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We ensure that during your data migration, the data stays intact and secured. The migration process will be finished without any interruptions for your business.

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Data Migration Services

Migration from another CRM

Migration from another CRM

Migration from the alternative CRM might be a challenging process as different CRM use different data formats. Reformating and mapping them to match the Salesforce data migration requirements takes time, effort, and planning. We have the experience in migration from HubSpot, Zoho, Freshsales, amoCRM, Pipedrive, SAP, Netsuite, OnContact, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Infusionsoft and others.

Migration from another Salesforce Org

Migration from another Salesforce Org

We migrate all your data from the Salesforce legacy or any other external one to the new Salesforce Org. We ensure that imported objects have a particular order to maintain record relationships.

Synchronize data with Salesforce

Synchronize data with Salesforce

Synchronizing different data sources might require a dedicated integration server or the implementation of the Mulesoft integration. The Synchronization can be one-sided or two-sided, of which later is much more complicated in terms of compiling and organizing the data.

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Salesforce Migration Stages

Data analysis


We conduct interviews to learn the requirements for Salesforce migration. Then we create a plan and a detailed report to provide a vision of all aspects regarding the migration.

Identify which data you want to migrate


We help in defining which data is essential for migration and which is not, and then we define the format of the data that needs migration.

Prepare data for migration


We properly format the data and check the quality of the data prior to transferring it.

Migrate the data


The migration process can be time-consuming, so we prepare for it thoroughly. To avoid any interference with the functioning of the business, we conduct the migration during the off-days and after the working hours to avoid any risks and inconvenience related to the process. We also aim at predicting all the possible scenarios during migration and minimize potential risks.

Validate the data


Our QA engineers validate data and check whether all the information has been transferred properly.

User Adoption


We conduct user training for the users to promote the comfortable adoption of the features and benefits provided by the Salesforce solution.

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Benefits of Salesforce Migration
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Every migration is different and requires time to be planned so that all the essentials are covered, and issues are prevented.

  • We develop a detailed migration plan and minimize potential risks.
  • The migration process does by certified Salesforce engineers with vast experience in data migration.
  • Our data QA engineers check data quality and validate data before and after the migration process.
  • We conduct user adoption training for employees.

What are the essential questions we ask at the start?

  • What format will the data be delivered in?
  • Who is decision-maker for the migration process?
  • Are there security-related concerns or precautions for working with the data?

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