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What We Offer

We assist your business from the initial stages of planning up to hire one Salesforce developer or a complete dedicated Salesforce development team managed by an individual PM.

Your dedicated Salesforce development team will work in one of the fully equipped offices in Ukraine. The approach of full-time employment has proven to be the most successful and efficient, as well as the one that guarantees the highest commitment level. Ergonized will take care of the infrastructure, HR processes, recruitment procedures, and administrative matters.

At the same time, you control the development process and costs completely while we take care of the administration.

thumb Fully-equipped and comfortable offices in Europe’s top IT hubs — Lviv and Kyiv

thumb Dedicated Support of Human Resource Manager

thumb Full Financial and Legal Advisory

thumb Feedback on the progress of the development team

thumb Review of your feedback on the quality of work and performance of your team

thumb On demand security measures of candidate and limited access to offices

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How We Work

Learning your requirements


Provide an overview of your tech stack and the structure of your team, as well as inform us about any specific requirements you might have to hire dedicated SFDC developer teams. We will provide you with a budget estimate and start the recruitment process for free.

Arranging interviews with developers


During the first week, we will send you the CV’s of the most suitable candidates for your future dedicated team. Usually, it takes around one month to find all the specialists our client is looking for. Then, you interview the ones you have selected and choose the best ones.

Onboarding developers


After we hire dedicated Salesforce developers, you can either visit your team personally in our offices or use any communication tools to arrange all the processes and assist your team with a complete integration into the structure of your organization. In turn, we will assist you in all possible ways to make our developers your loyal and productive full-time employees.

Getting to work


Now, your integrated team will start working. We will provide your dedicated development team with a comfortable fully equipped office, hardware and software, and a full social package.

Our Clients

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Reasons to Prefer to
Extend Your Team
Rather Than to Outsource Your Project

Simple management & reporting

We ensure the direct communication opportunity of management and administration representatives with the team as the most efficient way of reporting on a project. It helps eliminate misunderstandings and allows for building healthy working relationships within the team members.

Specialist selection and recruitment are based on your requirements

After the discovery phase, we start seeking appropriate employees to hire development team based on your needs and requirements. You may perform all the interviews personally and select the best applicants.

Easy onboarding

Our team delivers the developers’ onboarding and helps him to dive into the work process properly as well HUD offers a possibility of arranging the business meetings of developers and clients’ management/PM.

Adjustable team size

You can change the size of your team any time upon a notification that is sent one month in advance.

Developers are dedicated to your company

We hire developers in Ukraine to become your full-time employees. They work for your business only and are directly interested in your success.

Security measures upon request

Our team provides all the security measures requested additionally: paper-and-pencil or supervised computerized testing, organizing visits to your specialists in our offices, arranging the meeting of management and employees at your headquarters whenever needed.

Prognosis of the budget

You can forecast all your expenses connected with your offshore team: you pay salaries of your developers and a fixed fee for our services.

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Available Salesforce Developers for Hire

Total: 15

Andrey F.

Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Developer

2 years experience

Having almost 10 years of experience in the IT industry, the last 2 years Andrey dedicated to Salesforce and proceeds improving his skills in this field. He likes to dig deep into the matter and besides the Salesforce development, maintaining existing projects and integrating a wide range of applications with Salesforce, also managed to master the Sa ...

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Valery R.

Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Developer

Throughout his career, Valery demonstrated advanced skills in development applications, maintaining large projects and Mobile development on the basis of the Salesforce1 platform and Lightning framework. He is great at troubleshooting and resolving any functionality issues and can return it back to normal within the shortest terms.

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