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Salesforce Login and Everything You Need to Know About it

Salesforce Login

So, you’re ready with your brand-new Salesforce solution, one of the most powerful CRM tools that has ever been developed. We can imagine how excited you are.

Full of hope, you’re trying to work with it and the last thing you think about is how to login application. It seems like it’s the easiest part after all those setups and customizations. What can go wrong with your login? You have the information, all you need to do is just to insert them into the screen and that’s it; all the power of Salesforce management is in your hands.

It may sound strange, but many users face challenges when trying to log in, so if that’s you, you are not alone. That’s why we created this guide to help you out.

Everything you need to know about Salesforce login:

salesforce login

So, how to login Salesforce?

The easiest and the most convenient way is to go to the login page and provide your login data; the username and password. If you want to stay logged in, just check the “Remember me” option. Click “Log In” and you’re there!

This article could have ended here if there were no other peculiarities, but as you might have already guessed, that’s not the case.

Salesforce login issues: What are they and how do we handle them

Sometimes it is not about copying and pasting the username and password. Here we have covered the cases that may be confusing for people who are just getting started with Salesforce.

salesforce login

It’s possible that your company has its own domain name. If so, do the following

1. Custom domain: Where do I find it?

If your company uses its custom domain, the steps for finding it are as follows:

  • Navigate to the login page.
  • Select the “Use custom domain” option; it’s located in the lower part of the box to the right.
  • Are you struggling with the domain name? Ask your system administrator.

The procedure is a little bit more complex if this is your first time logging into the system. Once the profile is set up, the welcome emails containing the username, password, and the link are sent by the system admin to make your life easier. Just locate that email. Didn’t get one? Check your spam or junk folder. Still can’t find it? Then it’s high time to contact your administrator and ask them to resend the credentials. Once it is finally done, here’s the drill.

Click on the provided link:

  • You will be redirected to the login screen
  • Set up your password
  • Set up security questions
  • Now, after you have set up everything, you can use the data for logging into the system next time.

2. Production or sandbox: What’s the difference?

Many users wonder why their production service credentials don’t work if they see the same screen. But here’s the trick. It’s a testing environment, not the one you use for the actual work. Here, everything is different despite the fact that it looks the same. The first thing is the link: it is not the same one that you would use to go to production. Most often, it is not even accessible for ordinary users. It may be located on a different subdomain e.g. or even accessible via the IP address, i.e.

How to login Salesforce sandbox?

It all depends on your system administrator and the internal requirements, but we will not dive into the details here. The test login Salesforce information in some rare cases can be the same but it would likely be different to avoid confusion and may contain the hints that it’s a testing environment, so don’t think there is a mistake when you see test.username or as a login. Usually, this is done to avoid mixing between the testing and production environments. So, make sure to clarify the correct set of details to the sandbox with your administrator.

3. login as another user

If you cannot handle the Salesforce login as user procedure, your system administrator might need to perform the Salesforce login procedure to see what the problem is.

This option is not available in all Salesforce solutions, but only in:

  • Enterprise
  • Unlimited
  • Performance
  • Developer

In order to log in as another user, user permission is required. But even this is not all. If another user logs in, some functions will be disabled for security purposes, for instance:

  • OAuth data access. This is aimed at providing access to third-party applications. And self-explanatory one: you don’t want to face issues when someone is trying to cause malicious attack from a third-party app on your behalf. So there is no way, this function may be granted in logins from other user accounts.
  • Username change. If a user is logged in as another user, this option is blocked to prevent a further lockdown.
  • No emails. Once you are logged in as a certain user, it will not be possible to initiate any email sending on behalf of the Salesforce application. The only exception is given to users whose email addresses are verified.

Sometimes, despite having received and saved the details, you still cannot log in. In such cases, you will need to refer to the information below.

Salesforce Lightning Login

Lightning login is available for all Salesforce organizations. You may log in regardless you have implemented a Lightning or Classic Experience. Just go to the (Salesforce Lightning login page) or in case your users have to log in through the custom URL (My Domain Login Policy) get to the URL with your company credentials, usually, it may have such structure

To proceed enter your login credentials and here you go!

Also, to have a better user experience for Lightning Salesforce login, you may check out the trailhead module.

To make things clear, enable Lightning login Salesforce with a video tutorial:

Salesforce Admin Login

You should go to Setup, enter 'Users' into the quick find box and click 'Users'.
If you have an Enterprise Edition or higher then you will be able to perform Salesforce Admin login as user. Go and click 'Login' next to the user you would like to proceed with.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Login

To enable login to Marketing Cloud Salesforce go to and enter your Marketing Cloud account information. Salesforce account information may differ from MC account credentials.

login to salesforce marketing cloud

Salesforce Community Login

When you create a community, the custom link to it is generated. For logging into the community, your users should be informed about the URL address in order to have ability to log in.

In order to find out the URL address of your community, you may go to 'Setup', type 'Community' into the QuickFind box and choose 'All communities'. You'll see all the communities set in the org and the links next to their names.

Salesforce Mobile Login

To enable Salesforce Mobile login just go to the Salesforce App in your smartphone and enter your login credentials. Also, you may check out the trailhead to get started with Salesforce Mobile App.

salesforce mobile login

Salesforce Login Troubleshooting

If the system doesn’t log you in even after several attempts, try the following:

  • Check your credentials one more time. It is very common, but many users still make mistakes when typing in their login data. The most common mistake is adding an extra space or some other unexpected symbol.
  • All passwords are case-sensitive. Are you sure the case is correct for all letters?
  • If it is your first time logging in, just follow all the prompts and instructions that you will be receiving during the process. First of all, you will need to verify your Salesforce account by following the link that your system administrator sent to your email.
  • If you can’t remember your password, there is an option to recover it. Navigate to the Salesforce login page. From there, you’ll see the option “Forgot your password?” Click on it. You will be redirected to the password recovery page where, after you reply to your security question, you will be allowed to reset your password for a more convenient one.
  • If the link for password recovery doesn’t work, the only option to recover your password is to contact your system administrator with this request.

If the first troubleshooting stage didn’t help, move to the following option:

  • Salesforce cookies should not be blocked
  • If cookies are not blocked and you still cannot log in, clean the browser cache
  • Clean cookies
  • Repeat a login attempt

Still nothing? Check the profile permissions. Contact the system administrator again to ensure you do not have an API-Only User permission. If you do, it should be changed because this permission blocks users from logging in.

There might be some other reasons preventing you from a successful login attempt, such as internal server issues, network connectivity interruptions, or system maintenance. These affect not only login pages but system functionality overall. This is System Admin’s work, so if you are faced with any of these obstacles the only thing you can do is wait until the CRM instance is ready.

In this guide, we covered most of the issues users can experience with login and how to resolve them. So if you are new to Salesforce, pin this tab to have quick access to it in case you need login help.

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    Comments (7)

    • Timothy Starnes

      This is because a third-party email scanner is accessing the link, so Salesforce treats it as one tries to link expires.
      Look for a profile-based setting (in the Password Policies section) titled Don’t immediately remove links in messages with forgotten passwords. Admin must enable it for this profile.
      1. Define a profile.
      2. Click Edit.
      3. Scroll to Password Policy.
      4. Select “Don’t immediately delete links in emails with a forgotten password.”
      5. Save change.

    • Leslie Hall

      I have reset my user’s password. But a reset link takes him to an empty login window where he asked to enter a password. Still, the password has not changed yet. Have some ideas?

      • Sarah Stevenson

        Set the user password manually.

    • Brian Terry

      Why are certain Salesforce users able to log in, but others aren’t?

    • Kayla Thomas

      One of my consultants cannot gain access to his account. I tried logging in with his username and password and it is not working.

      • William Pike

        Salesforce may block this user because of multiple failed login attempts. Ask the administrator to log into the account (Admin), go to Settings User Select the user who cannot log in there are two paths here:
        1. Click unlock user OR Unblock User. (only if the user has been blocked by Salesforce).
        2. Reset Password, then you know.

      • Nathan Andrade

        Have you checked if the user is active? Have you reset your password using the Forgot Password link on the login page?


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