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Cross-platform apps are essential in nowadays digitized workflows. Though developers take a lot of time to take care of app development, however, the option for creating applications offered by Salesforce is a great possibility for reduction of development time. App development on Salesforce Platform is one of the fastest-growing technologies that take mobile application development to the next level with its agility. Salesforce’s mobile application development is a new answer for the market of high demand and fast deployment, as well it offers possibilities to create tailored responsive applications having no infrastructure or software before build. 

We create apps faster using services built into the Customer 360 Platform, which provides simple ways to make and change business logic, customize UI, and integrate with third-party apps and systems.

What can we build with the Customer 360 Platform:

  • Custom-branded apps for your staff and customers;
  • Mobile applications;
  • AppExchange apps, which integrate your cloud platform with Salesforce Clouds.

Salesforce app development as a service is a great way to get more automation possibilities given with the cloud. The low-code platform helps reduce efforts and time of development by offering a drag-n-drop design feature.

Salesforce custom application development is the answer for businesses that need to stay mobile, automate their unique processes, and tailor a product for internal needs.

Niche applications suiting comprehensive business needs are an essential part of the digital transformation of any company.

Creating Apps with Low-Code Lighting Platform

Modern times require fast reactions and leveraged digitization, that’s why Salesforce Platform app builder becomes handy for developing custom applications for internal use, while also offering:

  • Lightning App Builder – a tool for creating responsive applications by dragging and dropping elements;
  • Lightning Object Creator – a tool that enhances productivity by allowing administrators to swiftly convert spreadsheets into innovative, cloud-based apps within a few seconds;
  • Lightning  Flow – a tool to automate and smoothen your workflow processes with a one-click design enhanced with Einstein Automate.

The innovative low-code approach offered by Salesforce Platform showed multiple business and operational benefits according to IDC research:

  • 89% reduction of the unplanned downtime, which contributed to increased productivity of business’s end-users;
  • Eased flexibility and customization processes;
  • The agility of application development resulted in a 72% decrease of errors in releases and 62% efficiency in IT infrastructure management.

Building Apps on the Low-Code Salesforce Platform

5 year ROI According to IDC Study
Higher App Developer Productivity
Faster IT Sevelopment Lifecycle

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Comprehensive Consulting

We cooperate with stakeholders from the customer’s side to analyze and prioritize their needs and agree to the expected application’s functionality.

Mature Project Management

You will get a high degree of structured project management processes, instruments, practices, and methodologies.

Agile Development

We instantly change the Salesforce application development services to the emerging and evolving requirements of the clients and provide them with flexible project management at every stage of an app’s development.

Risk Management

We have thought-out and reasoned procedures with regard to scheduling, budget control, and developers’ work, as well as profound risk management methods, which help our team to produce high-quality applications in due time and according to the project’s scope and cost.

Quality Management

We provide our customers with bug-free applications that operate as expected and give them a smooth user experience. As we regularly perform different QA activities, we deliver the apps with high-quality standards, which make them easy to maintain, modify, and evolve.

On-demand Delivery Models

Ergonized services are based on the on-demand delivery models. We can promptly deliver an application tailored specifically to your needs. While also offering continuous support for your Salesforce app.

On-demand Long-term Support

We offer our clients long-term support. That is why our cooperation with the clients does not end when an application is launched. Our Salesforce support adjusts the Salesforce applications to the growing market demands by modifying an app’s existing features or developing new functionalities. Creating a Salesforce app is easy with Ergonized.

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What are Salesforce apps?

A Salesforce app is the logical container for all processes, objects, tabs, and services that work as a single unit to provide the functionality required by the business function.

What is a Salesforce App Builder?

App Builder is a top-quality tool for creating custom pages for mobile and Lightning Experience apps with point-and-click and drag-and-drop tools.

How to develop Salesforce applications?

Salesforce App Cloud provides an integrated architecture that allows you to create apps with code or clicks, extend with professional code, and use an ecosystem of pre-built components via AppExchange.

Do you provide Salesforce app development services?

Salesforce App Cloud consists of four main components: Lightning,  Heroku, AppExchange, and Trailhead. We work with each of these tools.

What does Salesforce app development cost?

Salesforce App Cloud pricing plans look like this:
  • Starter: $25 user/month to create custom apps;
  • Plus: $100 user/month to extend Salesforce and app dev for the organization;
  • Heroku Enterprise Starter for developing connected custom apps from $ 4000/company/month.

Do you offer Salesforce custom app development?

We build mobile, custom, and AppExchange apps using services built into the Customer 360 platform (previously Lightning).

How do I create a Lightning application in Salesforce?

To speed up the deployment and development of business mobile apps, Salesforce has proffered a new set of services and tools, Lightning Platform Mobile, which includes mobile designers and services, and a Mobile Publisher, a software development set that will allow companies to more easily write apps on the Salesforce platform.

What are standard Salesforce applications?

Standard CRM applications are solutions provided by, such as Service, Sales, Marketing, and Support. Administrators can customize standard apps, or create new ones by grouping standard and custom tabs into new custom apps.

How do I create a Salesforce app?

With the Salesforce platform, you will have access to a set of built-in features that you can use to create your own application by following Trailhead's step-by-step guide. And Ergonized Salesforce certified developers will cope with this task much better.
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