Staffing Software Development: Custom Web Portal

Staffing Software Development: Custom Web Portal

Staffing & Recruiting


USA, Texas

Team Size

1 Business Analyst, 1 Salesforce administrator, 1 Salesforce Developer, 1 Software Developer

Success Story

  1. Problem

    The recruiting agency needed centralized and customizable software for the staffing industry for tracking workflow processes with the user management system.

  2. Solution

    On a Salesforce CRM basis, we’ve created a customizable portal for tracking opened position processing, candidates’ pipelines, document management systems, and dashboards. Data analysis and visualization as well were a part of the strategic components.


    • Apex
    • Laravel
    • Vue.js
    • SPA architecture
    • Postgress Database
    • API-driven

  3. Impact

    After the workflow automation and integration client’s employees were successfully empowered by increased productivity of the business processes, as well as enhanced communication with candidates within data and progress tracking inside of the portal. The possibility of SSO authorization in staffing agency software provided an opportunity for a simplified process of new users’ registration and a customized business process system allows business process configuration and flow management.

User Interface

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