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Our client (EMC) needed a marketing tool with unique functionality. The software should create calling and email lists that collect businesses from the local area and further, using info from various search engines and related resources such as Google, Google Maps etc.

Together with that, we must have added more usability features to make the tool easy-to-use, so client’s telemarketers waste less time, but achieve higher productivity.

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We met EMC’s request with the pro-active communication and heavy discussion on each detail. Once we got the whole picture of how the software must work, we came up with a bunch of improvements, which totally fulfilled the client’s requirements:

  • advanced Keyword System to apply keywords and make a search by them
  • selective pulling of the URLs by search engines and ranking
  • blocking certain URLs by domain names
  • pulling related telephone numbers and email addresses automatically
  • presenting all the info in a usable form with informative fields for each URL, including phone number, email address, keywords, number of the page in the search result, search type
  • option for submitting relevant “Contact Us” website
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    Создан портал в котором могут регистрироваться и управлять своими аккаунтами Учебные заведения / Родители

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    Добавлена возможность поиска учебного заведения по определенным критериям


In result we provided our client with a software supplement, which eased and speeded up the workflow of EMC Telemarketing Department. Scraper application automated the whole process, besides useful options and usable interface made usage of the tool handy and efficient.

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Extremely satisfied. Tasked with repairing a hacked WordPress site, they showed excellent communication and solved the problem quickly and expertly. Definitely recommended.

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