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Salesforce Einstein Analytics – Intellectual Tool of Data Insights

salesforce einstein analytics

The pandemic turned out to be a test for the maturity of digital transformation and this test has revealed all the gaps and shortcomings of each organization. Companies that underestimated the importance of innovative technologies found themselves to be more vulnerable, while advanced organizations discovered additional needs and opportunities.

But Salesforce users have benefited from cloud-accessible customer data and flexible business processes adapted to work remotely. This has proven to be a powerful competitive advantage. Salesforce's goal of accelerating innovation and end-to-end solutions to core business challenges has aligned with core business needs.

Not too long ago, artificial intelligence (AI) was a complex and costly technology that only a select few businesses could have implemented. As telecommuting has become the norm, digital tools, and smarter approaches to data have become more prevalent and relevant. The importance of using AI has increased in 2020, especially in sectors such as retail.

The Salesforce Analytics ecosystem and investing in the future

In 2019, only 19% of respondents used corporate AI. In 2020, this number has risen to 48% of respondents. And that's just the beginning, given the scale of the investment Salesforce has made with the purchase of Datorama, Krux, and Tableau. Bluewolf research shows companies are speeding up their investments in Salesforce to respond faster to the current needs and gain a competitive advantage by integrating Salesforce with front-end and back-end systems. However, those that already have mature Salesforce implementations are progressing faster than those that haven’t.

Salesforce, a recognized leader in customer relationship management, is continually expanding its platform with strategic investments. Einstein Analytics' partnership with Tableau offers customers a fully featured BI portfolio for a wide variety of use cases. Software Reviews found Salesforce Einstein Analytics to be one of the top five business intelligence systems to receive the highest user value rating this year.

It’s also worth mentioning the new Einstein Automate offering, which combines BPM, RPA, API, and AI. This results from two acquisitions: Mulesoft and Vlocity. An offering based on three programs: Flow Orchestrator, Mulesoft Composer, and OmniStudi, will enable the creation of automated workflows. Salesforce received the highest score from Gartner for the Advanced Analytics Use Case.

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What Is Salesforce Einstein Analytics?

Einstein Analytics Salesforce (earlier Wave Analytics) is a set of cloud-based analytics instruments that power sales, services, and marketing teams using artificial intelligence. Its data is stored on its own platform but deeply integrated with the main Salesforce platform. While Salesforce offers built-in reporting capabilities, they do not design it for analyzing complex or large data sets. And with Salesforce Analytics Cloud, a portfolio of native self-service apps, you can analyze billions of data sets in just minutes without the need to build models or write algorithms.

In fact, artificial intelligence imitates intellectual activity, since it can self-learn based on the information and given rules, draw logical conclusions, and correct its decisions. At the heart of Einstein AI is advanced machine-learning concepts, natural language processing, deep learning, and predictive analysis that are allowing it to create a custom model with no manual intervention for each component.

Einstein Analytics Salesforce includes:

Sales Analytics - To manage forecasts, the sales process, and the work of the sales team.

Service Analytics - To improve customer satisfaction, call center employee efficiency, and streamline agent channels.

B2B Marketing Analytics - To understand the commitment and effectiveness of campaigns and take the right data-driven business action, necessary for marketing professionals.

Einstein Automate - For creating automated workflows.

Einstein Discovery - For automatic data analysis and predictive analytics in tandem with the Tableau computation language.

Einstein Analytics - To access the complete model and data analysis algorithms to better understand predictions and recommendations.



Some important features of Einstein Analytics

Einstein for Sales Cloud

Einstein Automate provides its clients with an innovative way to streamline and automate workflows. Analysis of the data extracted from the CRM is used to provide more accurate suggestions or recommendations for improving sales, services, and marketing processes.

Account Insights is a tool that helps the sales team get the latest news on financial results and successful mergers along with acquisitions in time. These ideas can create customized marketing messages and connect with leads from existing accounts.

Opportunity Scoring helps to partner with customers to identify different sales cycle patterns and recommend the right solutions to increase sales.

Lead Scoring allows you to prioritize leads to convert them based on user history and records. It uses the AI ​​of Salesforce Einstein to analyze and identify the best factors that increase lead conversion rates.

Einstein for Service Cloud

Intelligent Mobile Service - The mobile app allows employees to interact with customers and deliver personalized service from any mobile device. The app uses algorithms to provide real-time and offline access to CRM data so that employees can be more productive.

Case Management - Selects the articles or related information videos needed to resolve cases available to agents who help provide the best customer service.

Einstein Supervisor - Predicts customer satisfaction and provides suggestions for improving its cloud service experience.

Einstein Bots - This allows you to manage regular requests and accumulate data for chats, offloading agents to perform more important tasks.

Einstein for Marketing Cloud

Prediction Builder - This process allows you to decide whether to email, unsubscribe, or make a purchase. It identifies the factors that contribute to honest interaction with customers and fulfills their requirements.

 Predictive Audience - This helps marketers make better-informed decisions based on predictive insights to create the ideal audience segment and paths to guide clients to the next level of engagement.

Einstein Social Insights - Monitors social interactions on social media and any other channel with Salesforce Einstein Insights, analyzing the tone and mood of users.

Activity Capture - Synchronizes with Office 365 and Gmail accounts, registering all data saved up to six months and displays it on the activity bar.

App Cloud Einstein

Lightning and with drag-and-drop tools allow users to take AI-powered results from underlying Salesforce apps and easily embed them in Salesforce Lightning apps.

PredictionIO integrates with Heroku - In tandem with Heroku enterprise, it allows developers to build advanced custom apps using the machine-learning infrastructure.

Predictive Vision Services - A set of APIs (application programming interfaces) that help developers classify unstructured images using a library of predefined classifiers. Custom classifiers are pre-trained for specific image recommendations.

Salesforce Analytics Cloud

With the cloud-based platform Salesforce Wave Analytics, which is focused primarily on mobile devices, you can quickly query and explore data in CRM, Financial Aid, SIS, Housing, LMS, and other systems to get the information you need without getting stuck in pre-generated reports. The solution helps you better understand your client base, predict possible business scenarios, and identify the most effective sales and marketing channels.

Benefits of Einstein Analytics

These capabilities help you quickly explore data from any source and automate actions using out-of-the-box apps. Users that are directly connected to their CRM data can find answers and discuss ideas in the Chatter feed.

It renders all business data on one screen without the need to switch between systems, applications, or pages. With Einstein Analytics, you can create and customize your dashboards with one click, complementing third-party app solutions from the AppExchange.

As a result, the company receives such bonuses as:

  • Improved and accurate reporting
  • Better data quality
  • Valuable business ideas and triggers
  • Identifying market trends
  • Competitive analysis
  • Improving operational efficiency and revenues

Salesforce Einstein Analytics demo: how it looks

Get better insights on how Einstein Analytics and Discovery work in this presentation video:

Einstein Analytics Salesforce Pricing

For any Salesforce product, Einstein Analytics can be purchased as an add-on. Users may choose the license with an annual subscription. The Einstein Analytics Plus Salesforce license includes the ability to integrate with other cloud systems e.g. AWS, Google Analytics, and Azure. Salesforce offers a free trial of Einstein Analytics Plus, or Einstein Predictions for 30 days.




Digital innovation has changed the priorities of every company. In order to move forward, companies must provide a high level of customer service while keeping in mind their own business interests.

Einstein Analytics offers a better, more holistic data analysis to improve the performance of your sales team. It uncovers hidden opportunities for your business and predicts future direction by analyzing the latest market trends. You will deliver more timely proactive services and next-generation offers.

Ergonized, as a Salesforce Certified Partner, will help you transform your business with executable data strategies in all phases of data transformation, including strategy, implementation, training, optimization, and organizational change management. Our Salesforce certified Einstein Analytics and Discovery consultant helps users and employees complete online proctoring and the certification exam.

Implementing Salesforce Einstein Analytics for your business will improve your understanding of customers’ behaviors and needs that they don't even realize. This technology will, without a doubt, improve the sales and marketing of your business, allowing you to work efficiently and make smarter decisions to attract more customers. Let innovation work for you!

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Starting from 2008, Dmitriy helps in the development of CRM solutions for such industries as Real Estate, Marketing, Insurance and Healthcare.

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