Connect of Sugar CRM with Marketo

Our client decided to integrate SugarCRM with Marketo to reach certain goals. Main of them were to develop the mechanism of customer retention and manage the process swiftly. It appeared that all existing solutions were unstable and didn’t cover the requirements of the client’s workflow.

For instance, once the client tried to use one of the free connectors, visual templates were inevitably set to default. That excluded the possibility to customize view layouts, applying unique look inside SugarCRM. Besides, all existing connectors worked through SugarAPI, where many simultaneous connections made operating slow and crashy.


After solid analyzing of the client’s business specifics, we decided to develop an original solution for integration of SugarCRM with Marketo. We proposed to use RabbitMQ technology. It was chosen because it provided the process with a great benefit. We didn’t need to refresh data immediately in both systems, but got a decent time gap to proceed it without rush, hence without deceleration and errors. Also, our solution was based on the logic hooks inside each system. The scheme of this interprocess communication looks like this:

  • Home Page

    Создан портал в котором могут регистрироваться и управлять своими аккаунтами Учебные заведения / Родители

  • Search

    Добавлена возможность поиска учебного заведения по определенным критериям


Once our solution was implemented, we got such results:

  • sustainable work of 2 systems during active data exchange
  • no data loss on synchronization, if one of the systems is not available. All data is saved in the queue and deleted only after the synchronization is finished
  • we expanded the capability of the systems communication using logic hooks by improving it with features that fit the client’s business needs

Facts & Numbers

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Extremely satisfied. Tasked with repairing a hacked WordPress site, they showed excellent communication and solved the problem quickly and expertly. Definitely recommended.

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