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CRM Implementation For Farming Startup




Germany, Berlin

Team Size

2 middle developers


Custom CRM development


Success Story


Infarm were struggling to manage repeat orders in Zoho Inventory, and the process was conducted manually. As a result, they had problems with duplicates, lost orders and exceeded delivery time. They needed a better way to manage the recurring orders and inventory. In order to monitor occasional mistakes, Infarm assigned additional employees to monitor the system.


We developed a custom solution (EPR) that allows automating the recurring orders and monitoring the stability of the system. The problem with lost orders was fixed. Order management and delivery processes were optimized.


The EPR has helped Infarm to control the recurring orders and eliminate errors and duplicates. As a result, they improved the delivery service to consumers and user experience via the new order form and order management system.

Lorena Mata

Product Manager

Infarm is an urban farming services company that develops farming tech for grocery stores, restaurants, and local distribution centers. The company provides urban communities with fresh, nutritious products by distributing smart vertical farms throughout the city, directly where people live and eat.

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