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What is Community Cloud in Salesforce? It is a perfect solution for engaging targeted audiences with the help of forums, apps, and websites. These services will provide you an intuitive toolset for simple integrations and building software from scratch. Turn to our Salesforce Certified Community Cloud consultant to boost the customer experience you offer right now!

Ergonized is an official Salesforce consulting partner that implements Salesforce Community Cloud-based solutions. We will help scale your company at the lowest Salesforce Community pricing.

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Increase in customer satisfaction

Features of
Salesforce Community Cloud

Partner Relationship Management

Building strong relationships with business partners

With Salesforce solutions, you can improve your existing relationships with business partners, as well as efficiently find new ones. Just use the Partner Central template to sync all customer data extracted from different communication channels. You will gain access to tools for distributed marketing, lead prioritization, deal registration, forecasting, and more. All these capabilities will help you raise your service to a new level.

Partner Relationship Management

Customer service improving

Boosting customer confidence becomes easier: you can streamline your call center without having to expand the staff. All you have to do is create a customer forum with simple instructions, or build your own knowledge base for quick answers to frequently asked questions. Thus, your clients will be able to figure out some of their issues on their own, instead of needing to ask your employees for help.


B2B operations optimizing

B2B companies often face stiff competition. In order to maintain a stable position in the market, you need to stock up not only with a staff of reliable employees but also with a powerful technology stack. With the help of Salesforce solutions, you will be able to launch a new product as quickly as possible, set up customer interaction channels, and increase profits (particularly, by optimizing the platform for mobile users).


Creating customized solutions

Salesforce will also help you create an app with a highly-personalized user experience. Instead of using legacy templates, you can build a unique solution from scratch without spending much time and effort. The intuitive Salesforce Community Cloud Lightning Experience Builder will help you with that, providing simple integration with all sorts of APIs, as well as file and data storage.

Salesforce Community Cloud Demo: How It Looks

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the Salesforce Community Cloud Demo overview.

Salesforce Community License Pricing

Check the Salesforce Community license pricing and list of the main features.

Self-Service Pricing
Partner Relationship Management Pricing
External Apps Licence Pricing
Self-Service Pricing
  • Customer Community

Construct associated customer sites, support communities, and support centers efficiently.
$2/login or $5/member per month

  • Customer Community Plus

Produce comprehensive sites with innovative sharing, delegated supervision, reports and dashboards.
$6/login or $15/member per month

$2 to $15
per month
Partner Relationship Management Pricing
  • Digital Experience Management
  • Partner Central Template
  • Lead Distribution & Deal Registration
  • Marketing Development Funds
  • Campaigns
  • Channel Analytics
  • Programs and Levels

$10/login or $25/member

$10 to $25
per month
External Apps Licence Pricing
  • Digital Experience Management
  • Low-Code Builders and Platform
  • Identity for Customers and Partners
  • Additional Integration and Development Capacity
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • Case Management
  • Roles and Advanced Sharing

$15/login or $35/member

$15 to $35
per month

Salesforce Community Cloud
Implementation Methodology

As an official Salesforce partner, we will help you with Community Cloud integration for attracting new target audience segments.

Customer retention

Instead of spending astronomical sums on customer acquisition, you can use Salesforce strategies that have already been developed and tested in the field. Cloud solutions allow you to create portals, knowledge bases, and much more without any software development knowledge required to unite your potential and existing customers.

Minimizing the staff burden

Your call center employees will be able to process fewer requests due to the created knowledge base. Indeed, many users consider requests to a call center a waste of time, preferring to receive a solution to their problems in a text format. You will help them in this by opening access to unlimited web communication.

Improving the quality of service

Using templates or building a communication platform from scratch – which would you prefer? When you define the Community Cloud concept, you will certainly find terms such as customization. Indeed, no other platform can match Salesforce in creating the all-around personalized approach to customers by adapting the UI exactly to their needs.

Costs reduction

Because you don’t need to write a single line of code with your Salesforce Community Cloud license, you can significantly reduce time to market and do just fine without the services of expensive developers. Instead, you can use a software builder with an easy-of-use graphical UI.

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