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Salesforce Implementation and Existing Salesforce CRM Improvement

In case you want to migrate from another CRM to Salesforce, improve your existing Salesforce solution, or want to automate sales, marketing, or customer service departments, we will lead you through with certified Salesforce Consulting Services.

Our Salesforce consultants provide several variants of solutions to meet business needs, and when a client chooses one of them, we create a detailed plan of implementation.

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salesforce sales cloud

Sales Cloud

The Sales Cloud functionality allows tracking sales, creating a customer profile for efficient marketing activity, increasing sales team productivity, multichannel communicating with clients, as well as allowing management to simplify and automate reporting and administrative tasks.

salesforce service cloud

Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud aims to automate processes for service teams, optimize workflows, respond to customers across a variety of social platforms, create and manage a knowledge base with your company information. Service Cloud helps to enhance the customer’s experience and retention rate and to decrease case resolution time.

salesforce community cloud

Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud is a brand community space based on an online platform to connect and improve interaction among clients, partners, and employees of any company. The possibility to contribute updates about your products, services, or programs to your target audience directly with an opportunity to get relevant feedback, regardless of whether it's a small group or multiple communities, is priceless.



Pardot is a Salesforce marketing automation solution, which meets the needs of B2B companies of all dimensions. Being a software as a service (SaaS), the platform was created for marketing automation activities and offers email automation and lead management tools for B2B sales.

salesforce marketing cloud

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is specifically tailored to build multi-channel campaigns inside one cloud and helps to predict the potential outcomes of your marketing efforts, which provides the ability to choose the best marketing strategy.

salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ

CPQ or Configure, Price, Quote, is a tool created for improving the sales pipeline by Salesforce. It provides accurate data about pricing with multiple scenarios and configurations applied. Considering the capabilities range, the CPQ application takes into consideration different features, modifications, numbers, and discounts that allow sales representatives to quote prices without mistakes. Salesforce CPQ will be the best cloud-based solution for a team, as it offers simple usage and broad availability on any device. Also, it makes impactful sales decisions easy, as the software is hosted inside the Sales Cloud and is synchronized directly with your CRM.

salesforce for Nonprofits (NPSP)

Salesforce for Nonprofits (NPSP)

Nonprofit Cloud helps to manage volunteers, donations, supporters and connects to your constituents all in one cloud. Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) increases donor conversion rates, program engagement, mission impact and a 360-view of constituents.

Financial Services Cloud

Financial Services Cloud

Financial Services Cloud is a solution that can be tailored to any financial services company, such as insurance agencies or banks. Financial Cloud enables the delivery of personalized engagement with omnichannel integration across social platforms and the web, identifying new opportunities to engage prospects, convert more leads, and create customers for life.

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft helps connect any application, data, and device with APIs, decreases maintaining API expenses, and automates business processes. The platform is easy to use and scales middleware solutions for synchronizing your apps together with enabled data exchange.

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How we work

Discuss your business goals

Salesforce Consulting Partner

Our Salesforce consultants are ready to help you address any issues and challenges in a timely and efficient manner. Salesforce consulting helps to identify business goals such as: reducing sales cycles, increasing the efficiency of your marketing campaigns, and increasing the productivity of your sales operations.

Outlining business goals into features and choosing Salesforce Clouds

Outlining business goals into features and choosing Salesforce Clouds

Once the objectives are set and clear, our Salesforce consultants start outlining the pathway to reaching those objectives and mapping goals into Salesforce Cloud features.

Calculating license price and choosing the best Salesforce edition

Calculating license price and choosing the best Salesforce edition

Each edition of Salesforce has features that suit different business goals, so it is necessary to pick the right one. We calculate the monthly price for Salesforce licenses and provide detailed recommendations and estimations.

Designing an implementation plan

Designing an implementation plan

We carefully plan each step of Salesforce implementation, document it, and create a calendar of implementation, which will be split by stages. Additionally, we make sure the implemented features will be addressing the needs and increasing the efficiency of your business.

Implementation supervision

Implementation supervision

Our Salesforce consultants will assist you throughout the implementation stage. We will guide you through the data transfer stage as well as help you with the launch of the new system. Additionally, we will provide you with a support team that will assist you with Salesforce implementation. That way, we will make sure you get the best results out of the Salesforce implementation.

User adoption plan

User adoption plan

Our consultants will stay with you throughout the adoption process, and we will make sure all users are entirely comfortable with the new system. To make sure you are doing great mastering a new system, we create the adoption plan that includes training and full support for users.

Our Clients

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Over the past eight years, we have worked on hundreds of different projects.

Their team offers quick turnaround times and high quality work, as well as brings innovative ideas to the table. They have built programs which are now the backbone of our organization and continue to help us grow.

Larry Organ | Chief Executive Officer

Problems We Solve

As a registered Salesforce partner, we show our clients how to overcome challenges with Salesforce. This includes such problems as:

Customer and partner communication problem solving

Salesforce agency partners are always ready to share the most useful methods of using Salesforce Community Cloud to help you enhance interaction with customers and partners. You can benefit from getting the Salesforce integration partners’ expert guidance on communication help forums as well as from receiving direct feedback from clients.

Marketing campaign flexibility

Marketing Cloud capabilities and analytics exist to provide our clients with insights into the customers’ perceptions, while at the same time, the cloud becomes a tool for improving the efficiency of marketing campaigns. The possibility to measure end-to-end marketing profitability across all digital channels provides personalized, data-driven experiences. Marketing Cloud users can engage with a large number of clients, addressing their needs in a highly personalized way with individual Salesforce CRM partners covering various customer communication scenarios. It’s a chance to take marketing even further.

Sales rates decreasing caused by inconsequential sales processes

With Sales Cloud, we may assist you in the sales process straightening. To avoid the lead loss and mismatched data, we formalize the sales processes. To guarantee efficient process automation, we recommend using default Salesforce functionality or code-based customizations, which allows planning the sales process and guiding it accurately. It helps to improve the accuracy of the forecasts up to 38% as well as to increase sales productivity on the same level, which consequently enlarges the sales revenue by 28% and the sales win rate by 26%.

Lingering case resolution and consequent insufficient customer service

We also can help you to enhance your customer service quality by default or custom case management instruments of Service Cloud. Both options have the tools of automated case assignment, prioritization, and escalation. With Service Cloud, you can decrease the case resolution time and promote the productivity of the customer support team. The data speaks for itself: Due to the average percentage of improvements reported by Salesforce customers, support costs were decreased by 22%, customer retention has grown to 26%, case resolution growth is 31%, and the development of customer satisfaction has risen to 35%.

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