Sales Cloud Implementation For Marketing Company

Sales Cloud Implementation For Marketing Company

Financial Services


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Team Size

1 Salesforce consultant Salesforce Sales Cloud


Success Story

  1. Problem

    Since the company was operating within a narrow niche, a specific data set needed to be obtained. As there was no unified structure for data gathering, SYNC often faced cases of inaccurate data and scattered .xlsx customer files. It added more risk connected to the accidental data erasure as a result of human error, and the sponsorship management was not effective under such circumstances.

  2. Solution

    We started with the data migration to Salesforce so that the important data is always available in one place. Once it was done, the custom data model was used for organizing the structure that matched the company’s needs.

  3. Impact

    The lead processing speed was increased by three times, ensuring that no lead was lost, thus, no opportunity was missed. In turn, it helps to close more successful deals. The presence of a unified dashboard makes sales planning fast and convenient for the team.

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