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We assist your business from the initial planning stages right to hiring a Salesforce developer or a complete development team managed by an individual PM.

Your dedicated Salesforce development team will work in one of the fully equipped offices in Ukraine. In addition, the approach of full-time employment has proven to be the most successful and efficient, as well as the one that guarantees the highest level of commitment in Salesforce CRM development services. Ergonized will take care of the infrastructure, HR processes, recruitment procedures, and administrative matters.

At the same time, you will be in complete control of the development process and expenses while we take care of the administrative tasks.

Hiring an offshore Salesforce development team may reduce your costs, save your time and increase the efficiency of the product improvements.


Fully-equipped and comfortable offices in Europe’s top IT hubs — Lviv and Kyiv

Client and Developer Support

Dedicated Support of a Human Resource Manager

Administrative Support

Full Financial and Legal Advisory

Feedback on the progress of the development team

Feedback on the progress of the development team

Review of your feedback regarding the quality of work and performance of your team

Review of your feedback regarding the quality of work and performance of your team

On-demand security measures of candidates and limited access to offices

On-demand security measures of candidates and limited access to offices

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How We Work

Our Clients

Reasons to Prefer to
Extend Your Team
Rather than Outsourcing Your Project

Simple management and reporting

We ensure the direct communication opportunity of management and administration representatives with the team as the most efficient way of reporting on a project. It helps eliminate misunderstandings and allows for building healthy working relationships within the team.

Specialist selection and recruitment are based on your requirements

After the discovery phase, we start searching for the appropriate potential employees that fit your needs and requirements. You may perform all the interviews personally and select the best applicants.

Easy onboarding

Our team delivers the developers’ onboarding services and helps developers to dive into the work process properly. Also, Ergonized offers a possibility to arrange the business meetings of developers and clients’ management/PM.

Adjustable team size

You can change the size of your team any time via a notification that is sent one month in advance.

Developers are dedicated to your company

We hire developers in Ukraine to become your full-time employees. They work for your business only and are only interested in your success.

Security measures upon request

Our team provides all of the additional security measures requested: paper-and-pencil or supervised computerized testing, organizing visits to your specialists in our offices, and arranging the meeting between management and employees at your headquarters whenever needed.

Budget prognosis

You can forecast all your expenses connected with your offshore team: you pay salaries of your developers and a fixed fee for our services.

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Alexandr K.

Salesforce Developer

3 years experience

Software Engineer with good knowledge of web stack and proprietary technologies.

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Salesforce Administrator

1 year experience

Possessing strong analytical skills and oriented on strategic goals attainment, Alain-Claude is able to configure the Salesforce CRM for current clients’ needs taking into account the future business growth. His system administrator experience allows him to offer powerful insights on technical improvements and server work optimization ensuring the st ...

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What is a Salesforce developer?

A Salesforce developer is a programmer who has experience with the Salesforce platform and is hired to customize Salesforce according to the hiring party's specifications.

What is the role of a Salesforce developer?

The role of a Salesforce developer is to analyze user needs and then design, develop and test software that meets those needs, propose software updates for existing applications, programs, and customer systems, and eliminate possible inconsistencies and potential system flaws.

Why is Salesforce in demand?

Because Salesforce is multifunctional, constantly innovating, caring for users, integrating with any third-party products, and offering experienced development teams. By 2022, Salesforce and its ecosystem of customers and partners will create 3.3 million new jobs and more than $859 billion in new business revenue worldwide.

What is the difference between developer and administrator?

The developer develops the application and writes the code for the SF platform, while the administrator simply configures the SF without programming.

What does a Salesforce developer do?

A Salesforce developer's task is to analyze company processes and develop CRM workflows and custom solutions for individual business needs.
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