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Sales Cloud Implementation For Technology Company




Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Team Size

2 Salesforce consultants


Salesforce Sales Cloud

Success Story


The main issue Transcend faced was the lack of incoming leads because of the missing CRM integration with other components like the billing system, email verification, and marketing tools. Due to the absence of the centralized reporting system and the limited possibilities of using customer information, there was no unified process for lead distribution among sales teams.


After a thorough business analysis of the existing flows, it was decided to implement the sales processes in Salesforce along with introducing interactive web-forms. We also integrated the email system into the CRM to facilitate the work for all departments. In addition, the centralized dashboard and reports system was also developed. Understanding the business’ rapid growth, we introduced mobile solutions that made it possible to conveniently assist clients whenever they require a consultation and have access to all of the necessary information on the go.


With our help, the company was able to automate the processes via centralized data processing.

Enhanced structure and clarity increased customer service quality and operational efficiency. While the automatic generation of reports allowed managers to have a 360-degree view for making effective strategic decisions, which in turn were able to provide the long-term relationship with customers and bring more revenue into the company.

Founded by leaders connected by the same goal of helping businesses to grow, Transcend provides high quality consulting services to open new opportunities in emerging industries for companies operating in Saudi Arabia.

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