CRM And Inventory Solution For Automotive Industry

CRM And Inventory Solution For Automotive Industry



USA, Weslaco

Team Size

1 senior developer, 2 middle backend developers, 1 middle frontend developer, 1 QA engeneer (part-time) Custom CRM and inventory development


Success Story

  1. Problem

    Payne Auto Group owns a chain of dealerships. The company needed a better web presence to improve customer experience and drive sales. Their previous solution was expensive and with limited capabilities. The company needed a more flexible solution with the ability to manage an unlimited amount of websites and inventory. .

  2. Solution

    We developed a SaaS platform that allows managing an unlimited number of websites for dealerships, a flexible inventory management system with API and a template management system to improve customer experience.

  3. Impact

    Payne Auto Group launched the website and the inventory management platform, which now allows dealer groups and retailers to engage with their customers better. The company has reduced digital tool expenses by 50% and prepared the ground for future growth.

User Interface

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