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Matching your customers’ requirements and lifestyle is essential to staying profitable and continuously creating new value.

Ergonized is a Salesforce technology partner, an end-to-end provider of Salesforce services, including consulting, development, implementation, enhancement, and support. As a Salesforce consulting partner, we have robust cross-industry knowledge and experience, and we can support the development of our business through UX instruments such as Salesforce Lightning and AI technologies like Salesforce Einstein.

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As a registered Salesforce partner, we show our clients how to solve the challenges with Salesforce successfully. This includes such problems as:

Customer and partner communication problem solving.

Salesforce agency partners are always ready to share the most useful methods of using Salesforce Community Cloud to help you enhance interaction with customers and partners. You can benefit from getting Salesforce integration partners’ expert guidance on communication help forums as well as from receiving direct feedback from clients.

Marketing campaign flexibility

Marketing Cloud capabilities and analytics exist to provide our clients with insight into the customers’ perceptions, and at the same time, the cloud becomes a tool for improving the efficiency of marketing campaigns. The possibility to measure end-to-end marketing profitability across all digital channels provides personalized, data-driven experiences. Marketing Cloud users can engage with a large number of clients, addressing their needs in a highly personalized way with individual Salesforce CRM partners covering various customer communication scenarios. It’s a chance to take marketing even further.

Sales rates decreasing caused by inconsequential sales processes.

With Sales Cloud, we may assist you in the sales process straightening. To avoid the lead loss and mismatched data, we formalize the sales processes. To guarantee efficient process automation, we recommend using default Salesforce functionality or code-based customizations, which allows planning the sales process and guiding it accurately. It helps to improve the accuracy of the forecasts up to 38% as well as to increase sales productivity by the same level, which consequently enlarges the sales revenue by 28% and the sales win rate by 26%.

Lingering case resolution and consequent insufficient customer service

We also help you to enhance your customer service quality by default or custom case management instruments of Service Cloud. Both options have the tools of automated case assignment, prioritization, and escalation. With Service Cloud, you can decrease the case resolution time and promote the productivity of the customer support team. The data speaks for itself: Due to the average percentage of improvements reported by Salesforce customers, support costs were decreased by 22%, customer retention has grown to 26%, case resolution growth is 31%, and the development of customer satisfaction has risen to 35%.

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