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Do off-the-shelf APIs not align with your unique requirements?

Our team of developers excels at building easy-to-integrate and well-documented APIs.

We use a pre-developed API integration platform for custom API development to decrease solution delivery time and cost.

Specialists in our API integration company will seamlessly connect your software with any third-party API.

Whether you want to bridge your digital product with authorization systems, payment gateways, social media platforms, e-commerce channels, or other business platforms, we have you covered.

Leverage Ergonized's expertise to become a valuable API service provider.

We'll develop a robust API you can monetize right away.

And to ensure it always operates as you want it to, our specialists will provide ongoing support.

Ensure your API is secure and operates flawlessly under various loads with our end-to-end testing services.

At Ergonized, we excel in automated testing, so we cover everything from unit and functional testing to penetration, UI, and load testing to provide you with a product you can trust.

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    Custom APIs Implementation Benefits


    Let's cut that cost down. With Ergonized's custom API integration services, you have the technology to ramp up your digital product. We use a pre-built API integration platform to significantly reduce the development time and, thus, the cost.

    Tailored Solutions

    Whatever your challenge or goal, we're here to craft a solution tailored just for you. Our expertise spans a wide range of protocols and API types. So, if you've got something in mind, we know how to make it real.

    Enhanced Interoperability

    Need your software to chat smoothly with CRM, ERP, HRMS, a ticketing system, social media, or anything else? We've got your back. At Ergonized, arranging custom API integration is our thing. We make sure your software talks across various platforms with no hiccups.

    Data Analytics and Insights

    Are you ready to dive deep into your dispersed data? Let's bring it all together. Ergonized is here to implement an API data integration for you. Get exactly the data you need. Just how you want it.

    Support and Maintenance

    Feeling worried about keeping your integrated solutions up-to-date and secure? We've got this. At Ergonized, continuous API maintenance is part of the deal. We make sure everything's compatible with your system and evolves right alongside your business.



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    Success Stories

    Customer data platform development
    Martech, Data engineering

    Customer Data Platform Development

    Get acquainted with our data-driven marketing solution development expertise in detail.

    Entertainment solution development

    Entertainment Solution Development

    Learn how we built an all-in-one custom entertainment solution using our platform accelerator. Read the full case study for more details.

    CRM And Inventory Solution For Automotive Industry

    CRM And Inventory Solution For Automotive Industry

    Payne Auto Group is a Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Ford, Volkswagen, FIAT & Alfa Romeo dealer with dealerships across the Rio Grande Valley. Payne Auto Group provides auto services and financing for all makes and models.

    We Empower with APIs

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    Information security program
    We appreciate your trust in further collaboration and take appropriate measures to keep your data safe. Our security program is aligned with industry standards, ISO 27001.
    The NDA protects the process
    We will sign a nondisclosure agreement to keep each other's confidential information and trade secrets safe.
    Intellectual property ownership by the client
    Your company will be the sole owner of the copyrights to the digital product if the collaboration takes place.
    Complete control over the product development cycle
    Your company will be in charge of the entire development process and manage it from start to finish as the product owner.
    Essential data hosting
    All the critical data that relates either to the project or to the cooperation details are stored on cloud servers hosted in the United States.


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