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Ergonized is your reliable partner and provider of consulting end-to-end DevOps services that help you cost-effectively rationalize your business, automate workflow, and drive productivity. Whether you own a small local startup or a massive global enterprise, our DevOps experts have the solutions, tools, technologies, and services you need. Through dialogue, trust, and long-term cooperation, we take companies to a new development level rather than just implementing a toolkit.

Ergonized offers end-to-end DevOps professional services based on modern methodologies, focused on the customer’s business strategy and needs, and designed to find problem areas and growth points.

Benefits of Ergonized DevOps Consulting

Time to value. Ergonized provides fast, effective, and reliable software delivery to production and makes release planning readily predictable.

Capacity to innovate. With our help, decrease the number of person-hours spent on repetitive tasks to transfer resources to more valuable and critical options, with a productive and automated toolkit.

Gradual implementation. Ergonized studies your current DevOps framework and creates a detailed roadmap for introducing the best practices in the Cloud automation DevOps, step by step.

Stable safety. We adjust existing security solutions and apply new ones to provide constant automated security control of cloud software delivery processes.

Complete adaptability. We strive on building your cloud infrastructure and versatile, scalable solutions that resist any technical failures.

Agile development. Agile is a norm in software development and a common combination with DevOps. DevOps is even considered a growth from Agile since they supplement each other.

Fast delivery. Due to an operational cloud DevOps environment, all software development processes are accelerated. Our specialists facilitate their management and control.

Attention to the customer. With us, observe your customers’ feedback, adapt flexibly to changes, and constantly improve your user experience.

Handle risks, speed up the deployment, enhance your efficiency, and minimize the costs.

Our DevOps Consulting Services

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DevOps Consulting Services with Ergonized

The key benefit of Ergonized DevOps and cloud services is the possibility to apply the cloud and improve collaboration between the developers and operations team. If experienced professionals do it, it will lead to faster and more reliable software delivery. DevOps is one of the crucial approaches to flexible software development. Design, test, deploy, and track your apps to ensure the highest quality and fastest speed, regardless of platform, architecture, or aim. Make the cloud migration simpler thanks to the advanced cloud and DevOps consulting services conducted by an expert team. Ergonized’s specialists will help you optimize cloud computing and solve all the problems associated with this step.

We Will Help You

Cost-effectively manage IT systems

We can help you scale flexibly and provide cost-effective maintenance. You can make changes faster and deploy updates more often, thus reducing the time to value for your product or service, lowering your total cost, and improving your work environment.

Enhance your service

The Ergonized DevOps team helps automate the processes and tasks that are crucial to delivering high-quality customer service. We can help you create and maintain a reliable infrastructure that lets your services operate smoothly and without downtime.

Improve operations

We can also help you automate operational and process scaling, so you are flexible and able to change infrastructure and resources on demand. This builds a more agile and effective work environment.

Reduce development lifecycle

Our DevOps specialists set up and maintain your infrastructure, so you are able to concentrate your development resources on the core business goals. By allocating resources efficiently, you can align and achieve your development objectives much faster and more efficiently, reducing costs and time-to-market.

Take care of your data safety

DevOps Consulting Services at Ergonized help you keep your infrastructure secure and stable, offering centralized monitoring, logging, and alerting. You can track your resources and processes and keep your infrastructure environment operating uninterruptedly.

As A Result, You Will Get:

  • Faster development of new services
  • Faster release cycles
  • Quicker time-to-market
  • Uninterrupted delivery of new features
  • Increased application resilience
  • An advanced product
  • Overall product improvement
  • 99% uptime
  • DevOps managed services, including regular control and support
  • Improved collaboration between teams

How To Get Started

In our work, we apply and practice all common ways and models of cooperation. You can choose the best one for yourself, and we will immediately start working on your project. Our extensive talent pool is tailored to your needs and gives you complete freedom to choose what works best for your business.

Outsource DevOps services

We have a ready team of specialists who can begin working on your project immediately, or after some time in case of individual selection of the engineers. Such consulting not only includes the technical but also the administrative aspect – office and project management.

Hire DevOps specialist

Do you need a full-time team or just one cloud DevOps consultant? At Ergonized, we can offer you both. If you select a dedicated team model, your remote specialists will work only on your project 8 hours a day and 5 days a week.

Fixed price model

Do you have a project with a clear work scope? Then, you can think about a fixed price for DevOps development consulting services. In addition to the completed task, all overhead costs will be included in the price, so you won’t have to deal with management stuff.

We design solutions that enhance productivity by upgrading your actions, team, and process. Our DevOps development company, led by our DevOps providers, helps you reach all your assigned tasks and objectives.

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What does a DevOps developer do?

A DevOps developer acts as a sort of liaison between development and operations. As a rule, they don’t do much actual coding, yet they are accountable for setting and overseeing development projects. Their primary objective is to increase the productivity of the workforce. A DevOps specialist’s key task is to provide permanent integration and delivery during the development lifecycle, which allows the transfer of the same version of a code to any environment.

What are DevOps services?

DevOps is an approach that combines various practices and instruments to increase the overall enterprise’s efficiency in delivering apps and services faster. This software development method focuses on improving communication and collaboration between developers and operations specialists. The DevOps implementation service enhances productivity and agility by accelerating solutions delivery, increasing quality, and supplying services directly to the customers.

What are Azure DevOps services?

Azure DevOps is Microsoft’s Software-as-a-Service platform that ensures a complex DevOps tool chain for software development and deployment. Azure DevOps consulting services help streamline product release management, and allow planning, deploying, and executing in different environments with ease.

What is DevOps as a service?

It is an emerging philosophy and approach in application development. It moves traditional collaboration to the development and operations team to the cloud, where many of the processes can be automated due to stackable virtual development tools. The main reason behind DaaS is to migrate existing apps to the cloud and make it more reliable, effective, and high-functioning.

Which DevOps principle focuses on product and service thinking?

Almost all DevOps principles are result-focused. The objective is to constantly refine services and products, not to produce software on demand, but to rationalize costs and resources and think about the user experience as a result.

How is DevOps helping financial services?

CFOs perceive DevOps as an option to add value to the market in a safer and optimal way. DevOps enables finance to enlarge the frequency and quality of app releases, as well as consider governance, risks, security, and compliance concepts.
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