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Upgrading to Salesforce Lightning is less stressful than it might appear, and Salesforce Classic-to-Lightning migration does not need to be a hassle at all. With the right approach, the transition is a smooth and seamless experience. It is a three-part series process of successfully migrating to Salesforce Lighting, with transitioning from one phase to the next one at a time. Salesforce Lightning migration services are the most suitable option to migrate Salesforce Classic to Lightning seamlessly.

Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migration

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  • Better visual reporting

    Lightning can help fix issues with the visual representation of the data. It gives a new and fresh outlook to a standard CRM without changing its core and having the business migrate to a new application. Constructing a visually appealing dashboard that executives can quickly go through is the key to a successful sale because most decision-makers spend a lot of time in Salesforce rather than in individual records. That is why the information needs to be easy to process, and the appealing visuals might help in saving both time and money. Moreover, it makes the dashboard look professional.

  • Better Adoption with Salesforce Lightning

    If your objective is to gather some highly specific user requirements to include in your roster, using the Lightning to reintroduce Salesforce to executives might be a good idea. The point is that by adopting better practices, you can enhance the performance of your executives, the report quality, and the all-around efficiency of Salesforce. More so, it will also give a morale boost to your teams because it is always refreshing to work with great new tools.

  • Better data entry

    For the sales representatives and managers who use phones to navigate and manage their sales, we have a transition feature that helps better enter the data. With the Quick Actions feature of the Salesforce Lightning, the business can boost the speed of data entry for each particular user.

    In case one of your business representatives needs to perform migration from Salesforce Classic to Lightning quickly or has acquired it via calls and is to synchronize this information with their accounts throughout the platform, they can drastically reduce the time they waste around clicking, scrolling, and doing all of those moves that cause more stress than benefits.

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