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We create apps faster using services built into the Customer 360 Platform (the former Lightning Platform). The Lightning Platform gives simple approaches to make and change business logic, customize UI, integrates with third-party apps and systems.

What we can build with Customer 360 Platform:

  • custom-branded apps for your staff and customers;
  • mobile applications;
  • AppExchange apps, which integrate your cloud platform with Salesforce Clouds.

What Salesforce Apps
We Help Build

Internal Salesforce apps

Internal Salesforce apps

Salesforce custom applications for internal business needs help to extend the functionality of Salesforce Clouds. Custom Salesforce apps help to enhance and change business processes that cannot be satisfied with standard Salesforce functionality

Standalone AppExchange apps

Standalone AppExchange apps

Standalone AppExchange apps are listed on AppExchange (Salesforce app marketplace) and work as an independent application. These apps can sell licenses for usage or subscriptions.

Integration AppExchange apps

Integration AppExchange apps

AppExchange applications for integrating a company’s product or service (SaaS apps or any other application) with the Salesforce platform.

Our Certificates

Full-Cycle Salesforce Development Stages



At the initial stage of consulting and business analysis, we conduct individual or group meetings with stakeholders to gather and comprehend their requirements and determines business goals. We interpret the business needs in a detailed plan and, after presenting it to a client, assume the aligned vision of the business and features of the Salesforce app.



We develop a detailed roadmap of the Salesforce app and find the most effective ways to meet requirements with technical means. We develop a development plan for the Salesforce application both compliant with the system and security requirements of Salesforce.

Create Mockups


We make the Salesforce applications user-friendly and create user journeys, detailed UX mockups, design UI prototypes and align them with client’s requirements



We develop applications in small iterations with 2-3 weeks sprints to deliver the features according to a developed roadmap. To stay flexible and promptly adapt to the customer’s new requirements, we create an MVP at the initial stage. Then we can quickly finish other features, developing them according to the market demand. This method allows our users to start using an application as soon as possible and add new features to the app right after they are rolled out.

Quality assurance


To guarantee you high quality and reliable performance of Salesforce applications, we perform different QA activities, such as unit tests, test automation, performance tests, functional tests.

User adoption


We create user manuals and offer training sessions for Salesforce internal apps.



Before launch, we perform different preparation activities, such as security analysis, designing an app’s documentation, create production and staging environment for apps.

After-launch support


We offer after-launch support and adjust Salesforce apps features by market demands.

Our Clients

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Benefits Of Salesforce Application Development By Ergonized

Comprehensive consulting

We cooperate with stakeholders from the customer’s side to analyze and prioritize their needs and agree with the expected application’s functionality.

Mature project management

You will get a high degree of structured project management processes, instruments, practices, and methodologies.

Agile development

We instantly change the application to the emerging and evolving requirements of the clients and provide them flexible project management at every stage of an app’s development.

Risk management

We have mature procedures of scheduling, budget control, and developers’ work, as well as profound risk management methods, which help our team to produce high-quality applications in due time and according to the project’s scope and cost creep.

Quality management

We provide our customers with the bug-free applications that operate as expected and give them a smooth user experience. As we regularly perform different QA activities, we deliver the apps with high-quality standards, which make them easy to maintain, modify, and evolve.

On-demand delivery models

Ergonized services are based on the on-demand delivery models. We can promptly deliver an application at once or continuously support your Salesforce app.

On-demand long-term support

We offer our clients long-term support. That is why our cooperation with the clients does not end when an application is launched. Our Salesforce support adjusts the Salesforce applications in line with the growing market demands by adjusting an app’s existing features or develop new functionality.

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