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Offer an unrivaled sales experience with the world’s best eCommerce platform, Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Be successful in every step of your cross-channel trading.

“If you are not on the Internet, you do not exist,” Bill Gates said. This expression is directly related to retail trading. Without an Internet presence, business is incomplete and user behavior becomes more complicated every day. Therefore, eCommerce members are investing in the best solutions to plan, launch, promote, and track their online stores.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a promising on-demand e-commerce platform for companies who want to drive customer experiences across many channels, including mobile apps and social media.

With AI technologies and a full suite of sophisticated tools, it provides scalable solutions for any e-commerce business. The SaaS delivery model enables flexibility and global market dominance. This solution helps businesses launch and grow faster by delivering a meaningful customer experience that contributes to brand loyalty and drives conversions.

Salesforce e-commerce enables synchronization of order management, data mining, online shopping, and mobile-centric point of sale. The most trending configuration includes everything needed for continuous unified trading. It is available as two standalone product lines.

B2C Commerce Cloud

Salesforce e-commerce solution for transforming the shopping experience across various digital channels offers content, marketing, order fulfillment merchandising, promotions, customer service, and artificial intelligence. B2C provides an open development environment and turnkey platform for mobile devices, with customization and extensibility options.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2B

The B2B line is built into the Salesforce platform and easily scales as your brand grows, providing customers with an optimized user experience. It allows you to combine business data and CRM for a single view of the consumer.

Commerce Cloud Customer Success Metrics Survey

Increased Sales
Increased Digital Orders

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Features

Predictive intelligence

Predictive intelligence

Einstein's Salesforce Commerce Cloud analytics tool delivers an unrivaled shopping experience by collecting and providing you with intelligent insights into customer behavior and identifying selling opportunities across a variety of channels.

‍Latest marketing and merchandising tools

‍Latest marketing and merchandising tools

Retailers, marketers, and content creators can easily manage information, run campaigns and promotions on any channel, as well as run A / B tests to optimize conversions without technical support. Customers get the product range, price, offer, and content they are looking for at the right time, which maximizes conversion rates and magnifies the average order value.

Internationalization of shop windows

Internationalization of shop windows

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can invoice, adjust pricing, and worldwide product availability from a single server platform. ‍Salesforce supports Apple Pay and PayPal for one-touch transactions.

Responsive mobile design

Responsive mobile design

From business sales to serving an online store, Commerce Cloud proposes a mobile-centric approach. Everything from reporting to inventory management is as comfortable as possible for mobile users.

Multi-Site management

Multi-Site management

Salesforce Commerce Cloud manages your business across loads of channels from a single platform. Retailers can optimize multiple processes, such as sales, order and inventory management, marketing campaigns, conversions, and more.

High-class customer support

High-class customer support

Commerce Cloud guarantees 24/7 support for all of its salespeople. Also, the support covers everything from fixing codes to improving security, and the list goes on. It includes technical support in the app when making a payment, as well as app upgrades and updates, which occur regularly and transparently for the clients.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud demo: How it looks

Look how the platform helps businesses provide self-service buying experiences with unified, intelligent digital tools in Salesforce Commerce’s Cloud overview.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Pricing

The price-list is flexible and has three main pricing tiers, all intended for business clients. This pricing structure is extremely attractive. Firstly, it requires no prepayments for licensing, which protects the budget from the shake-up. And secondly, because pricing uses a scale tied to your income, the amount you pay reflects how well your business is doing.

B2B Commerce - Starter
B2B Commerce - Growth
B2B Commerce - Plus
B2B Commerce - Starter
  • For companies with one website and/or storefront
B2B Commerce - Growth
  • For companies with five websites and/or storefronts
  • Multichannel orders
B2B Commerce - Plus
  • For large companies with prime requirements
  • Salesforce Digital Transformation
  • Multichannel orders

How We Can Help

Salesforce’s e-commerce cloud-based set will not only make money with easy-to-use tools but also knowledge about your customers’ desires and behaviors that you can convert into money in the future. Besides, Salesforce saves the company budget. Savings come from cutting off unnecessary costs, including maintaining a staff of system administrators and buying servers.

Ergonized is a competent Salesforce Partner that implements the Salesforce Commerce Cloud according to market requirements and your wishes or temporarily strengthens the existing team with our specialists.

We combine creativity with technology to get the most out of Salesforce Commerce Cloud benefits. In addition, we offer training for your Salesforce users and provide ongoing support after the launch of your website.



What is Commerce Cloud?

Commerce Cloud is a multi-tenant, cloud-based B2C and B2B commerce platform that provides companies with an intelligent, unified business experience across all channels.

What does Commerce Cloud do?

Commerce Cloud offers brands smart startup and growth tools that drive engagement with ecommerce customers. It's marketing, content management, sales, automation, data, reporting, analytics, and predictive intelligence - all on one platform.

Who uses Commerce Cloud?

These are usually senior executives, or those who are responsible for developing the business through digital channels and for keeping stores and customers within the brand.

What’s included in Commerce Cloud?

The most popular configuration has everything you need for continuous unified commerce, and there are also two standalone product lines - Salesforce B2C Commerce and Salesforce B2B Commerce.

Where can I find prices?

The package is tailored to your requirements and cost considerations individually. Contact us for details.
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