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Salesforce Mass Email – All a Beginner Wants to Know

Salesforce‌ ‌Mass‌ ‌Email

Salesforce Mass Email

Salesforce Mass Email is a popular email automation solution, typically used for efficient email marketing, automatically generating email templates for promotions, special offers, and more. Let’s discuss the major benefits of this solution, as well as how to send a mass email from Salesforce.

Who Needs to Send Mass Email via Salesforce and For What?

Direct mass mailing is not spam, which simply annoys recipients and often ends up in the respective “spam” folder in the user's mailbox. Mass mailing is carried out precisely to the addresses of subscribers who gave consent to receive messages from the sender and wish to keep updated on the news of a particular subject.

Spam is sent to everybody, regardless of the recipient's interests in the advertised product or service. It is logical that mass email sending can rightfully be recognized as an integral way of achieving marketing communication with the consumer.

Any company that offers commercial products or services to more than a dozen customers can efficiently use a mass mailing tool. It is a great solution when sending a newsletter manually is not a fathomable option.

Timely notifications about promotions, sales, and special offers motivate potential customers to make purchases and the existing ones to come back to your store or services. Ultimately, you get to boost brand loyalty and improve your business image.

As a result, sending mass emails through Salesforce allows you to conduct marketing surveys that determine the interest of the company's customers in a particular product and make it possible to adjust the range of offers. In the long-run, this is a great strategy to improve the profitability of your enterprise.

The Main Features and Daily Mass Email Limit in Salesforce

The built-in Salesforce mass email solution is extremely easy to configure and contains several ready-to-use templates. This tool is supported by the following versions of Salesforce:

  • Salesforce Professional (up to 250 emails)
  • Salesforce Enterprise (up to 500 emails)
  • Salesforce Performance (up to 1,000 emails)
  • Salesforce Unlimited Editions (up to 1,000 emails)

The tool isn't available for Salesforce Lightning just yet. However, this version of the software is compatible with Salesforce mass email apps like MassMailer, Aweber, or dotmailer.

Note that it can be used to manage leads who voluntarily indicated their email address and maintain an active user status on the site.

Salesforce Mass Email - Configuring the Tool for Your Website

Let’s figure out how to send mass emails in Salesforce in a bit more detail.

Step #1 - Select a recipient type

To send a mass email via Salesforce, first, you need to go to the Leads tab and find the Tools category. It has a Mass Email Leads field. If you open it, you will see a list of leads that have indicated their email address, which you can use for mass mailing. You just need to select the ones you need among the entire list (or all, taking into account the daily mass email limit of Salesforce).

Step #2 - Pick a template

To view all existing templates, you will need to select the preview option in Template Selection. There, you can customize the appearance of your email, which will be sent via mass mailing to the selected leads.

Step #3 - Customize the template

At the stage of Confirmation (this is also a separate tab), you can specify Processing Options as well as Delivery Options. Here, you can request notifications about the end of the mailing session, set a schedule, monitor the actions of each lead (e.g., to see whether a lead viewed an email or not), etc.

After confirming all configurations (just click the Send button), you will activate the automatic mass email messaging of Salesforce.

Step #4 - Monitor the mass mailing status

After you send a mass email Salesforce campaign, you can see what status your auto-mailing is in. To do this, go to Username->my settings->Email->Mass Email. Everything for Salesforce mass email tracking is here: You can stop/cancel current and upcoming mailings, as well as delete old ones from the list.

Handling Mass Email Messages via Salesforce - Bottom Line

It’s pretty easy to figure out how to do a mass email in Salesforce, and we hope we’ve been helpful.

With the help of a well-configured automated email newsletter, you get:

  • Boosted website traffic. As a rule, the more targeted users on the site there are, the higher the conversion of random site visits to real purchases.
  • Boosted customer loyalty. This is necessary in order to turn an ordinary user into a brand ambassador and make them return for purchases again and again.
  • Communication and feedback. This is always a quick way to look at your business through the eyes of customers, which is vital, since only the client can assess the level of service and share their satisfaction with the quality of the product/service, etc.
  • Increased sales. The email communication channel brings not only trust from and the favor of subscribers, but also boosted profits.

All this gives your Salesforce-powered online store a one-stop, automated solution to attract new customers and efficiently retain existing traffic.

If you want to launch a Salesforce bulk email campaign for your marketplace or create a similar project from scratch, with all the benefits of automation, please contact us right now to calculate the approximate cost of your particular solution.


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