehouse costs. Specifically, it correlates sales agreements using forecasting tools to generate more reliable forecasts for operations and sales.

Manufacturers can use Manufacturing Cloud to reconcile performance data with contract terms for resource planning in order management systems. Watch the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud demo for a product introduction.

Healthcare Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud removes legacy systems and integrates applications into a compatible flexible platform, turning analytics into action for a patient-centered treatment approach. In addition to a 360-degree view of patient data and real-time interaction with it, the app offers:

  • Scalable service management programs
  • Personalized services
  • Client management with omnichannel communications, automated workflows, and pre-built themes and templates.

Health Cloud allows you to create a centralized system that collects patient information and tracks treatment protocols, thereby reducing operating costs for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Consumer Goods Cloud

With artificial intelligence, the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud helps you optimize store visits, build collaboration across the value chain, and drive store sales. This includes:

  • Optimizing planning
  • Comprehensive research and data collection
  • Visual merchandising and inventory management
  • Collecting orders using mobile devices

Integration with Salesforce allows you to bring all the software for your business to a single platform and increase your business's efficiency. Look at Consumer Goods in Salesforce com  demo.

Government Cloud

Government Cloud delivers computing resources over the Internet in a multi-tenant infrastructure. This cost-effective deployment model enables you to purchase only the computing resources you need, saving government funds. Salesforce Government bridges the gap between systems and enables employees to quickly process requests and efficiently manage customer data in real-time. Look at the solution in the Salesforce Essentials demo.

Education Cloud

The main benefit of using Salesforce as a learning hub is the range of capabilities, multiple APIs, and a vast ecosystem of applications and integration tools. Salesforce Education Cloud lets you quickly create programs, courses, and modules for students, and manage gifts and donations. Self-service capabilities through Salesforce communities can increase student engagement as well as lower service costs. Find out more details in the Salesforce software demo.

Salesforce Platform Apps

Salesforce, the world's number one cloud enterprise platform, has all the tools and services you need to develop applications and interact with customers by connecting employees to important data. This includes:

  • Mobile for creating mobile applications for Android and iOS
  • AL for better personalization and scalability of customer experience
  • Vision for image recognition
  • Security for data protection
  • Community to connect customers
  • Privacy & Identity for Single Sign-On
  • Builder for innovation
  • Flow for process automation

Watch this Salesforce platform demo to see it in action.

Tableau and Einstein analytic

Using VizQL technology, Tableau visualizes users' actions, investigating, analyzing, and fixing problems. Einstein's analytic capabilities will be integrated into all Tableau offerings, and the Einstein Analytics data warehouse will take advantage of the optimizations and built-in security integration of Salesforce. Tableau demo will show you how to leverage the power of AI.

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft's Anypoint is a leading API-based connectivity solution that builds a network of applications, data, and devices both on-premises and in the cloud. Mulesoft is Java-based so it is quite easy to implement and build custom components. iPaaS, ESB, and unified API management, design, and publishing solutions provide intuitive and well-integrated support for design, development, testing, deployment, and management. Mulesoft is equipped with connectors available out of the box for enterprise integration for Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP, and more.


Work.com is an enterprise performance management platform that includes applications, tools, and resources designed to help organizations and communities reopen jobs safely and efficiently. The Work.com platform is centralized in a command center at the workplace where leaders of organizations can view, analyze, and take action on critical data relevant to safely restarting their business.


Since some of the data collected may contain information about personal health and privacy, the platform operates within a separate Salesforce domain. Quip is a tool with built-in office features, similar to Google Drive. Quip lets you create documents, spreadsheets, software and organize files for presentations from any device. Quip for Salesforce appears as a tab in the Cloud interface.

With Salesforce, you have plenty of possibilities to automate your business and take your organization to the next level. All of this will be easy with Salesforce consulting partner that helps to integrate the solution smoothly and make adoption easy.

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