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As an IoT development company, Ergonized focuses on the assistance of customers and businesses, developing high-quality IoT devices and embedded IoT solutions that can be easily integrated into mobile and web applications.

Our highly skilled team of IoT development specialists, with years of outstanding experience, understand all the specific IoT application development concepts to the core. We will successfully match your requirements with the best possible IoT solutions and services, including consulting, development, implementation, integration, and security.

We also immerse ourselves into the specific needs of your business and identify your personalized technology, tools, and other requirements. Our team is continually updating the knowledge and skills according to the latest trends of IoT application development to provide our clients with the most efficient products and solutions.


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IoT Services We offer

Data Management and Analytics

Effectively managing data from IoT devices is a dream ticket to result-driven analytics to gain a better understanding of a business’s customer behavior. The stored data allows you to predict your customers’ future needs, thus giving you valuable insights to identifying your next steps. Ergonized is determined to provide solutions that will contribute accurate and credible predictions by making sure that data is in real-time, useful, captured, filtered, and processed.

IoT App Development

To advance your business processes and keep your clients satisfied, we offer user-friendly IoT application development services. Managing the system of connected devices with IoT, your staff obtains flexibility in operation from any device anywhere in real-time as well as improved productivity by having the possibility to monitor, control, and process a number of operations and processes. In addition, IoT software is capable of accumulating great amounts of valuable information about products and customers, reducing operational costs, and maximizing revenue.

IoT Integration

The integration will keep your IoT platform moving forward. Ergonized IoT software developers will provide complete integration with your current infrastructure or third-party software systems and subsystems, which will definitely improve the performance of your technological infrastructure.

IoT Architecture

With years of experience in the development of Internet of Things software behind our backs, Ergonized always relies on implementing the best reliable and scalable IoT architecture. As IoT solution providers, we focus on the value the product will deliver to our client, thus we develop models that are secure and multipurpose, focusing on the possibility of processing a great amount of data.

Testing and Maintenance

For the Internet of Things, development testing and predictive maintenance are crucial. Ergonized cares about the technology infrastructure of our clients, which is why we provide a diagnosis of any possible problems and failures preventing the damage to any equipment. We focus on usability, automation, security, and performance of your IoT ecosystem to ensure full efficiency.

IoT Security

To our IoT development services, we include the possibility of enhancing your IoT security with the help of a large team of experienced IoT engineers. In combination with our consulting services, we will help you decide which IoT security mechanisms would be a better choice for every layer of the ecosystem to prevent any vulnerabilities.

IoT Team Augmentation

Despite the type of challenges or problems your business may face, we will make sure to bring your IoT projects to life. Thus, if you feel the necessity of speeding up the process of launching or modifying your system, we are always willing to put our knowledge and skills of IoT staffing into action. We provide specialists for a number of services including consulting, development, implementation, enhancement, customization, and much more. Working together will create personalized systems and, most importantly, get the most value possible.

Rapid IoT Prototyping

IoT platforms help you validate your business in a shorter period of time by allowing you to create prototypes within weeks. Your target audience will get to know your products faster, thus validating them and obtaining the first data about your customer feedback. Then, the IoT platform will facilitate your incorporation into the market, as its multi-functionality closes technical and operational problems and provides support and integrated mechanisms instead.

Customer And Staff Communication Problem-Solving

Our team is determined to help your company better understand and control all your potential benefits during the workflow. In order to gain the full potential of our client’s data and provide better transparency, safety, and productivity, our IoT product developers will get the most out of the system and help your business’s communication and operations flow smoothly.

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    Salesforce IoT Integration Case Study

    Establishment of a centralized system for managing, monitoring and servicing Wi-Fi locks for a hotel chain in the United States.

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    Salesforce App Development For GDPR and CCPA Compliance

    The enthusiastic team from Braveheartdata will ensure company compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other data protection laws.


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