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We ensure that during your data migration, the data stays intact and secured. The migration process will be finished without any interruptions to your business.

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Benefits of Salesforce Migration
by Ergonized

Every migration is different and requires time to be planned so all the essentials are covered and issues are prevented.

  • We develop a detailed migration plan and minimize potential risks.
  • The migration process is conducted by certified Salesforce engineers with vast experience in data migration.
  • Our data QA engineers check data quality and validate data before and after the migration process.
  • We conduct user adoption training for employees.

What are the essential questions we ask in the beginning?

  • What format will the data be delivered in?
  • Who is the decision-maker for the migration process?
  • Are there security-related concerns or precautions to consider while working with the data?

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What is data migration in Salesforce?

Salesforce Data Migration is defined as the process of moving data to the Salesforce platform with the ultimate goal of improving company productivity and gaining a competitive edge.

How do I transfer data to Salesforce?

Salesforce data migration is preparation, selection and display of data, migration and validation, which is done using the Salesforce Import Wizard, a stand-alone service, or directly through the Salesforce API. (It's a good idea to make a backup of your database in case something goes wrong).

How do I migrate a user in Salesforce?

To view a complete list of users, click the Settings button in the upper right corner of the screen. Select "Manage Users" and click "Users". Click the "Change" button (in the corrected username) for each of them and do the following: make the user active (check the "Active" box) Change the value of the "User license" field, it should not be "Chatter Free User" or "Chatter External User" Conduct a demo migration. If successful, run the full migration.

What is an Ant migration tool Salesforce?

The Ant Migration Tool is a Java/Ant-based command line utility for moving metadata between a local directory and a Salesforce org. It can be used to extract components, create scripted deployments, and iterate deployment patterns.

How do I transfer data from Oracle to Salesforce?

Integration between Oracle and Salesforce to send data between the two platforms can be done using the Integration app or other connectors.

What is Salesforce Data Loader?

Data Loader is a bulk import or export client application that is used to insert, update, delete, or export Salesforce records. In the process of importing data, Data Loader reads, extracts, and loads data from comma-separated (CSV) files or from a database connection.

How do I load data in Salesforce with Import Wizard?

Use the Data Import Wizard. Start the wizard. Open Setup, enter Data Import Wizard in the Quick Find box, and select Data Import Wizard. Choose the data that you need to import. Map your data fields to Salesforce data fields. Review and start your import. Check import status.

When would you use a Data Loader?

Data Loader is recommended to use when you need to conduct:
  • Complex imports of data
  • Load up to 5,000,000 records

What is an Import Wizard in Salesforce?

The Data Import Wizard makes it easy to import data for many standard Salesforce objects, including personal accounts, contacts, leads, campaigners, with no installation required, up to 50,000 records at a time. It supports all custom objects and only a few standard objects such as: Account, Contact, Campaign members, Person Accounts, Leads.
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