A CRM system is a bridge between your company and your clients, both existing and potential. Transform the way you interact with your customers and bring more value at less effort with a successfully implemented CRM app. But taking full advantage of this technology can be trickier than you think. That’s where our CRM consulting services will give your business a significant edge.

From providing insights on how to get quick wins to mapping out long-term plans for building a CRM culture across your company, our CRM consulting agency will help you hit your most important business objectives. Our certified CRM consultant team will share our valuable experience with your company. Whether you need to improve your company’s use of a CRM system, choose the optimal off-the-rack software, or develop a custom CRM platform ideal for your IT environment, we have you covered.

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CRM Consultancy

CRM Consulting

Ergonized has been consulting B2B and B2C businesses for over 13 years. Our CRM consultants will help your organization flawlessly integrate a new CRM solution to boost conversions, improve retention rate, and deliver a better customer experience, leading to substantial revenue growth. From CRM strategy consulting to giving expert advice on other CRM-related matters, our top CRM consultants will cut out the guesswork and equip you with actionable recommendations.

CRM Implementation

From the stage of identifying your CRM needs,, to drafting an implementation plan and putting it into action our CRM and cloud consulting company will make certain you get a digital product that meets your business objectives. Ergonized’s CRM implementation consultants will develop a new CRM app according to your requirements, ensuring a smooth data transfer, so all your team members can take full advantage of it immediately.

CRM Configuration and Customization

Get the most out of your CRM system’s features with Ergonized’s CRM services. Our seasoned team will help you achieve business goals with efficient and finely-tuned CRM software that covers all your objectives. From customizing the user interface to optimizing essential system settings, we will set you up with a user-friendly CRM application that empowers your employees to work with greater ease, speed, and efficiency.

CRM Migration and Synchronization

Migration to a new CRM system is often filled with hurdles. Yet, with Ergonized’s help, you can clear these obstacles without delay. We will safely and safely move the data from your original CRM system to a new one so that your company’s employees can be up and running as soon as possible, with minimal or no downtime. Our CRM technical consultants will carry out a pre-migration or synchronization analysis, backup and transfer data, schedule documents, create data mapping, and do an integrity check. This process ensures your team will have all the data they need to hit their daily objectives.

CRM Integration

Through CRM integration data will flow smoothly between your CRM system and other apps. By integrating your CRM system with other software, your employees can see the bigger picture of the business and its customers. Whether you would like to sync your email marketing, social media, accounting, ERP, helpdesk, or other tools, Ergonized’s CRM advisory and integration services will cover all your needs. Create a 360-degree view of your business operations, speed up decision-making, and enhance productivity through cross-pollination between various apps.

CRM Support

Whether your company implements a CRM app for the first time and your employees require guidance or you would like to outsource support services for an existing CRM we at Ergonized can take care of both. We’ll arrange training workshops, configure secure access for teams, and maintain the CRM software at peak performance. Our ERP and CRM consultants will also be available to answer any of your questions.

CRM Managed Services

Ergonized’s team of skillful CRM developers and consultants has extensive experience in CRM management consulting as well as providing CRM managed services. We will administrate your CRM system to compensate for the absence of an in-house IT team or extend the existing one. Our experts will make sure you will get the full potential of the CRM app without any confusion or wasted time. Your company no longer has to worry about troubleshooting, database management, admin support, or help desk services for your employees. Ergonized will take care of both the tech-related and human-related sides of your CRM.

Custom CRM Development

Ergonized provides custom development services to ensure your teams have the features they need for successful performance and communication with customers. Our team of developers will build CRM software tailored to your organization’s requirements, so your staff can resolve pain points without any unnecessary functionalities. With our CRM development services, you will get custom features like sales forecasting, accounting, contact management, opportunity management, and more to drive your business forward.

CRM Testing

At Ergonized, our CRM consultant will verify that your CRM platform is fully operational and meets your business objectives by putting it under rigorous testing. We will make certain your data is handled with the utmost care. Additionally, our professionals will uncover any security gaps, define operating capacity and peak conditions, check data quality before and after migration, determine the strong and weak points of the interface, and assess other conditions that are critical for CRM success.





How Our CRM Consultancy May Help Your Business


Competent CRM Implementation Team That Cuts Your Expenses

Unlike most CRM consulting companies that focus on only one CRM platform, Ergonized has extended experience with numerous popular CRM systems. This helps us shape the best solution for your specific needs. What’s more, our services are flexible. By outsourcing CRM development or deployment services to us, you incur only a modest cost, instead of overextending your in-house team or hiring new software engineers.. Over the long run, we’ll add more technological value to your organization, streamline your CRM system, and reduce IT expenses.

Value-added and Personalized Communication with Your Customers

Make more informed decisions about marketing and sales strategies by getting a full view of customer interactions through a finely-tuned CRM system. Our experts will equip your internal sales, marketing, support teams with the tools they long for to make communication easier and more personal. Your business will receive integration with email, social media, ERP, and the help desk, as well as features not found in any other software; Ergonized will ensure your staff has got what they need to make your business thrive.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

In the rapidly changing world of technology, delays in upgrading the company’s IT environment, including the CRM system, might mean falling behind competitors and losing hard-fought market share. At Ergonized, we will help you spot gaps in your legacy CRM system, so you can improve it with new features for a better customer experience and enhanced staff efficiency. In case you haven’t employed one yet, our experts will create a plan for quick and painless CRM implementation. These changes will enable your organization to keep up with trends in the market and outshine competitors with bespoke app functionality and stellar customer service.

Workflow Optimization

Help your sales or customer care team achieve better results with less effort by introducing an efficient CRM system. With Ergonized, your company can automate repetitive tasks, establish better communication between departments, and ensure flawless data exchange for enhanced productivity. We guarantee no software bug or point of failure will stand in the way of your staff building high-quality relationships with your company’s current and future clientele.

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    Healthcare Сustom CRM

    Custom CRM Development for Healthcare Company

    Case study on the development of a custom CRM for the healthcare industry with customized business process system configuration and flow management.


    CRM And Inventory Solution For Automotive Industry

    Payne Auto Group is a Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Ford, Volkswagen, FIAT & Alfa Romeo dealer with dealerships across the Rio Grande Valley. Payne Auto Group provides auto services and financing for all makes and models.


    CRM Implementation For Farming Startup

    Infarm is an urban farming services company that develops farming tech for grocery stores, restaurants, and local distribution centers. The company provides urban communities with fresh, nutritious products.


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