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Why Salesforce?

Digital transformation has redefined customer needs. They require a quick response, an individual approach, and high qualifications in every detail.

Customers don’t want to be managed; they want to be satisfied. Salesforce enables you to easily consolidate your business’s core activities in order to reach client satisfaction. The platform makes it possible to combine customer service, automated sales processing, marketing, and administrative tasks into one tool.

Drive performance by developing the latest applications with the world’s best Salesforce platform services. Leverage the power of the Salesforce platform in your organization to boost the growth of your business.

Salesforce has always been focused on technology, and it has known for a long time that apps are a key part of digital transformation. The Salesforce Platform is a unified service that provides developers with the ability to build and deploy cloud-based apps. It includes hardware stacks, software, and capabilities for integration with external applications, and it processes over 4 billion transactions per day for over 150,000 customers per day.

By using the Salesforce infrastructure, users can not only make solutions that are easy to use and powerful, but they can also improve their own efficiency. Many of them then end up in the AppExchange online store.

Salesforce connects disparate systems, such as supply chains, external ERPs, and third-party software, such as Microsoft or SAP, to create a unified consumer experience.

Through Lightning Connect’s open APIs, the platform works well with outside endpoints like apps or enterprise integration centers. It allows you to automate any business process without writing code using Process Builder.

The greatest thing about Salesforce is that any company can create an industry application on it, making it public and profitable. Its capabilities are not limited to sales, service, and marketing tools. SFDS supports enterprise applications of any size and complexity. According to a Forrester report, developing on the Salesforce platform allows companies to build apps six to 20 times faster than with traditional building code.

The Salesforce platform has many tools and services you need to successfully develop applications and interact with customers. Plus, Salesforce’s broad portfolio of capabilities makes digital transformation inevitable. 545% more likely to have a five-year return on investment!

We help companies implement innovative solutions and invest in smart technologies that save time and money on the Salesforce platform. Transform your business with the best Salesforce consultants from Ergonized.

How much does a CRM cost?

We will estimate your CRM cost based on the platform type, number of users, requested features, and integration capabilities. All CRM software cost calculations are based on the in-depth expertise of Ergonized in automation software development.
How much does a CRM cost?
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With more than 12 years of providing Salesforce implementation services and helping companies deliver better customer service, Ergonized’s experts are experienced enough to develop and customize your Salesforce solution. We aim to help you reach your business goals, improve your sales processes, and implement marketing automation, while also enhancing the quality of your customer support.

Develop cutting-edge apps using Salesforce platform features. Users may design easy, powerful, and efficient solutions using Salesforce infrastructure. Salesforce connects supply chains, external ERPs, and third-party technologies like Microsoft or SAP to create a single experience for customers. Salesforce's extensive capabilities ensure digital transformation. 545 percent more likely to achieve a five-year return on investment!

Salesforce integration is the seamless combination of Salesforce with another solution to make a single platform with data and features that are in sync. This is the way to give your employees an effective combination of functionality from both platforms. When using Salesforce, people often have to move back and forth between two platforms to match up data and finish certain tasks. This issue is alleviated, and a centralized platform for collaboration is provided through Salesforce integration.



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    Saleforce Benefits

    Mobility As a New Black

    Increase productivity and output by using Salesforce. Thanks to one unified mobile app, you can do anything from closing deals and providing customer care to monitoring marketing activities and even collaborating and sharing data from any mobile device.

    Cutting-Edge Automation

    Collecting information about your audience, market, and industry can help you create content and reach out to people in a way that meets their needs. With the assistance of Salesforce, you can set up a sequence of automated emails to be sent to that audience in response to certain events. Automated drip marketing campaigns for sales funnels are advantageous.

    Insightful Reporting

    One of the greatest advantages of Salesforce is that it provides you with a unified perspective of the customer, which has a domino effect of opening up further benefits. You may analyze sales and customer service trends, discover where your opportunities are, evaluate how successfully you're communicating with leads and customers, and much more with the help of reports. As a result, this affects everything from the content of your email newsletters to the availability of various services.

    Customized Dashboards

    Manually entering or importing data, determining what's most relevant, missing critical background information or the complete story of a value proposition to extract accurate insights, and then attempting to develop a simple visual to communicate the aforesaid statistics are all significant problems when utilizing spreadsheets other standalone solutions for administration. Salesforce does the vast majority of these activities automatically. If you decide to stick with the platform, the CRM dashboard may be an additional benefit. Employees who have their own customized dashboard have swift access to the insights that directly affect and increase efficiency.

    Easy & Swift Cooperation

    By tracking your interactions, discussions, needs, notes, and contact information in a customer relationship management system, you'll be ahead of the competition in customer service. If it's in the cloud, your coworkers can view it anytime, anywhere. CRM users may access this collaborative document. A salesman may update a client's profile or take notes after a conversation. This guarantees that the rest of the team is working with the latest information. Marketing, sales, commerce, and customer service share data.

    Workflow Enhancements

    Salesforce automates many business processes, which can be helpful in gathering a unified, customer-focused experience throughout all stages of the sales, marketing, and service funnels by way of tailor-made digital automations. Sales representatives can concentrate on determining the best approach for each individual customer. Through the power of commerce, businesses may provide individualized shopping experiences that boost sales. This gives employees more time to help customers with more complicated questions, problems, and requests.

    Solutions with Salesforce platform our clients enjoy

    Salesforce Case Studies

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    Salesforce App Development For GDPR and CCPA Compliance

    The enthusiastic team from Braveheartdata will ensure company compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other data protection laws.

    custom martech salesforce crm

    Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation For Marketing Company

    SYNC Sponsorship is a local agency that focuses on marketing services applicable solely for the sponsorship sphere, taking into account all of its peculiarities.

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    Salesforce Nonprofit Implementation For Education Company

    The Academy for Teachers connects educators to improve their professional skills, share knowledge and pass on experience.


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