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What does digital transformation consulting consist of?

Digital transformation consulting helps business executives understand how technology affects their operations and how to get the most out of new procedures and technologies. It contributes to the expertise and experience that firms require to link technology and strategy.

What is digital consulting?

Digital consulting helps businesses adopt digital technology, tools, and strategies in order to achieve the appropriate level of digitization.

What are digital consulting services?

Digital consulting services help companies transform and shape digital strategies tailored to their business needs and goals.

What does digital strategy consulting consist of?

Digital strategy consulting is a service that assists businesses in developing and implementing a digital transformation strategy to improve their performance using digital technologies.

What is digital strategy?

Digital strategy refers to the use of digital technologies for business models in order to create new distinct business capabilities.

What is a digital strategy consultant?

A digital strategy consultant is a professional who assists with the development of effective digital strategies as well as the implementation of the right digital decisions.

What is the typical IT implementation process in healthcare?

The typical IT implementation process in healthcare is complex. It includes various steps, such as planning, designing, developing, testing, integrating third-party systems, launching, and training. But before anything, it is crucial to analyze the business goals and needs in order to develop result-driven healthcare IT implantation.

What do IT healthcare consulting firms do?

IT healthcare consulting firms provide healthcare IT consultants to medical organizations to help them find the most suitable solutions and create strategies to assist them in overcoming challenges and archiving business goals effectively.

What do healthcare IT consultants do?

Healthcare IT consultants work with clients from the medical industry to find the most suitable solutions and create strategies to help them overcome challenges and archive business goals effectively.

What is healthcare IT consulting?

Healthcare IT consulting refers to the process of advising and supporting healthcare organizations by offering them tailored IT solutions. These solutions will help them improve their business decisions, widen the benefits for their patients, and encourage business growth.

Can we integrate ServiceNow with Tableau?

The ServiceNow API doesn't support SSO, so the Tableau connector can authenticate only using a local ServiceNow account.

Can Tableau integrate with MasterControl?

MasterControl provides connectivity and integration tools with best-in-class software solutions, including Tableau.

Can Tableau integrate with Data Studio?

You will be able to integrate Tableau and Data Studio business data using third-party web connectors.

Can I integrate WorkBright with Tableau?

Tableau can connect to a lot of data sources. The database can be connected to Tableau by connecting the database server.

Can I integrate Apple Siri with the Tableau report?

As Siri's voice assistant and other iPhone technologies will be tightly integrated with Salesforce's mobile apps, you can expect Siri to be available on Tableau as well.

How to integrate Tableau with a website?

Tableau connects to websites with Tableau Data Connectors. The order of connection is as follows:
  • Find the option "More" on the Data tab and click on it.
  • Pick "Web Data Connector" from the list.
When the Tableau Web Data Connector window opens, you will need to enter the data for the web connector.

How to automate reports in Tableau?

Here's how: When publishing a report to a Tableau Server, find the schedule reports column and select the time when you want to refresh the data.

What does a Tableau consultant do?

The tasks of the consultant are to create interactive visualizations and dynamic dashboards from any type of data, clean up the modeling and improve the data structure for better use, and develop solutions for clients.

Who is a Tableau developer?

This is a specialist who knows how to implement and provide expert Tableau services to improve business processes. His tasks also include liaising with developers, creating dashboards, visualizations, and business intelligence reports, and improving the system.

What is a Tableau report?

Tableau Interactive Reports turn raw data into attractive visualizations that even non-technical customers can understand.

Do you need to know SQL to use Tableau?

Yes, understanding SQL can be helpful for a Tableau user if your company has databases, but it’s by no means a necessity. If your company sticks to flat files, you don't need to use SQL.

Is Tableau a reporting tool?

Definitely, Tableau is one of the world's best visual reporting tools. We can say that it is both a data visualization and reporting tool.

What is the role of a Tableau consultant?

In short, Tableau consultants can help you cleanse, model, understand, and make your data user-friendly and more efficient for data visualization.

How is DevOps helping financial services?

CFOs perceive DevOps as an option to add value to the market in a safer and optimal way. DevOps enables finance to enlarge the frequency and quality of app releases, as well as consider governance, risks, security, and compliance concepts.

Which DevOps principle focuses on product and service thinking?

Almost all DevOps principles are result-focused. The objective is to constantly refine services and products, not to produce software on demand, but to rationalize costs and resources and think about the user experience as a result.

What is DevOps as a service?

It is an emerging philosophy and approach in application development. It moves traditional collaboration to the development and operations team to the cloud, where many of the processes can be automated due to stackable virtual development tools. The main reason behind DaaS is to migrate existing apps to the cloud and make it more reliable, effective, and high-functioning.

What are Azure DevOps services?

Azure DevOps is Microsoft’s Software-as-a-Service platform that ensures a complex DevOps tool chain for software development and deployment. Azure DevOps consulting services help streamline product release management, and allow planning, deploying, and executing in different environments with ease.

What are DevOps services?

DevOps is an approach that combines various practices and instruments to increase the overall enterprise’s efficiency in delivering apps and services faster. This software development method focuses on improving communication and collaboration between developers and operations specialists. The DevOps implementation service enhances productivity and agility by accelerating solutions delivery, increasing quality, and supplying services directly to the customers.

What does a DevOps developer do?

A DevOps developer acts as a sort of liaison between development and operations. As a rule, they don’t do much actual coding, yet they are accountable for setting and overseeing development projects. Their primary objective is to increase the productivity of the workforce. A DevOps specialist’s key task is to provide permanent integration and delivery during the development lifecycle, which allows the transfer of the same version of a code to any environment.

What is the use of exchange in the Anypoint platform?

MuleSoft Anypoint Exchange is where you submit your API spec or snippet and where you can check out any integration assets. There you can find various patterns, connections, snippets for reuse in your application to save time and effort.

What is MuleSoft in Salesforce?

MuleSoft can connect any application, data, system, and device. Together, MuleSoft and Salesforce enable companies to unlock Customer 360 data and capabilities across systems or connect Salesforce to legacy sources to synchronize invoice, order, and product information.

Who uses MuleSoft?

MuleSoft is trusted by companies such as Asos, Netflix, Airbus, eBay, Coca Cola and more.

Is MuleSoft SaaS or PaaS?

MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform is the leading iPaaS solution for building and deploying integrations in the cloud and between the cloud and the enterprise. IPaaS allows users to connect and deploy applications that are in the cloud or on-premises without installing or managing any hardware or middleware.

How much does MuleSoft cost?

MuleSoft's pricing plan aligns with its unified hybrid strategy for cloud integration, on-premises, integration, and API use cases. A basic Anypoint subscription is the default entry point and additional features can be purchased on top of it.

Does MuleSoft require coding?

Yes and no. Encoding in DataWeave, the MuleSoft expression language, is primarily used to access and transform data exchanged by MuleSoft applications.

Why is it called MuleSoft?

The word "mule" in the title comes from the hard or "donkey work" of data integration for which MuleSoft was created. A mule is all about strength and speed, and MuleSoft fits the bill.

What is the difference between MuleSoft and Mule ESB?

Mule, a Java-based lightweight enterprise service bus (ESB), represents only the Mule runtime and thus only refers to one component of the Anypoint platform that includes the Design Center, Control Center, and Anypoint Exchange.

What is a MuleSoft API?

The "proxy API" is a central concept for understanding the Mule API, as it integrates the proxy and implementation into one.

What are the databases that MuleSoft integrations can connect to?

Mulesoft offers a database connector for connecting various JDBC databases like MS SQL, Derby, Oracle, MYSQL, etc.

What are the components in MuleSoft?

Anypoint platform consists of the following main components:
  • Anypoint Control Center;
  • Anypoint Exchange;
  • API-led connectivity;
  • Anypoint Security;
  • Anypoint Design Center;
  • Application Network;
  • DataWeave;
  • Execution engine and service.

How do I make a custom connector in MuleSoft?

Anypoint Connector DevKit provided by MuleSoft allows you to create custom connectors that can be reused at all points of integration with this system and that can connect to any API or protocol.

What are connectors in MuleSoft?

A connector is a software that provides a connection between a Mule stream and an external resource - any content source such as a database, protocol, or API. The connectors you create with Anypoint Studio and in the Mule ESB runtime function as extensions to the core product.

Is the Anypoint platform free?

There is a free trial for 30 days (on-premises or in the cloud).

How is MuleSoft licensed?

MuleSoft licensing is based on a subscription model billed annually. The cost is determined by the number of applications or cores required to run the API. All subscriptions include four non-production and two production vCore. Additional vCores can be purchased as needed without upgrading to the next subscription level.

What is the Mulesoft Anypoint platform?

MuleSoft Anypoint is a unified integration iPaaS platform for full lifecycle API management that offers a holistic approach to API design and development. Anypoint Platform is where APIs are launched and data processed.

What are the built-in services of the Salesforce Platform?

On the Salesforce platform, all application services come straight out-of-the-box - from API services to powerful workflow engines, collaboration and integration services, analytics, authentication, event log framework, and more.

What you may build with the Salesforce platform?

With innovative tools in the Salesforce platform, you can create, manage, optimize, and buy apps to meet the needs of any type of business, for any connected device, and in any programming language or no code at all.

Why Salesforce platform?

Because with Salesforce Platform, you can provide your teams with innovative tools to build apps with clicks or code.

How much is a Salesforce Platform license cost?

  • Platform Starter for building custom apps with access to 10 custom objects costs $ 25 user/month (billed annually). Lightning Console will cost an additional $ 25 per user per month for this plan.
  • Platform Plus to every employee and department with access to 110 custom objects and the Lightning Console costs $ 100 user/month (billed annually).

What is the difference between Salesforce and Salesforce Platform licenses?

Salesforce platform licenses are for users who only need access to custom applications, not standard CRM functionality. On the other hand, if a user needs access to any CRM functionality (such as Sales or Service Cloud), they will need a Salesforce license.

What is a Salesforce platform license?

MuleSoft Anypoint is a unified integration iPaaS platform for full lifecycle API management that offers a holistic approach to API design and development. Anypoint Platform is where APIs are launched and data processed.

What is the Salesforce platform?

Salesforce is a cloud-based PaaS solution that allows developers and users to build and deploy applications and provides tools and services to automate business processes, integrate with external apps, and provide users with a flexible layout.

What is CPQ cloud?

Cloud CPQ software is built in the cloud, allowing you to store and access data from one location, making it more manageable. In addition, because data is not duplicated, it reduces the amount of disk space an organization needs by keeping only one copy of the data and eliminating the need to keep other copies.

What is a CPQ integration user in Salesforce?

This is an error causing deployment failures for non-CPQ clients.

How do I set up CPQ?

Please, contact a Salesforce Certified Consulting Partner.

How do I enable CPQ in Salesforce?

  • Go to "Setup", enter and click "Installed Packages".
  • Choose "Salesforce CPQ" and click "Configure".
  • Find the "Pricing and Calculation" tab.
  • Click "Authorize New Calculation Service".

Do I need CPQ?

You need a CPQ if you have thousands of products in your inventory and your sales reps can't quote customers without making big mistakes and losing leads over a long process.

Why is CPQ important?

Because it allows companies to create accurate and well-tuned sales proposals for clients, including complex sales deals, and also harmonizes and centralizes the sales process and channels.

How do I update Salesforce CPQ?

Salesforce CPQ now updates automatically. If you manually update any Salesforce CPQ org to the latest version, then all updates will happen automatically.

Is Salesforce CPQ a managed package?

Yes, Salesforce CPQ is a managed package and profile without sysadmin privileges does not have permission to click the Configure or Manage button.

How do I install a Salesforce CPQ package?

Salesforce CPQ is installed on the platform using the installation links.

How do I install Salesforce Billing?

  • Click the link to install, click "Continue".
  • Salesforce will ask you to allow third-party access. Select "I Agree".
  • Review the package components and click "Continue".
  • Select the level of security that will be given to users during installation.
  • Click "Install".

What is an invoice in Salesforce?

Invoices display a list of purchased goods and services, as well as the total amount that the customer must pay. The invoice record itself contains important information such as balance, due date, and payment status. You can manage multiple date fields in Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Billing to manage the number of invoices generated from an order, their billing dates, and order products converted to invoice lines.

How do I access Checkout in Salesforce?

You can access Checkout at or by clicking the gear in the top right corner of Salesforce and selecting Manage Subscription.

How do I enable invoices in Salesforce?

Salesforce Billing allows you to create an invoice manually from a single order or to automate the invoice creation process with an invoice scheduler. Invoice schedulers evaluate unbilled order products based on user-defined criteria and create an invoice with invoice lines for each matching order product.

Can you invoice through Salesforce?

Salesforce Billing gives you all the tools you need to automate your invoicing in a single platform without any manual spreadsheets.

What is Salesforce CPQ and billing?

Salesforce Billing is an add-on package that uses key records and information from Salesforce CPQ. After an order is placed in Salesforce, CPQ billing accepts the order and creates a record for the invoice, payment, and revenue.

What is CPQ certification?

Salesforce CPQ Specialist certification is based on practical knowledge of the Salesforce CPQ platform, its capabilities, object model, and administration of key functions.

What does Salesforce CPQ allow you to do?

The CPQ program allows you to apply prices per quantity, fine-tune and sell the correct product combinations, control discounts, and automate approvals.

What is Tacton CPQ?

Tacton CPQ is an easy-to-use web-based solution that includes CPQ, product configurations, design automation, and 3D visualization. A powerful constraint-based configurator allows the platform to handle the most complex product structures.

How do you implement CPQ?

Salesforce CPQ is a complex tool with many features, so it's best to start by implementing “out-of-the-box” features such as price lists, product catalog, product bundles, order management, and managed sales.

What is Salesforce Billing?

Salesforce Billing is an add-on package that retrieves key records and information from Salesforce CPQ and retrieves the order record for billing, payment, and revenue recognition.

Which is a Salesforce CPQ pricing method for products?

  • Salesforce CPQ adjusts and replaces the prices it gets from price lists using four proprietary pricing methods: list, cost, block, and percentage of the total.
  • Salesforce CPQ can also adjust or replace prices derived from price lists by using option pricing or batch pricing applied to bundled product options.

How much is Salesforce CPQ?

The price depends on the number of features and starts at $75 per user per month for a basic package. Edition CPQ Plus will cost $150 per user/month. Advanced CPQ & Billing Growth and CPQ & Billing Plus are priced upon request.

What is a CPQ tool?

It's an extension of your customer relationship management platform that takes the most important parts of the sales cycle out of spreadsheets and puts them into an automated sales tool that delivers error-free quotes.

What does CPQ stand for in Salesforce?

Configure, Price, Quote, or CPQ is business software designed for sales teams that mediate between sales, design, manufacturing, and supply chain. CPQ is designed to provide accurate pricing based on additional features, settings, quantities, discounts, and rules.

What is CPQ in Salesforce?

CPQ Salesforce is a sales tool for quickly and accurately quoting orders with any given product configuration scenario. CPQ apps are used in tandem with ERP programs, CRM platforms, and other business technologies to help ensure data accuracy and integrity.

Can I customize or make changes to the dashboards?

Since one of the major features of Tableau CRM is the ability to create and edit dashboards as you see fit.

How hard is it to set up Tableau CRM?

There are two ways to load data into Tableau CRM: use a simple visual wizard to create initial datasets or write the data flow yourself. You can get third-party data in Tableau CRM using the integration partner connectors. In general, loading data using either of these methods can take several hours.

Does Tableau CRM require extensive training?

You don't need any special knowledge to use Tableau CRM. The solution allows you to explore and share data without any complexity.

What are Tableau CRM Apps?

It is a series of specialized analytics applications for a variety of business areas that allow anyone to explore data, gain insight, and instantly take action from any digital device.

What is the difference between Tableau CRM and Tableau?

Tableau CRM is part of Tableau's massive portfolio and its tandem positioned as the leading analytics solution. Tableau is enough for enterprise-wide business intelligence. If you want analytics to be deeply integrated into Salesforce CRM, or if you want to complement the Salesforce clouds with advanced analytics, choose the Tableau CRM.

What’s the difference between Tableau CRM and Reports and Dashboards in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud?

  • In Sales and Service Cloud reports and dashboards provide a snapshot of metrics, including team productivity, conversion rates, and lead volume.
  • But Tableau CRM goes beyond standard reports and dashboards and provides new end-to-end customer insights and your pipeline and trends, and real-time predictive analytics.

Where is Einstein Analytics?

Presently Einstein Analytics and all of its features are a part of Tableau CRM.

Why should I buy Tableau CRM?

With Tableau CRM, you get true business intelligence for any industry, from sales reps to customer service representatives, business users, and more.

What is Tableau CRM?

Tableau CRM (previously Einstein Analytics) is an innovative customer and business intelligence platform optimized for mobile use that works with any data from any source and allows you to "see and understand" your data.

How much does Salesforce Einstein cost?

Einstein is available with Salesforce cloud products. To find out the prices, contact our manager Salesforce.

What support is available to Einstein?

All Einstein-powered products are backed by Salesforce Success Cloud specialists. Einstein is not supported separately.

Is my data secure with Einstein?

Yes. Einstein is built on a reliable and flexible Salesforce security architecture that thoroughly protects customer data.

Does Einstein work on my mobile device?

Yes, as long as the Einstein-supported feature works on a mobile device. But this does not apply to all functions.

What products and features are powered by Einstein?

Einstein is available through Analytics Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud,  Sales Cloud,  App Cloud,  and Community Cloud.

How do I start using Einstein?

Just put your data into Salesforce and whatever functionality you have with Einstein will work for you.

How can Einstein help my business?

Technology helps you become smarter and more predictable about your customers.

What makes Einstein different?

Einstein is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive AI for CRM that helps you gain more accurate information from available data to provide personalized customer service, get proactive recommendations for the next best action, and automate routine tasks.

What is Salesforce Einstein?

Salesforce Einstein is an integrated suite of AI technologies that have been successfully used for sales, marketing, commerce, finance, service, and human resources.

Where can I find prices?

The package is tailored to your requirements and cost considerations individually. Contact us for details.

What’s included in Commerce Cloud?

The most popular configuration has everything you need for continuous unified commerce, and there are also two standalone product lines - Salesforce B2C Commerce and Salesforce B2B Commerce.

Who uses Commerce Cloud?

These are usually senior executives, or those who are responsible for developing the business through digital channels and for keeping stores and customers within the brand.

What does Commerce Cloud do?

Commerce Cloud offers brands smart startup and growth tools that drive engagement with ecommerce customers. It's marketing, content management, sales, automation, data, reporting, analytics, and predictive intelligence - all on one platform.

What is Commerce Cloud?

Commerce Cloud is a multi-tenant, cloud-based B2C and B2B commerce platform that provides companies with an intelligent, unified business experience across all channels.

What understanding does Pardot give me?

Pardot analyzes your marketing performance at both the macro and micro levels. Reporting on the performance of your campaigns as a whole, as well as for each individual customer, provides a detailed understanding of your interaction with them.

How will Pardot help my marketing team run marketing campaigns?

Salesforce Pardot is a one-stop solution for everything marketing-related, more precisely, attracting leads and creating smart sales channels in just a few clicks.

Is Pardot Marketing Automation Right For My Business?

Yes, if your organization uses online marketing to generate leads. Pardot is suitable for companies with extended or complex sales cycles that value the ability to build relationships with their customers over time.

What is B2B Marketing Automation?

B2B marketing automation is the process of business-to-business interaction that results in the sale of one company's products to another. Fully integrated into the Salesforce ecosystem, Pardot and Salesforce Engage team up with your CRM to help marketers get better campaign results and organizations close more deals.

Can I migrate my community from another platform to Salesforce?

Yes. Salesforce can help you successfully migrate your community to a non-Salesforce portal or even a different collaboration platform. Get in touch with Salesforce partners to help streamline this process.

What customers have implemented Community Cloud?

Community Cloud is used by Philips, Toyota, Virgin America Airlines, and others.

How can I customize the look and feel of my community?

Experience Builder enables any business user to quickly deploy a unique and mobile-optimized digital experience.

How and when to use templates?

The templates are designed so that you can quickly and easily set up and maintain work right out of the box on any device - no coding and even no IT staff. Experience Builder lets you change the look of your templates without code.

What is the price of Community Cloud?

There are different options depending on the amount of content served and the release. For example, Customer Community will cost you $2/login or $5/member billed annually, and Partner Relationship Management will cost you $10/login or $25/member billed annually.

If I’m a community manager, how easy is it to manage my community in Salesforce?

The Community Management Console allows you to quickly and easily create reports, customize dashboards, track and measure key metrics from one central location, giving you a 360-degree view of the entire customer journey.

What is Files Connect?

With Files Connect, Salesforce users can access, share, and search external data from systems such as Quip, Google Drive, SharePoint, or Box.

What if I’m a Salesforce Portals customer?

If you already have a customer or partner portal, you automatically become a Community Cloud customer and can move your portal there to create a community.

What are my mobile experiences with Community Cloud?

Community Cloud's interaction templates are fully responsive and suitable for use on any mobile device. Customers can also create a custom mobile app for their community using the Salesforce Mobile SDK, now available to all and developers.

Do I need to be a big business to take advantage of the Community Cloud?

The platform is designed for companies of all sizes. And with Lightning Experience Builder and templates, even newbies and small startups can get started.

How secure is Community Cloud?

Community Cloud is built on the robust Salesforce platform that provides the highest level of security and control over everything from user and client authentication to administrative permissions and data access and sharing models.

What are the most common ways to use Community Cloud for partners?

The channel community connects internal and external sales teams in real time, so partners can collaborate on sales reports, easily track revenue, track channel formation, and even create training and certification courses.

What are the common ways to use Community Cloud for customers?

Self-service allows customers to find answers to their questions using a knowledge base and involved expert users, which significantly reduces the number of calls while increasing customer satisfaction.

What are the common ways to use Community Cloud for employees?

Employees can get the information they need 24/7, from payroll to IT troubleshooting.

What can you do with Community Cloud?

You can create communities for communication between customers, trading partners, agents or brokers, or improve your service by allowing customers to find information and help each other online.

What is Community Cloud?

Community Cloud is a social platform that allows companies to connect customers, partners and employees with each other and with the data and records they need to get work done anywhere and on any mobile device in real time.

How does Service Cloud integrate with other parts of the Salesforce platform?

Since all solutions are based on a single platform, this process is easy, while saving all your data.

How can I connect with other Salesforce experts?

Join the  Salesforce Success Community and Service Cloud group.

What support is available to help me get Service Cloud up and running?

We have a team of certified experts and innovative offerings who know how to add value to your business and help you get the most out of your implementation.

How do I integrate my other products and systems with the Service Cloud?

Service Cloud integrates with back-office applications and many popular phone systems. To find out how to do this, write to us.

Where can I find a list of implementation partners for my Service Cloud?

To customize Service Cloud in the best way for your company, you need the help of a Certified Salesforce Consultant Partner. You can contact us, or find a partner through the AppExchange.

How many licenses do I need to purchase for mobile workers?

All field technicians and dispatchers require a Field Service Lightning license, not including a Service Cloud Organization license.

What additional features are available?

The solution has a number of customizable add-ons that you can install to optimize your business processes. You can select them here.

How can Service Cloud improve my business applications and websites?

Service Cloud can be directly integrated into your business applications and websites using snap-ins that integrate knowledge, case management, chat, and SOS. This will allow you to use all the features of Service Cloud Lightning right in your app or website.

How does the free trial work?

The Service Cloud trial lets you use the amazing Service Cloud features for 30 days free of charge.

Which version of Service Cloud is right for my business?

There are several versions, from which you can choose the one that suits you.
  • The Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive solution that provides the Lightning Console with multi-channel case presentation, call scripting, CTI integration, knowledge management, developer tools, and more.
  • With the Unlimited Edition, you get access to over 100 administrative services, unlimited online training and free 24/7 support.
  • And with the Performance Edition, a fully integrated sales and service solution, you can maximize your service and sales efficiency.

If I start with Service Essentials, can I later upgrade to a different version?

No problem! Essentials is on the Salesforce platform, so it's easy to upgrade to another version, and your data remains safe and sound.

What mobile customer experience solutions does Service Cloud offer?

Service Cloud offers not only built-in mobile apps so agents can access data and analytics and make adjustments as needed in real time, but also an associated knowledge base and Live Agent chat.

What field service or mobile workforce solutions does Service Cloud offer?

Field Service Lightning is a field service management solution powered by Service Cloud that enables your business to intelligently plan work, create and track work orders, manage assets and jobs in real-time, and access and update information from any mobile device.

What reports and dashboards are available in Service Cloud?

Customizable Salesforce reports and dashboards help you track KPIs that matter to your business, including information about the performance of your CRC, call center, or helpdesk, while dashboards provide high-level visibility.

Will my customer service data be secure and private on the cloud platform?

Salesforce takes a multi-layered approach to protecting your information by continually monitoring and improving systems, processes and applications.

How are other companies using Service Cloud to grow their business?

With Service Cloud, companies can deliver faster, smarter and more personalized services to their customers over the Internet and other channels, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

What mobility solutions does Service Cloud offer?

Service Cloud offers built-in mobile and web in-app services so managers can access the data they need right from their mobile device in real time.

What is a self-service community and how can it help my business?

Self-Service Community is a customer portal that allows users to help themselves by getting their questions answered anytime, from any device, from community content or from colleagues.

What is social customer service and how can it help my business?

Because social customer service is an integral part of Salesforce Customer 360, your employees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer before they interact with them, and can offer them the most relevant answers and services.

How does Service Cloud improve agent productivity?

The Salesforce Lightning Console provides agents with the tools to quickly and efficiently respond to customer inquiries across any channel, and a streamlined and intuitive interface that gives them a complete view of your customers, a comprehensive knowledge base, and access to company experts.

How can Service Cloud help my business increase loyalty, retention, and satisfaction?

Service Cloud is a kind of service management tool that makes customers more likely to return to your product or service.

What is Service Cloud?

Service Cloud is a Salesforce product with Customer 360 that gives you a complete view of your customers, automated workflows, and enables you to deliver smarter, faster, and more personalized services from any device and across any channel.

What support is available to help me get the Sales Cloud up and running?

If you need personalized help with your Sales Cloud deployment, we are ready to help you at any stage of the process.

How can I connect with other Sales Cloud experts?

You can do this in the Success Community, a community of Sales Cloud customers, partners, and experts.

How long does it take to set up Sales Cloud?

The time it takes to set up Sales Cloud depends on many factors but is less complex Sales Cloud configurations, you can get started in minutes.

Is there a list of partners I can contact to help with the implementation of Sales Cloud?

Salesforce partners come from experience with thousands of companies, and Ergonized is one of them. You can contact us here.

How do I start implementing Sales Cloud?

You can do it yourself, relying on instructions from, for example, Trailhead, or entrust it to a certified Salesforce partner and modify as needed.

Can I still use Salesforce Classic?

The choice is yours whether or not to continue using the Classic. Salesforce will support Classic for the foreseeable future, and you can return to Classic from Lightning if you wish.

How do I start using Lightning Experience?

If you have a Salesforce account, you can switch to Lightning Experience anytime by clicking your name in the upper right corner.

What is Lightning Experience?

Lightning Experience is a console with the latest user interface and new features, that displays any news related to your accounts and capabilities, guides your next steps to get going, etc.

Which edition of Sales Cloud is right for my business?

It depends entirely on the needs of your firm. The simplest Essentials Edition is suitable for small businesses, Professional and subsequent versions - for large companies that, in addition to the basic functions of sales and marketing, want to manage marketing campaigns, use AI, etc. The more expensive the package, the more functions and capabilities it offers.

How much does Sales Cloud cost?

This out-of-the-box CRM solution price starts at $ 25 per user/month for five users.

How secure is my data in Sales Cloud?

Sales Cloud's advanced security architecture has been praised by many companies around the world in the most highly regulated industries The platform, which is used by more than 150,000 companies, monitors and secures all - from client authentication to administrative permissions and access and data sharing models, and displays real-time info about system security and performance.

What is the difference between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud?

Sales Cloud helps sellers make smart sales by managing company contracts, invoices, quotes, leads, opportunities, and deals in one place. Service Cloud monitors and improves customer service through cases, solutions, accounts, and contacts. It is designed to support customer service requests so that companies can retain existing customers. You can always choose the solution that best suits the needs of your company.

Does Sales Cloud work on my mobile device?

Certainly. Salesforce mobile CRM can be installed on any mobile platform and on a web browser.

Is my business too small to use Sales Cloud?

Sales Cloud is built on a software-as-a-service cloud model, so scales easily to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes - from small firms to global corporations. 

How can Sales Cloud help my business grow?

You will be able to close more deals, attract more potential customers, increase your productivity, unlock new opportunities and make informed decisions with Sales Cloud.

What is the Sales Cloud?

Sales Cloud is a cloud-based app for faster and smarter sales by automating daily tasks, centralizing customer information, and tracking customer activity and interactions with your company. Sales Cloud adjusts according to how teams work and allows real-time tracking of their team activities, making it easy to forecast sales.

Does Salesforce use Marketing Cloud for any of its own marketing campaigns?

Salesforce uses Marketing Cloud to deliver superior results across all business functions and to build relationships with new customers through increased product awareness, targeted communications and scale-out support. Marketing Cloud also supports Salesforce's cross-channel social strategy and digital ad campaigns.

How does Marketing Cloud differ from traditional marketing automation tactics?

Its coordinated and targeted data-driven customer engagement.

What makes Marketing Cloud different from other clouds?

Marketing Cloud is designed for the marketing, sales, and service industries and focuses on a one-to-one customer experience across any device on every channel.

Is Marketing Cloud part of Salesforce Customer 360?

Yes. Marketing Cloud is a component of Salesforce Customer 360 and can work with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Community Cloud, and App Cloud.

How do I get technical support?

If you need technical support, please contact your Salesforce Manager. When a request is received, it will be assigned a level to help determine its priority.

What is Marketing Cloud’s contact model?

To create a personalized experience, you need data, that is, a contact model that includes a predictive analytics engine with prediction algorithms for the relevant content and offers for each customer in your database based on their history and actions in real-time.

In what ways does Marketing Cloud influence Net Promoter Scores?

These are increased customer satisfaction, more purchases and renewals, more referrals, and less churn.

What metrics are available in Marketing Cloud?

Marketers can test various factors to optimize performance - frequency channels, messages, and combinations thereof.

How does Marketing Cloud make customer data actionable?

Marketing Cloud doesn't just collect data - it makes it actionable in real-time with Journey Builder, which allows marketers to plan, optimize and personalize customer journeys across channels.

How does Marketing Cloud help achieve 1-to-1 personalization?

Individual personalization is possible through to a complete overview of each individual client. Every interaction - for example, opening an email, registering for a loyalty program, buying from a store - is analyzed in CRM.

What content management tools are available in Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud includes tools to create, manage and track content across all available digital channels from a single location with the assignment of tags and content owners.

What is predictive intelligence?

Predictive Intelligence makes decisions based on customer data and behavioral analysis to create and deliver relevant content to each customer without any manual effort.

How does Marketing Cloud use customer data to drive digital ad performance?

With, you can reach customers from any device or channel with personality-based targeting through Facebook or LinkedIn, and Active Audiences provides powerful tools for leveraging customer data you've already collected, such as purchase history, to deliver relevant ads to social networks.

How does Marketing Cloud deliver personalized experiences on websites?

With advanced web marketing tools like CloudPages, you can easily create, host, and measure the performance of dynamic web pages and personalized content with no coding skills.

What is Marketing Cloud’s relationship with major social networks?

Marketing Cloud maintains strategic partnerships with all popular social media platforms including YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

What is a Social Studio?

Social Studio is a single interface with which you can easily manage your marketing strategy across any social channel.

Can Marketing Cloud help me manage my customers’ journey through our app?

Your apps can connect to Marketing Cloud, allowing you to consume data, connected products, and spaces. This includes sending emails, targeted advertisements, push notifications, and SMS messages with any data such as app usage or location.

How does Marketing Cloud help me manage my mobile marketing strategy?

You will engage customers by launching interactions at the right time and in the right place, create messages from pre-built SMS and MMS templates with useful tools. And GroupConnect, a new mobile messaging solution, expands the customer experience for group messaging apps.

How does Marketing Cloud provide email interactions with customers?

Marketing Cloud offers a lot of features to help you implement basic email marketing strategies or complex campaigns using Predictive Intelligence. You can create emails and send relevant messages during all customer's life cycles.

How does Marketing Cloud help you map your purchase journey?

With it, you can plan and realize the interactions with certain groups of customers at each stage of their life cycle, based on specific customer wishes and your business goals.

What channels can I use to connect with customers with Marketing Cloud?

Whether email, mobile phone, social media, ads, apps, or the Internet are all used to interact in marketing, sales, and service.

What are the benefits of Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud exposes application data and functionality over the Internet, and users simply log into the app to share and collaborate on the relevant data and business processes.

Where can I find prices?

Prices vary according to the individual needs of each client, and the package is tailored to your requirements and price considerations individually.

What is the customer journey?

It includes all points of contact - from experience to interaction. Marketers create relevant content that scales across multiple channels to deliver a personalized client experience with marketing strategies that combine real-world and digital cases.

How does Marketing Cloud help marketers manage customer journey cycles?

Marketing Cloud combines customer data with real-time behavior to create smarter communications and interactions that respond and expect customer needs and propel customers along their individual journey.

How does Marketing Cloud help companies become “customer companies”?

By leveraging a 360-degree view of each user, you will be able to engage customers with the correct messages in the right channel at the right time, leading to deeper and more meaningful relationships and delivering a premium personalized experience.

Can I choose Marketing Cloud products to buy?

There are several subscription plans to choose from. Our Salesforce Account Manager can help you determine which plan best suits your marketing strategy.

Who is using Marketing Cloud?

These are both for-profit and nonprofit organizations, including the world's largest consumer-facing companies such as Sony, HauteLook, and GE.

What is Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud is a platform for managing customer journey, email, social media, mobile,  advertising, content management and creation, online personalization, and data analytics.

How much does a CRM software cost to develop?

The cost for developing a custom CRM software starts around $25k.

What technologies should be used to develop CRM?

At least four key components should be developed when creating a CRM. The first one is the data layer for the CRM database product. Then, the integration layer for the smooth co-working with other systems. Third, the application layer, where the CRM logic is written. And last but not least, the UI layer as a presentation for its users, generally as a web browser and/or mobile app.

How could a CRM help grow your business?

A CRM will help your business grow by offering better customer support, increasing referrals from existing clients, identifying and organizing leads, improving sales productivity, lead conversion, customer satisfaction, decision-making, and, consequently, revenue.

Why should I customize my CRM?

Some reasons why you should customize your CRM include, but are not limited to 1) user-friendliness, as it is tailored to your employees for an easy adaptation, 2) it offers proper integration with your current business operations, 3) accurate analytics and forecasting, 4) cost-effective operations, as the elimination of staff training, or 5) independence from the developer. 

What is the best CRM for a startup/business?

Many startups and well-established businesses turn to CRMs such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, or Zendesk, among others. However, each business has its own specifics and needs, according to which a CRM has to be chosen or developed. 

Is there any CRM solution for small businesses?

There are plenty of CRM solutions for small businesses out there. Some of them include Salesforce, Drip, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Sendinblue, to name a few. 

When do you need a CRM?

If 1) you are failing in keeping up with the lead flow and sales team results, 2) there is too much customer data to keep track of and/or it is hard to locate, 3) you have too many accounts to manage, 4) you spend too much time reporting and don’t feel like the reports provide accurate insight, or 5) you are unsure about what your further strategy has to look like, then it is very much recommendable to implement a CRM system.

What are the benefits of CRM?

Implementing a CRM provides many benefits to businesses. Some of them are, but are not limited to better customer knowledge, faster communication, better workflow organization, better customer retention, accurate forecasting of customer needs, and much more. 

What are the types of CRM?

Operational CRM, analytical CRM, and collaborative CRM are the three different types of CRMs.

What is a CRM? How is it useful for an organization?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a strategy that companies implement to regulate and maintain a successful customer relationship. A CRM allows a business to monitor streamline processes, increase its sales, improve its customer service, provide accurate insights, and much more, thus increasing profitability.

Can you implement a Salesforce support cloud?

Yes, we can bring into action any Salesforce software and additional products.

Do you offer Salesforce CPQ support?

As one of the Salesforce CPQ Specialists, we have knowledge of all Salesforce CPQ-related matters.

Do you provide Salesforce app support?

If you need help with third-party tools, you can contact Ergonized Certified Developers. We provide multi-level IT support for your software products and its users with minimal participation on your part.

“Do you provide Salesforce Lightning support”?

Our Salesforce support team can help your organization to fully leverage the benefits that Salesforce Lightning has to offer.

How much does Salesforce support cost?

The Standard plan is included in all licenses, the Premier (24/7 support) and Premier Plus (unlimited access) plans are paid 20% and 30% net, respectively.

What is Salesforce CRM support?

They are a team of experts who help users with any issues and queries in Salesforce also give advice and introduce practices for problem-solving.

Do you provide Salesforce technical support?

Our admins and developers resolve any performance and security issues in the Salesforce clouds.

Do you offer Salesforce support services?

Of course! We supply services such as system monitoring, help desk, instant administrative support, problem fixes, cloud health checks, and data and security management. Users can use JIRA to contact our support team.

What is the Salesforce support tool?

Service Cloud is a help desk and part of CRM for customer service and support processes. The system allows companies to create a website for self-service, support specialists can interact with customers, and maintain knowledge bases. Tools for analyzing the effectiveness of processes are offered to managers. Plan Essentials from Salesforce Service Cloud will cost you just $ 25 a month. With it, you can support customers via smartphones, social media, chats, and emails in one easy-to-use console with no configuration required. The tool is intended for support groups of 10 or fewer people.

What does a managed service provider mean?

A managed service provider (MSP) is a company that remotely manages a client's IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems. The MSP subscription model proffers clients the benefit of predictable IT support costs.

What are Salesforce’s other services?

Salesforce services come as Salesforce Offerings. The best are Sales Cloud for sales, for updated data, Service Cloud for service teams, Marketing Cloud for optimizing marketing efforts, Chatter for collaboration, Mobile Connectivity for mobility, and there are many more.

What is included in managed services?

The list of managed services includes strategic planning, app development, implementation, optimization, Lightning migration, making updates and support, ongoing enhancements, technical expertise, marketing automation, and the list goes on.

What makes Salesforce different?

Salesforce offers innovative SaaS solutions hosted in the cloud that reduce costs, increase productivity, and improves customer communication.

How does Salesforce help business?

Salesforce not only offers CRM and cloud platforms for sales, service, and marketing but it also helps companies track customer activity and preferences with advanced analytics and a variety of applications.

What are Salesforce managed services?

Salesforce Managed Services is an exhaustive set of actions - from implementation to support and development from Salesforce Certified Partners. Managed services improve operations and reduce costs by shifting common management and monitoring responsibilities from an internal team to a more equipped external team.

How to set up Outlook integration Salesforce?

Salesforce Outlook integration is configured like this:
  • Click on the setup icon and pick Setup.
  • Enter Outlook in the Quick Find box, and then select Outlook Integration and Sync.
  • Activate the Outlook integration.
  • Check that the Enable Enhanced Email with Outlook option is on. This allows you to register emails as standard message objects and enable email in Salesforce.

Does Salesforce integrate with Outlook?

Yes! To operate Salesforce data directly in Microsoft Outlook, you need to install an app (Salesforce for Outlook) as well as sync events and tasks, and then Salesforce Outlook integration will happen automatically.

How to integrate a Java application with Salesforce?

Java and Salesforce integration can be done using the Salesforce Web Service Connector (WSC) toolkit provided to simplify development. This tool helps you create a set of libraries and stubs using one of the Salesforce WSDLs from the organization you are working with.

What does Salesforce integrate with?

With the right architecture, Salesforce is easy to integrate with a wide variety of business apps and integrates numerous functions into the same interface. The integration provides both built-in connectors and third-party tools and apps from the AppExchange.

How to integrate Salesforce in contact form 7?

To integrate a contact form 7 submission with Salesforce CRM, download the free Contact Form 7 Salesforce plugin, activate, and configure it according to the instructions.

How to integrate Outreach with Salesforce?

If the Salesforce plugin is configured correctly, users can automatically sync existing Salesforce capabilities with Outreach. But these steps will help expand the capabilities of this integration:
  • Set the threshold to about 70% of the maximum API limit.
  • Map custom fields BEFORE the initial data sync.
  • Get rid of duplicates and stale data.
  • Configure Outreach Stage and enable advanced task mapping in Outreach.

How to integrate Google Analytics with Salesforce?

There are three options for implementing this integration:
  • Using built-in Salesforce Cloud and Google Analytics integration (with Google Analytics 360)
  • Implementing customized integration and hiring a Salesforce integration consultant for this.
  • Using third-party integration tools.

How to do integration in Salesforce?

To integrate with Salesforce, most enterprise-grade apps need to integrate with other external third-party apps. Choosing a Salesforce integration tool depends on the number of systems you want to integrate and their specifics, as well as the number of levels of integration you need to cover.

How to integrate Netsuite with Salesforce?

There are three common ways to link Netsuite with Salesforce together:
  • iPaaS - Cloud Integration Services (Boomi or Celigo) that offer connectors for the two apps;
  • Third-party apps for integrating Salesforce with finance platforms;
  • Using the API of these two platforms and the NetSuite Restlet web service. However, keep in mind that integrating two complex systems like Salesforce and NetSuite will not be easy, so it makes sense to use Salesforce integration services from the Ergonized team.

What is integration in Salesforce?

Integration affects different layers such as data, security, business logic, and presentation, depending on requirements, and helps companies achieve higher levels of efficiency, operational consistency, and quality. Integration is possible between Salesforce and external apps and databases, or between different Salesforce apps.

Does Salesforce integrate with Gmail?

Salesforce Gmail integration is possible if your organization uses Enhanced Email. Enter Gmail in your Salesforce version Quick Find box, choose and enable Gmail Integration and Sync and turn on Let users access Salesforce records.

How to integrate Salesforce with a website?

If you need to migrate web app data to your Salesforce system, use middleware products (Zapier, Workato), ETL tools (Talend, Jitterbit), Salesforce Connect, or transfer data in real-time using an API.

How to integrate Sap with Salesforce?

The SAP and Salesforce integration steps require technical expertise, so if you don't have any hands-on experience with Salesforce, your best bet is to contact the Salesforce integration consultant.

Does Asana integrate with Salesforce?

The integration is available to Asana Business and Enterprise customers with a Salesforce Enterprise or Unlimited account and is optimized for Salesforce Lightning while still being compatible with Salesforce Classic.

Does Basecamp integrate with Salesforce?

Integration Basecamp with Salesforce is possible using suitable connectors (Salesforce Connect, Zapier) or ready-made apps for integration from the Salesforce AppExchange.

How to implement SSO in Salesforce?

Log in to your Salesforce account. Go to Setup. Click on Edit for Single Sign-On (SSO) settings. Now enable Federated Single Sign-On (SSO) Using SAML in Single Sign-On Settings and Save settings.

How to implement GDPR in Salesforce?

The primary goal of GDPR is to strengthen the rights of data subjects in the commercial world, and Salesforce offers security features and granular roles for data protection in its security settings by default for your business.

How to implement a chatbot in Salesforce?

Salesforce provides a Bot Toolkit with pre-built components to help you get started. Here are the steps to create a chatbot: select the platform -> generate a bot according to the instructions -> train the bot.

How to implement SLA in Salesforce?

You can add an SLA (Service Level Agreement) in several ways, but the simplest is to associate each entitlement with an account in Salesforce (Settings -> Customize -> Rights Settings -> Enable).

How much does Salesforce implementation cost?

A ready-made Salesforce CRM implementation for multiple employees requires minimal costs and a shorter setup time. A more complex implementation or revision can cost six figures and take longer.

How long does Salesforce implementation take?

Each business has its own specifics, and the time spent on each project largely depends on what needs to be done to attain the implementation objectives as well as the qualifications of the implementing team. With minimal requirements and full interaction, this can only take a few weeks.

What does a Salesforce developer do?

A Salesforce developer's task is to analyze company processes and develop CRM workflows and custom solutions for individual business needs.

What is the difference between developer and administrator?

The developer develops the application and writes the code for the SF platform, while the administrator simply configures the SF without programming.

Why is Salesforce in demand?

Because Salesforce is multifunctional, constantly innovating, caring for users, integrating with any third-party products, and offering experienced development teams. By 2022, Salesforce and its ecosystem of customers and partners will create 3.3 million new jobs and more than $859 billion in new business revenue worldwide.

What is the role of a Salesforce developer?

The role of a Salesforce developer is to analyze user needs and then design, develop and test software that meets those needs, propose software updates for existing applications, programs, and customer systems, and eliminate possible inconsistencies and potential system flaws.

What is a Salesforce developer?

A Salesforce developer is a programmer who has experience with the Salesforce platform and is hired to customize Salesforce according to the hiring party's specifications.

What is an Import Wizard in Salesforce?

The Data Import Wizard makes it easy to import data for many standard Salesforce objects, including personal accounts, contacts, leads, campaigners, with no installation required, up to 50,000 records at a time. It supports all custom objects and only a few standard objects such as: Account, Contact, Campaign members, Person Accounts, Leads.

When would you use a Data Loader?

Data Loader is recommended to use when you need to conduct:
  • Complex imports of data
  • Load up to 5,000,000 records

How do I load data in Salesforce with Import Wizard?

Use the Data Import Wizard. Start the wizard. Open Setup, enter Data Import Wizard in the Quick Find box, and select Data Import Wizard. Choose the data that you need to import. Map your data fields to Salesforce data fields. Review and start your import. Check import status.

What is Salesforce Data Loader?

Data Loader is a bulk import or export client application that is used to insert, update, delete, or export Salesforce records. In the process of importing data, Data Loader reads, extracts, and loads data from comma-separated (CSV) files or from a database connection.

How do I transfer data from Oracle to Salesforce?

Integration between Oracle and Salesforce to send data between the two platforms can be done using the Integration app or other connectors.

What is an Ant migration tool Salesforce?

The Ant Migration Tool is a Java/Ant-based command line utility for moving metadata between a local directory and a Salesforce org. It can be used to extract components, create scripted deployments, and iterate deployment patterns.

How do I migrate a user in Salesforce?

To view a complete list of users, click the Settings button in the upper right corner of the screen. Select "Manage Users" and click "Users". Click the "Change" button (in the corrected username) for each of them and do the following: make the user active (check the "Active" box) Change the value of the "User license" field, it should not be "Chatter Free User" or "Chatter External User" Conduct a demo migration. If successful, run the full migration.

How do I transfer data to Salesforce?

Salesforce data migration is preparation, selection and display of data, migration and validation, which is done using the Salesforce Import Wizard, a stand-alone service, or directly through the Salesforce API. (It's a good idea to make a backup of your database in case something goes wrong).

What is data migration in Salesforce?

Salesforce Data Migration is defined as the process of moving data to the Salesforce platform with the ultimate goal of improving company productivity and gaining a competitive edge.

What are the Salesforce products?

Salesforce offers a large assortment of services and products for the market, the main ones being: Sales Cloud, Commercial Cloud, Service Cloud, Heroku, Marketing Cloud, Lightning, and MuleSoft Anypoint Platforms, and Einstein Analytics.

What problems does Salesforce solve?

Salesforce IT consulting will help solve problems with complicated tracking, low customer retention rates, disjointed and disorganized information, reporting, and access to customer data.

Why is Salesforce the best CRM?

The data organized and presented by Salesforce CRM and the use of innovative technologies to improve the efficiency of the companies allows us to better understand customers and provide them with the gold standard service.

What are the disadvantages of Salesforce?

Disadvantages of Salesforce are pay add-ons, complex and time-consuming configuration, as well as its cluttered interface, data storage constraints, and hard-to-reach interactive support.

What are the benefits of Salesforce?

The major advantages of Salesforce are the flexibility, ease of management, a variety of compatible applications, and the largest partner ecosystem.

What are all the services that Salesforce supports?

The list can be long, but the main ones are:
  • Development of applications under the organization.
  • Maintaining good customer relationships.
  • Business process automation.
  • Cloud service for storing and retrieving user data.

Why is Salesforce so popular?

The actual reason for the popularity of Salesforce CRM is that it not only helps you work anytime, anywhere, and from any device, but because Salesforce outperforms the average CRM solution in all major functions, including sales management and automation, lead management and contracts, analytics, reporting, and much more.

What is the best way to use Salesforce?

The best way to get the most out of Salesforce is by hiring a Salesforce Consultant partner to walk you through the features you pay for but don't use and help you plan for those features.

How much does Salesforce cost a month?

Despite Salesforce prices being broken down on a monthly basis, paying month-to-month is not an option. Each available plan is billed annually, so you must pay for the full year. The pricing plans for the most popular editions look like this:
  • Sales Essentials - $25/user/month;
  • Professional - $75/user/month;
  • Enterprise - $150/user/month;
  • Unlimited - $300/user/month.

Is Salesforce SaaS or PaaS?

SaaS is defined as “software as a service” because it includes the set of software offered in a model on demand. With Salesforce, you get SaaS, PaaS, and DaaS capabilities, but for the end-user, Salesforce consulting companies offer mainly SaaS and PaaS.

What are the different types of clouds in Salesforce?

All Salesforce offerings are grouped into various clouds, each of which is designed to provide services related to a specific nature and serving a specific area of the business. These is the Sales Cloud for sales, the Financial Services Cloud for the financial sector, Service Cloud for services, Marketing Cloud for marketing initiatives, App Cloud for developing and customizing mobile applications, and so on.

Is Salesforce a cloud service?

Salesforce defines the cloud as “the loose federation of functions that help you carry out certain activities, such as selling products or supporting customers.” So any Salesforce cloud (Marketing, Sales, Service Cloud) is a bundle of specific features and services from a cloud computing company.

What does a Salesforce consultant do?

A Salesforce consultant (or Salesforce consulting companies) works by examining customer company data, advising on design and implementation options, training employees, consulting for Salesforce solutions, and keeping in touch with the customer until the project is completed.

How much does a Salesforce consultant charge?

Hourly rates for Salesforce consultants are flexible and, depending on the project budget, you can hire a freelancer (~$25-150), or contact a Certified Consulting Partner (~$40-250) or Salesforce Architect (~$100-200).

Is Salesforce for professional services firms?

Salesforce is ideal for professional services firms because its core functions of automating sales, customer service, and customer acquisition offer exceptional opportunities to streamline operations and maximize the use of time and resources.

What is a Salesforce consultant?

The Salesforce consultant is a person with deep knowledge of business processes who helps bridge the gap between technical solutions and business problems and provides SFDS consulting services to ensure the success of Salesforce users.

What is the security level of Salesforce?

Salesforce CRM provides businesses with the highest data security standards and protects them from cyber risks. uses the most advanced technology available today and provides three levels of security - at the system, application, and organizational level.

Is my business too small to use Salesforce?

Businesses of all sizes can use Salesforce, and solutions for small businesses start at $25 per month.

How can Salesforce help your business grow?

Salesforce not only offers CRM and cloud platforms for sales, service, and marketing but it also helps companies track customer activity and preferences with advanced analytics and a variety of applications.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a powerful ecosystem that is configured and customized according to your business needs and helps your marketing, service, commerce, sales, and IT teams work with intelligence tools in a single view.

How to configure Salesforce?

You can customize email, change fields, make changes to workflows, adapt the user interface, create additional reports, and change page layouts using built-in tools, modules, and features.

What is Salesforce configuration?

Configuration in Salesforce means customizing the way modules or features work according to your needs with out-of-the-box tools inside the CRM system. You can do this yourself, but it will take longer than if it is done by a certified Salesforce Admin.

How to enable view setup and configuration in Salesforce?

Each user's profile has the "View Installation and Configuration" option enabled by default (found in the Administrative Permissions section).

What’s one thing you should do when planning your customization of Salesforce? 

The key is to find a certified Salesforce services provider to take on the task of implementing your project.

What is Salesforce customization?

Setting up Salesforce can require custom development and coding in order to add the required functionality to your CRM platform. These are usually actions that cannot be done with only the built-in Salesforce tools.

What is the difference between configuration and customization?

Customization is a feature, extension, or modification, through code and/or some special implementation. The configuration is when you use system tools to change its behavior or functionality.

What does Lightning Ready mean? 

It means your app is ready to work on Lightning.

Is Salesforce Lightning free? 

No, there is no free version. Prices start from $25 per month per user for Sales Cloud Lightning Edition.

What are the key benefits of the Lightning Service console?

Service Console is a standard Salesforce Lightning app that can be customized to service needs that provides the following benefits:
  • Simultaneous display
  • Tracking all details
  • Faster call management

What is one benefit that end-users get that is unique to working in the Lightning Experience?

This is probably better productivity.

What are the disadvantages of Lightning?

A higher learning curve and more complexity than Visualforce—you're building an app, not a page. There are limited out-of-the-box components and some features aren't supported.

What are the benefits of Salesforce Lightning?

With the Lightning platform, Salesforce has made it much easier to create new pages and apps as well as control access to data.

What is Lightning technology?

Lightning is a component-based application development platform that includes a set of tools and technologies designed to streamline processes for users who usually have no programming experience.

Should I learn Salesforce Classic or Lightning?

It makes sense to navigate both versions. And while all the innovation, all the new features, all the engineering efforts are focused on Lightning, many customers are still using the Classic version.

What is SFDS Lightning?

Lightning is a re-imagined Salesforce platform packed with innovative features and built-in AI.

Why is Salesforce Lightning Over Classic?

With Lightning, you get better visual reporting, faster implementation, and data entry.

Why is Salesforce Lightning so slow?

The problem may lie with the network, device, browser, or organization configuration. Contact your Salesforce administrator to resolve this issue and improve productivity.

Is Salesforce Lightning faster than Classic? 

Of course, Salesforce Lightning allows you to work faster. As for Classic, in 2019, Salesforce stopped receiving updates and new features, and is slower.

How do I customize my homepage Lightning?

The home page can be easily customized with the Lightning App Builder.

How do I enable Pardot Lightning?

You can do this yourself using the instructions, but if you're not the admin for your Salesforce org, you might need someone to help you enable the Pardot Lightning app.

Do Visualforce pages work in Lightning?

Yes, they will be supported in the current UI and Lightning Experience.

What is Aura Lightning?

Aura is an open-source UI framework that is used in Lightning components and contains all the fundamental building blocks for defining various components and apps.

What is the Lightning component framework?

This is a user interface framework specially developed to build interactive Salesforce web apps for mobile and desktop devices.

What is the difference between Visualforce Components and Lightning components?

Visualforce components are compact reusable pieces of functionality—think widgets, UI elements, panels, most of the work of which is done on the server. Lightning Components are more dynamic and mobile-friendly, which makes them client-side-centric.

What are the tools included in Lightning?

The list of Lightning tools commonly used by Salesforce developers includes:
  • Lightning App Builder
  • Lightning Component Framework
  • Lightning Experience
  • Lightning Exchange  
  • Lightning Process Builder
  • Schema Builder
  • Lightning Connect, etc.

What is my domain Salesforce?

My Domain is a free feature available in almost every Salesforce organization that allows your team to choose a custom URL to access your Salesforce instance which never changes.

How do I stop Salesforce from switching to Lightning?

Open the Setup “Lightning Experience Transition Assistant” section, select “Go to Steps” in the option “Optimize Phase” search option “Motivate Users to Work in Lightning Experience,” and in the section “Switch users to Lightning Experience on a regular schedule” switch the “On”  to “Off”.

How do I enable Lightning for a user in Salesforce?

Enabling Lightning Access on Profile Level for Custom Profiles:
  • Click on Setup
  • In Administer, search Manage Users
  • Click on Profiles
  • Select the Profile name
  • Click on System Permission.
  • Enable Lightning Experience User checkbox
  • Save

What is the difference between Salesforce Classic and Lightning?

In short, Lightning Experience is equipped with a better UI that has built-in analytic capabilities allowing for improved productivity and collaboration, higher opportunity conversion rates, and interactive experience.

Is Salesforce Lightning better than Classic?

Salesforce Lightning proposes a user-friendly interface with additional features with Einstein AI integration, cross-browser and device-aware compatibility, and an out-of-the-box set of components that simplifies app development. Einstein Bot Builder, a Salesforce innovation, is available only through the Lightning interface.

Is Salesforce Classic going away?

Since new Salesforce users are automatically connected to Lightning, it is clear that there will be nothing “new and exciting” on the Classic platform, even though it is still being used by numerous users.

How do I turn off Lightning in Salesforce?

Open setup, enter "Lightning" in the quick search, and click "Lightning Experience". Under the subsection "Turn It On" is the option to turn it off.

Why move from Salesforce Classic to Lightning?

Over the past couple of years, a whole host of new features have been added to interface Lightning, which includes Einstein's AI, App Builder, cross-platform UI, and more, which makes it better than Salesforce Classic.

How to switch from Lightning to Classic Salesforce?

Customers can switch between Lightning Experience and Classic versions at any time by clicking on their avatar in the upper right corner and clicking Switch to Salesforce Classic.

How to migrate Salesforce Classic to Lightning?

Salesforce provides a six-step guide to activating Lightning Experience and a ready-made migration assistant that adds all data and objects to Lightning.

What is Salesforce Lightning?

Lightning Experience is a holistic component-based framework that replaces Visualforce and provides rich, low-code capabilities for building advanced cross-platform apps, and provides access to visually rich, real-time business intelligence tools.

How to choose the right Salesforce Consulting Partner?

Achieving Salesforce Consulting Partner status is an achievement that requires you to meet multiple criteria. All of our consultants are certified, validating their skills in a variety of Salesforce products, including Mulesoft and Tableau, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, Community and Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Einstein AI, and more.

How do I find Salesforce consultants near me?

The Salesforce AppExchange site lists all partners in your region and their partner level. Just start typing your country/location in the search box and select Consulting Partners.

How do I choose a Salesforce consulting partner?

Implementing Salesforce solutions is no easy task. But by contacting a registered Salesforce partner, you will avoid any unforeseen difficulties and save time. Ergonized as a team of Salesforce Certified Professionals is ready to provide you with ready-to-use or customized solutions to meet your specific business requirements.

How do I find a Salesforce partner?

As a Certified Salesforce Partner, Ergonized is ready to help you with all aspects of using Salesforce CRM, take care of your competitive advantage, and get you a return on your investment in Salesforce.

What is a Salesforce partner?

A Salesforce Consulting Partner refers to a Salesforce Technology Partner with extensive cross-industry knowledge and experience, a multidisciplinary Salesforce Service Provider that advises, designs, implements, enhances, and supports solutions for your business.

How do I create a Salesforce app?

With the Salesforce platform, you will have access to a set of built-in features that you can use to create your own application by following Trailhead's step-by-step guide. And Ergonized Salesforce certified developers will cope with this task much better.

What are standard Salesforce applications?

Standard CRM applications are solutions provided by, such as Service, Sales, Marketing, and Support. Administrators can customize standard apps, or create new ones by grouping standard and custom tabs into new custom apps.

How do I create a Lightning application in Salesforce?

To speed up the deployment and development of business mobile apps, Salesforce has proffered a new set of services and tools, Lightning Platform Mobile, which includes mobile designers and services, and a Mobile Publisher, a software development set that will allow companies to more easily write apps on the Salesforce platform.

Do you offer Salesforce custom app development?

We build mobile, custom, and AppExchange apps using services built into the Customer 360 platform (previously Lightning).

What does Salesforce app development cost?

Salesforce App Cloud pricing plans look like this:
  • Starter: $25 user/month to create custom apps;
  • Plus: $100 user/month to extend Salesforce and app dev for the organization;
  • Heroku Enterprise Starter for developing connected custom apps from $ 4000/company/month.

Do you provide Salesforce app development services?

Salesforce App Cloud consists of four main components: Lightning,  Heroku, AppExchange, and Trailhead. We work with each of these tools.

How to develop Salesforce applications?

Salesforce App Cloud provides an integrated architecture that allows you to create apps with code or clicks, extend with professional code, and use an ecosystem of pre-built components via AppExchange.

What is a Salesforce App Builder?

App Builder is a top-quality tool for creating custom pages for mobile and Lightning Experience apps with point-and-click and drag-and-drop tools.

What are Salesforce apps?

A Salesforce app is the logical container for all processes, objects, tabs, and services that work as a single unit to provide the functionality required by the business function.

Do you have Salesforce consultants?

Yes. All our consultants have Salesforce certificates proving their skills in different Salesforce products, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Field Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Einstein AI and others.

What are the types of Salesforce Clouds you can help implement?

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Field Service Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Nonprofit Cloud
  • Pardot
  • Financial Services Cloud

Can I integrate the Salesforce platform with my applications?

  • Salesforce allows for integration both in the cloud and in the customer’s environment, since it can be called by diverse systems and refer to API.

Do your developers and consultants have certificates?

  • Yes. We are a Salesforce certified consulting partner, which means that both our consultants and developers have Salesforce certificates as proof of their competence.

Are your developers and consultants in-house?

  • Yes. We work with local specialists instead of outsourcing our development. Moreover, the members of our team are longstanding, which ensures their maximum dedication to the development process.

Are you interested in supporting after the final delivery?

  • Yes. We are interested in bringing value to each other by establishing long-term business relationships with our clients. We consider a business that we can create together in the future to be more precious than a one-time payday.

Can I communicate directly with a developer?

  • Yes. You receive access to the management tools we use for real-time project progress tracking. In addition, you can provide your own input and clarification to the developers.

Where are Salesforce Cloud servers located?

Salesforce servers are located in the following cities (visit for more details):
  • Chicago, Illinois, United States (USA)
  • Dallas, Texas, United States (USA)
  • Frankfurt, Germany (GER)
  • Kobe, Japan (JPN)
  • London (North and West), United Kingdom (UK)
  • Paris, France (FRA)
  • Phoenix, Arizona, United States (USA)
  • Tokyo, Japan (JPN)
  • Washington, DC, United States (USA)

What Is Salesforce?

  • Salesforce is the world’s best platform for customer relationship management (CRM) that helps with sales and marketing automation. The CRM provides cloud-based applications that can be used with no supervision of IT specialists.

What is the security level in salesforce?

  • Salesforce is secure: it has the two-factor authentication process, along with the general requirement for personal account credentials for every login. The password for users is generated for all applications so that the team has easy yet secure access to the system. Also, login availability can be limited to your business hours.

Where is my Salesforce instance located?

  • View your browser address bar or Company Information or use the Domain Lookup tool to learn where your Salesforce instance is located.

Can I provide access to some information in Salesforce for my customers or partners?

  • Yes, you can share access with your partners or customers due to Partner Community and Customer Community licenses. With these, you can decide what data will be visible to those with whom you share your Salesforce. The licenses also limit functionality for users that gain access but can handle huge numbers of users.

What is AppExchange?

  • AppExchange is an app store for the Salesforce platform specifically that contains both free and paid applications. Users can get extensions for their CRM platforms to customize them and increase the number of opportunities their business gets with Salesforce.

What is Sales Cloud?

  • Sales Cloud is a cloud-based application that helps centralize customer information to improve the sales process by making records of their interactions with the company. Sales Cloud automates a lot of processes, which allows salespeople to spend less time on managing the records and focus on the customers and deal closing.

What is Service Cloud?

  • Service Cloud is another application of the CRM, particularly the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. It provides a complete overview of the company’s customers and allows customizing the service to create a personal approach to the target audience. Service Cloud also simplifies one-to-one communication with customers, allowing to reach them through various communication channels.

What are the benefits of Service Cloud for a business?

  • Service Cloud creates an environment for interactions with customers that would be free of trouble and delay. You will have a set of ready to be used scripts when a customer has a question or needs more information on the CRM. In addition, you can customize the messages and their style based on the information you have about each customer and personalize the service you provide according to their needs. In the long run, this saves the sales team a lot of time and effort, increasing productivity, the number of leads and customer experience success.

What is Marketing Cloud?

  • Marketing Cloud is a platform for simple customer information management for marketing purposes. The main benefit of the platform is that it provides a lot of features, such as content creation and communication channel personalization. Based on the gathered customer information, you can use Marketing Cloud to customize campaigns according to the needs and preferences of your target audience.

What is Social Studio?

  • Social Studio is a separate interface for creating and managing a marketing strategy and further implementing it on several social media channels. Social Studio is directly focused on your social media marketing, making post scheduling and community management easy across different social networking platforms.

What is a Sandbox?

  • Sandbox is a simulation of your Salesforce business environment that allows for growth and development through testing diverse strategies and implementing them with no risk of facing data losses. If your activities in Sandbox are successful, you can then implement them in your Salesforce organization.

What Sandboxes are there?

Salesforce provides the following types of Sandboxes:
  • Developer Sandbox
  • Developer Pro Sandbox
  • Partial Data Sandbox
  • Full Sandbox

How would you describe your company’s culture?

  • Our company culture is aimed at helping our clients to achieve success in their business endeavors. We deeply value our relationship with clients. While we offer both one-time and ongoing services, we appreciate long term cooperation and align our efforts to deliver outstanding results that boost the growth of your business.

Do you deliver training to clients’ admins and users?

  • Yes, our consultants are ready to deliver training to the representatives of your company to increase adoption rates. The training can be delivered both remotely and in the office of your company.

Will you assign certified specialists to work on my project?

  • Our main focus is the quality delivered to our clients. Thus, we guarantee that only officially certified specialists will work on any project we take.

Do you provide in-house specialists for my project?

  • Yes, we don’t outsource any projects and all offer only in-house experts with a proven record of technical skills and relevant experience to ensure the highest efficiency level during the development process.

What project management system do you use?

  • For making our work as much organized as it is possible, do we tried to use different software and came to Atlassian Jira and Confluence for internal documentation as these solutions offer the maximum flexibility and simplicity to achieve the highest productivity scores.

Can you come to my country to discuss a project?

  • While we work remotely on the majority of our projects, we understand that sometimes it is much easier for a client to discuss all the project peculiarities face-to-face. Thus, we are ready to arrange a business trip to your country and conduct a meeting at the clients’ office.

Where are you located?

  • We are located in Eastern Europe, Ukraine. Our offices placed in 2 big IT hubs Lviv and Kyiv.

Can you work in our timezone for timely communication?

  • While we work by the EET time zone, it is possible to move the working schedule by 2-3 hours to cover the difference with the EST/PST time zone to schedule meetings when it is convenient for you. Based on our experience, it is sufficient to ensure all the urgent matters to be resolved in time.

Do you provide a daily / weekly report?

  • In order to keep track of all our activities and progress, our project managers provide regular weekly reports, however, if a need occurs, we can arrange daily reports per client’s request.

Do you have QA in your team?

  • Yes, we have Salesforce QA engineers who specialize in both manual and automation testing to ensure the highest quality of the end product.

What is your deadline policy?

  • We strictly follow all the discussed deadlines to make sure that the functionality is delivered in the agreed time. If any changes in the project scope are required it may increase the initial estimations. In case of such situations or any force majeure, we inform clients right away upon the availability of new circumstances.

Who will I be communicating with?

  • The main communication point on our end is a Project manager. S/he is a person responsible for project delivery. However, for some specific questions, you can speak directly to our developers or executives.

Do you work under NDA?

  • Yes, we sign both NDA and Contract to ensure the deliverables and guarantee that all your intellectual property or any internal data will remain confidential and cooperation details undisclosed.

Do you do offer Business Analysis services?

  • Yes, as a part of our work, we perform business analysis of existing and new processes in clients’ companies and provide the best solution and workflow improvements taking into account the individual needs.

Can we communicate directly with developers?

  • Yes, on-demand it is possible to arrange meetings directly with developers or any other specialist working on your project.