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Salesforce Nonprofit Implementation For Education Company




New York

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1 Salesforce Nonprofit consultant

Success Story


As a part of company operation activities, Academy for Teachers holds weekly workshops on teachers for the development of professional skill sets. During these events, our clients needed to conduct a survey or vote on the results of the workshop or nominees. In addition, it was required to choose the best lecturers or speakers on a given topic. The very process was lacking a proper organization that in turn may require more time to calculate the votes and make the final decision.


We created the data structure by organizing categories such as Nominee, Nomination, Survey Results, and we made it possible to send necessary sets to the users who need to vote on these categories. In this case, it was decided to implement the necessary features without using Apex but utilizing declarative tools to make the system more flexible so that it’s easier to modify it when a need occurs.


The development of this solution allowed for the establishment of a unified system of voting, rating, and setting reminders inside Salesforce for the Academy of Teachers. It also reduced the time necessary to view reminder histories of the users who voted and who didn’t by 85%.

Focusing on teacher development, the Academy for Teachers is aimed at connecting educators to the modern intellectual and cultural life by organizing lectures, performances, trainings, and other learning events. This system selects participants based on the nomination system and individual applications.

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