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Salesforce Configuration

When you start using Salesforce for your business needs, the first step is configuration. Apart from the initial setup, configuration mainly entails interface modifications, data, and metadata organization, setting up business processes and logic according to your needs. The configuration also includes setting up the sales paths, dashboard, reports, page layouts, custom tabs, permission sets, and data validation rules. You can also benefit from the Lightning process builder to organize business workflows. If you still feel that additional software is required for managing your processes, App Exchange store can help. Here you can install applications to extend the default function. Even if you use such services as G-Suite for email management or Slack for chat communication, they can be easily integrated into Salesforce. Moreover, these adjustments are possible to implement with the help of our Salesforce consultant or an administrator using built-in Salesforce tools without any code modifications and our experts will be glad to take care of it.

Salesforce Customization

It may happen that the available applications in App Exchange are not sufficient for running your business processes or there is no integration with some essential tools. Not to worry! Salesforce CRM customization makes everything possible. Whether you need to create reports with sophisticated calculation logic that is possible only by means of custom programming or build custom integrations with some third-party software, Salesforce developers will execute it. Salesforce customization requires programming in Apex, as it enables developers to modify business logic, set up custom API, and ensure proper customization following the demands of your business. With its help, it is possible to tailor Salesforce according to your needs, automate record updates, and perform other data-focused activities.

Salesforce Configuration

salesforce sales cloud

Sales Cloud

As an integration platform, Sales Cloud brings together all the information about the customers, including their profiles, marketing activities, and products. It also focuses on increasing successful sales, contributes to multi-channel communication, and enhances the productivity of your sales department.

salesforce service cloud

Service Cloud

Service Cloud will come help any business that has customer support. It ensures faster case resolution of any issues your customers may face. At the same time, it makes the life of your support agents easier by bringing communication from chats, tickets, emails, and social media in one place. Custom template integrations and building a knowledgebase will help your agents find the right answers to their questions.

salesforce community cloud

Community Cloud

Serving as a platform for branding your business, Salesforce Community Cloud fosters engagement of all the parties involved in business processes. It will be beneficial not only for customers and employees but also for partners and other experts. The high variety of collaboration tools allows contributing to the development of products and services you provide. Active users claim that this service takes communication to a whole new level.



This SaaS platform was created to take care of automating the marketing activities that help you to launch your promotions more efficiently. Here you can automate your newsletters and manage all email communications. A user-friendly interface and intuitive built-in tools to make deployment and management of your marketing campaigns much easier. At the same time, advanced analytics features balance your efforts to achieve higher sales results.

salesforce marketing cloud

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud enables companies of any size to launch global brand campaigns, estimating the potential outcomes of the efforts taken. Regardless of the business models be it B2B or B2C, it allows you to create a unique user journey and turn your leads into loyal customers.

salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ

Built for making your sales pipeline smooth, the “Configure, Price, Quote” service, aka CPQ, helps sales agents all over the world. With its help, your agents will not get lost in the variety of conditions for service pricing. In turn, 100% precise quotes will be given to the right customers. It takes into account all possible conditions and scenarios you set up to manage your discounts, automates invoice sending, and facilitates electronic payments.

salesforce for Nonprofits (NPSP)

Salesforce for Nonprofits (NPSP)

It’s a unique platform used for the service management of any nonprofit organization giving a possibility of having a 360-view of your mission. Keep track of your donations, volunteers, and supporters all in one place. By simplifying the management processes, you can focus on your impact and spread the good cause.

Financial Services Cloud

Financial Services Cloud

A perfect solution for the financial industry for both individuals and companies operating in this industry. The solution is most commonly used by banks and insurance companies, financial advisors, etc. This cloud leads to deepening relationships with the customer by creating a unified system for managing financial services. Having a one-stop shop to manage payments and generate and close invoices makes it easier to instill trust. When your customers have access to the proper information within the defined time frames they can have a better view as well as take into account the slightest details.

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

If an organization uses a variety of different applications, it is an ideal platform to bring all of them into one place. With MuleSoft you can achieve faster API responses and integrations with any third-party applications used in your company. Moreover, integrated security on all the levels helps you feel safe and protected against any malicious threats.

Our Certificates

Salesforce Certified Administrator
Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant
Salesforce Certified Field Service Lightning Consultant
Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant
Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant
Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist
Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder
Salesforce Certified Platform Developer
Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant
Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant
Heroku Architecture Designer

How we configure and customize Salesforce

We configure interface and business logic

We configure interface and business logic

We modify the data model and business logic, user interfaces, and validation rules of your Salesforce Cloud with built-in tools. Then we create workflows, reports, and dashboards for different user roles.

We customize or create new objects and fields

We customize or create new objects and fields

At this stage, we reflect data of your business in Salesforce custom objects. For example, default Salesforce objects will not satisfy the needs of an auto-dealer center. In this case, we can create custom objects, “cars,” and “auto parts” with custom fields.

We add your business rules into Salesforce

We add your business rules into Salesforce

Salesforce CRM customization implies the usage of Apex triggers, which supports the automation of sales, service, and marketing processes. As a result, we make it easy for our clients to observe and manage these processes.

We automate business processes

We automate business processes

We automate business processes and routine tasks, such as email and SMS notifications, with Process Builder and Apex triggers. The automation of recurring tasks helps increase employee productivity and decrease the number of mistakes.

We create custom reports, dashboards, and sales paths.

We create custom reports, dashboards, and sales paths.

We formulate custom reports and dashboards for different departments and different user roles, such as sales manager, sales representative, or service manager. In case built-in tools can’t generate custom reports in Salesforce due to the non-trivial logic of calculation, we use Apex coding and custom style sheets.

Sometimes companies sell a few different and sophisticated products with unique sales stages; in this case, we create a custom and unique sales path for each product.

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Over the past eight years, we have worked on hundreds of different projects.

Their team offers quick turnaround times and high quality work, as well as brings innovative ideas to the table. They have built programs which are now the backbone of our organization and continue to help us grow.

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How Salesforce Customization
can help your business

Being a powerful tool to adjust Salesforce to your company needs, it also entails additional benefits. According to the Salesforce recent survey results, the possibility to tailor the CRM to your needs positively influences all the essential metrics. Let’s get down to business and check the numbers:

  • 35% growth in customer satisfaction – Every business relies on its clients. That is why it is important to ensure high satisfaction rates for your customers to engage them in using your product. With the help of Salesforce customization, you can give your clients everything they need to stay happy with the service.
  • 25% increased revenue – Being powerful leverage for any business to prosper, revenue is a key metric for determining company success. Salesforce customization helps customers save time on routine processes by automating them. Consequently, saved time and better performance directly translates into more revenue via wiser resource management.
  • 34% more in productivity – And that’s not a coincidence. Enabling all the tools necessary for the effective work of your agents, they work better and stay motivated to bring more income to your business.
  • 25% boost for return on investments – Salesforce helps to easily organize proper data storage and gathering, as well as generate custom reports. With them, you can analyze relevant data about potential and existing clients to create unique service propositions. Custom data inclusion and operation is also one of the tasks for Salesforce customization. Having more detailed data helps you know your audience better and invest in the right activities that provide higher ROIs.
  • Deployment speed up by 35% – Salesforce Cloud Platform makes the deployment of new features and functions easier and faster, thereby saving your development resources. So it’s not a surprise to see such a number.
  • 38% faster decision-making – Salesforce customization services help you create a one-stop shop to see all the data necessary for running a business. When you don’t have to switch between the tools, you can focus on the exponential growth of your brand and make time-sensitive, strategic decisions fasters.

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