ExactData is a US based company, which provides customers with marketing data for B2C and B2B sectors. Few years ago these guys contacted us with an interesting challenge.

The thing was about improving selling efficiency.

ExactData uses 2 most influential data bases in USA. For B2C it’s Acxiom, and for B2B it is D&B. At least one Sales person had to be involved in the selling process. He or she must have find out the customer’s preferences and thus define the target audience that matched the customer’s needs. This indeed required a lot of time, so the selling process was not so efficient as it could have been.

And then we appeared on the scene. We had to develop a web application for automatization of the ordering process.


First of all, we got into the capabilities of D&B and Acxiom platforms and, going from that, created the project map. We decided to develop the general API for the online tool we called DataWidget. So, we succeeded in following:

  • White Label platform for attracting the third side reselling companies
  • Admin panel for resellers
  • Admin panel for the website administrator
  • Expanded search with a bunch of criterias
  • Google Maps integration for better location switch
  • Speedy and handy user interface
  • <iframe> technology improved and applied for easy integration with the third side websites
  • Braintree and PayPal integration for handier payment process
  • Expanded report system with more than 30 types of reports
  • Home Page

    Создан портал в котором могут регистрироваться и управлять своими аккаунтами Учебные заведения / Родители

  • Search

    Добавлена возможность поиска учебного заведения по определенным критериям


We worked on DataWidget online tool for 4 months. Once we finished and successfully launched the product, it resulted in following:

  • 120 online orders since 1 month after launch
  • 690 online orders since 4 months after launch
  • order processing duration shortened in 9 times
  • 140 resellers served in 4 months
  • +20 new resellers each month
  • implemented to more than 8 000 landing pages

Facts & Numbers

  • 6

    Team members

  • 1980

    Spent hours

  • 70

    Prepared screens

Extremely satisfied. Tasked with repairing a hacked WordPress site, they showed excellent communication and solved the problem quickly and expertly. Definitely recommended.

Ben Peskoe

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