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Service Cloud and Pardot Implementation For Educational Company




Canada, Australia

Team Size

1 Salesforce Consultant, 1 Salesforce Developer


Success Story


In order to properly maintain the operating systems and ensure constant improvements and updates, Moncel was looking for a reliable partner who can take care of third-party integrations and deal with process automation.


After fixing the errors in the current system and ensuring that its performance is stable, we helped the client automate the existing processes such as task management and user activity monitoring using process builder, flow, and Apex development. We were also in charge of integrating the third-party system into the existing Salesforce solution to make the management and system operation smooth.


With the help of the delivered solutions, the client was able to increase the productivity of his agents and enrich customer experience as the time required for navigating several management systems was resolved with the implementation of all the necessary third-party tools used for everyday agent tasks.

User Interface

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