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Ergonized is a technology partner and a comprehensive provider of Tableau-Salesforce. We offer optimal combination services, including consulting, development, implementation, scaling, and support. As a Tableau Consulting Partner with extensive cross-industry knowledge and experience, we will help you navigate your options, support your business growth, and set you up for success by helping you unlock the full potential of your Tableau investment faster.

About Tableau

Tableau is the undoubted leader in the business intelligence market, with a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop self-service interface for data analysis. The straightforward design of the interface reduces the time spent on data analysis and provides the ability to perform data analysis even for untechnical users.

Like other similar tools, Tableau has several data connectors for importing and updating data from various data stores (SharePoint, SQL, Excel) and many other specialized sources. After the data is integrated into Tableau, it is stored in the memory of the Tableau server. This method of storing data provides a brief presentation and processing of any amount of data.
Displaying data on the screen allows Tableau dashboard users to follow links, filter, and validate data in various ways. They can ask questions and then independently find answers.
It is easy to drag rows, columns and filters onto the workspace to make a report or dashboard. Tableau even offers various report types to choose from (for example, pie chart or stacked bar chart). This means that users can immediately modify and create reports without involving IT professionals to answer questions that arise in the process.

Tableau consulting offers:

  • Interactive visual analysis: navigate the data dashboards in an easy-to-understand way.
  • Operations analysis: discover previously hidden patterns in your business data.
  • Functional dashboards: drag and drop functionality to create stunning visuals from your business data.
  • Comprehensive data: multitudinous data sources are combined in one view.
  • Answers to questions in real time: all changes in data are displayed immediately.
  • Special analysis: instantly analyze billions of rows of data.

We can help with the next Tableau products

Tableau Desktop

We’ll connect Tableau Desktop to your data right away – either on premises or in the cloud. This interactive dashboard and self-service visual analytics tool combine to generate instant actionable insights. You can use the Tableau dashboard on your desktop to immediately analyze data and make effective decisions.

Tableau Prep

We prepare your data with Tableau Prep, which helps you shape, combine, and refine raw data for better analysis. We’ll give you access to disparate data and combine it without writing code, so you get immediate results, even with billions of rows of data.

Tableau Online

We help you host Tableau Online for enterprises, which allows you to collaborate and easily share data (without managing a server) with your teams, partners, and customers, making business intelligence timely and relevant. Our experts will also help you quickly access your files from the mobile app or any browser.

Tableau Server

Upgrading to Tableau Server allows you to keep server management in your hands. We can help you customize dashboards on Tableau Desktop, share your organization’s files with Tableau Server, and give your business quick access to data.

Tableau Reader

Tableau Reader allows anyone to view and interact with reports generated in Tableau, whether or not they have a Desktop license. It is a free resource that anyone can download. Dashboards will be fully interactive and users will have access to all functions.

Tableau Mobile

With Tableau Mobile, you get all the data when and where you need it on a mobile platform to track your data.

Tableau Consulting, Analytics, Reporting, and Data Visualization

How We Work

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Why Сhoose Us

As a Tableau Consulting Certified Partner, Ergonized brings crucial expertise and experience to help you recoup your Tableau investment.

Our Tableau professionals have the technical expertise and in-depth understanding of Tableau’s functionality to ensure that the tool exactly matches your business needs. Our team’s collective Tableau experience and deep business and data science knowledge will help transform your measurement strategies in line with your KPIs, using visualizations and dashboards that answer your specific business questions. In this way, our methodologies ensure dashboards are built with the right audience in mind so that the right person finds the correct answers to critical questions in a visual-cognitive format.

Innovative methods and solutions

Tableau is not as simple as it sounds. To save valuable time, let us find a ready-made solution to help you get started.

User-centric functionality

We will tailor dashboards to the needs of the end-user. You tell us about the problem, and we will build a visualization that solves it.

Individual approach, considering the wishes of the customer

The best Tableau certified consultant will analyze your business environment and requirements and design a solution for optimal performance. We will work as part of your team and strive for continuous feedback throughout the entire process.

Expert group for data evaluation

Our Tableau product consultant will conduct extensive data research to troubleshoot issues and maximize analysis results. Many world-class companies have taken advantage of our expert consulting services to implement Tableau’s visualization, analysis, and presentation tools to improve decision-making.

Certified Tableau consultants

Adopting a new tool like Tableau can be time-consuming, especially if it affects your employees’ routine workflow. A certified Tableau professional has the most up-to-date Tableau knowledge and skills and applies visual analytics methodologies to help you decipher your data.

Flexible feedback

Once implemented, we provide monitoring and support services for your system and resolve any technical and functional issues that come your way to ensure a smooth Tableau experience. If you have an emergency and need help, we will provide it as quickly as possible.

Safe processes

We understand the critical importance of security when working with data, and therefore we ensure complete protection and security of your data.

Ergonized, as one of the best Tableau consulting companies, is very familiar with the features of Tableau Software. Our Tableau training consultants can help you integrate Tableau business intelligence dashboards and visual analytics into your company, remove integration barriers and educate you on how to use Tableau professionally.

As a trusted Tableau-Salesforce partner our contribution goes beyond simple outsourcing. We will unleash the full potential of your data with stunning Tableau dashboards, revealing insights that have previously eluded you.

Many Tableau consulting firms can advise you, but Ergonized is one of the few that not only informs but also takes on the challenge with you and helps you implement strategies. If you want to hire a Tableau expert to complement your team or need a Tableau contractor, you can always contact us. Need help with Tableau licenses? Our expert Tableau guides you through the Tableau licensing structure and customizes the best deals for you. Ergonized is your foothold in Tableau business intelligence visualization.

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What is the role of a Tableau consultant?

In short, Tableau consultants can help you cleanse, model, understand, and make your data user-friendly and more efficient for data visualization.

Is Tableau a reporting tool?

Definitely, Tableau is one of the world's best visual reporting tools. We can say that it is both a data visualization and reporting tool.

Do you need to know SQL to use Tableau?

Yes, understanding SQL can be helpful for a Tableau user if your company has databases, but it’s by no means a necessity. If your company sticks to flat files, you don't need to use SQL.

What is a Tableau report?

Tableau Interactive Reports turn raw data into attractive visualizations that even non-technical customers can understand.

Who is a Tableau developer?

This is a specialist who knows how to implement and provide expert Tableau services to improve business processes. His tasks also include liaising with developers, creating dashboards, visualizations, and business intelligence reports, and improving the system.

What does a Tableau consultant do?

The tasks of the consultant are to create interactive visualizations and dynamic dashboards from any type of data, clean up the modeling and improve the data structure for better use, and develop solutions for clients.

How to automate reports in Tableau?

Here's how: When publishing a report to a Tableau Server, find the schedule reports column and select the time when you want to refresh the data.

How to integrate Tableau with a website?

Tableau connects to websites with Tableau Data Connectors. The order of connection is as follows:
  • Find the option "More" on the Data tab and click on it.
  • Pick "Web Data Connector" from the list.
When the Tableau Web Data Connector window opens, you will need to enter the data for the web connector.

Can I integrate Apple Siri with the Tableau report?

As Siri's voice assistant and other iPhone technologies will be tightly integrated with Salesforce's mobile apps, you can expect Siri to be available on Tableau as well.

Can I integrate WorkBright with Tableau?

Tableau can connect to a lot of data sources. The database can be connected to Tableau by connecting the database server.

Can Tableau integrate with Data Studio?

You will be able to integrate Tableau and Data Studio business data using third-party web connectors.

Can Tableau integrate with MasterControl?

MasterControl provides connectivity and integration tools with best-in-class software solutions, including Tableau.

Can we integrate ServiceNow with Tableau?

The ServiceNow API doesn't support SSO, so the Tableau connector can authenticate only using a local ServiceNow account.

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