ExactData is a company located in USA. Their unique offer is marketing data for both B2C and B2B specific target audiences. When they came to the point where internal IT staff capabilities were not enough, they needed to get assistance with complex development issues from outside. ExactData met Ergonized, and we became that development partner with a global presence to match their own.

Shortly after discussing, research and analysis of the current situation we came with a decision for the global automatization of the working process. Our plan included the following optimization:

  • leads collecting and storaging with more than 100 sources
  • expanded order purchasing formed by the client’s preferences put online
  • leads appointment between more than 100 Sales Persons based on the own business rules
  • daily, month, week reports for Client Services, Sales, Accounting and Marketing Departments
  • integration with the cloud SugarCRM Professional
  • customization of basic SugarCRM functionality for the business processes


Coming along well according to the plan, we implemented the following solutions:

  • Lead Board to manage leads from different sources
  • appointment system to distribute leads among each Sales Person of the company
  • SugarCRM integration, thus every Sales Person now works 8h within the system
  • original visual template for SugarCRM to match the company colors
  • Authorize.NET and Braintree integration to process payments promptly
  • planning and controlling system for the selling process to organize and minimize the handwork for Sales Persons and so to increase the daily income
  • Lead Forms creator to build original visual template, apply different metrics and content on the distinct company domains
  • advanced search system to index through more than 500 000 datacards for different business niches
  • advanced infrastructure for system scaling
  • Home Page

    Создан портал в котором могут регистрироваться и управлять своими аккаунтами Учебные заведения / Родители

  • Search

    Добавлена возможность поиска учебного заведения по определенным критериям


The whole year we were working hard on the business needs of ExactData. We got such results:

  • Sales Persons hired increased from 8 to 35
  • the amount of orders grew from 700 to 4500
  • the order processing time shortened from 4 hours to 30 minutes
  • the order getting time shortened from 2 hours to 10 minutes
  • time needed for making a report decreased from 20 hours to 15 minutes
  • unique visitors increased from 4500 to 27 000 a month on all websites

Facts & Numbers

  • 6

    Team members

  • 1980

    Spent hours

  • 70

    Prepared screens

Extremely satisfied. Tasked with repairing a hacked WordPress site, they showed excellent communication and solved the problem quickly and expertly. Definitely recommended.

Ben Peskoe

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