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Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a top-of-the-line online workflow, customer relationship, analytics, and marketing management system. It ultimately helps achieve end-to-end optimized marketing activity and automate various manual promotional tasks.

Ergonized has been an official Salesforce consulting partner for several years, implementing cloud solutions for companies of various sizes, with ranging demands (even projects based on the Salesforce Einstein Marketing Cloud AI tool). We guarantee the fast and cost-efficient achievement of your business goals thanks to our experience, in-depth expertise, and thorough marketing analysis.

Salesforce Customer Success Metrics Survey

Increase in the volume of leads
Increase in the conversion of leads
Increase in the marketing ROI

Features of
Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Journey builder

Journey Builder

Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant will guide you in walking your customers hand-in-hand through the marketing experience built and optimized in Journey Builder. This tool will help you better analyze generated traffic, improve service quality, and boost business profitability.

Email Studio

Email Studio

We use this automation tool for your email marketing needs, taking into account the data gathered with Salesforce analytics tools. Just customize existing templates to save your time and effort.

Program management

Customer 360 Audiences

Salesforce Customer 360 Audiences helps redirect mission-critical tasks to automated algorithms. You will no longer need to waste time and money on gathering, segmenting, and analyzing all of your customer data on your own.

Audience Studio

Audience Studio

This tool in your Marketing Cloud Integration Salesforce solution offers an intuitive UI to structure user data collected from various sources using a unified data management platform. No special knowledge needed to handle this one.

Mobile Studio

Mobile Studio

Use all the data accumulated by your mobile customers to boost your marketing needs. For improved marketing campaigns, you can easily launch an SMS newsletter, set up push notifications, and provide convenient chat messaging.

Google Analytics 361

Google Analytics 360

Combining complex business processes with the simple UI of the Google Analytics 360 tool allows delivering eye-grabbing, exclusive marketing campaigns tailored individually to the needs of your target audience.

Data Studio

Data Studio

Combine this tool with your existing Salesforce solution software to get in-depth automation capabilities and sync customer data via an accessible interface. No additional third-party tools are needed to sort out all the data you gather over time.

Social Studio

Social Studio

Using this one, you can easily integrate social media into your business solution to expand your business reach. Explore new customer niches with Social Studio and keep your marketing campaign on-point.

Advertising studio

Advertising Studio

Use your CRM data to meet customer expectations. Advertising Studio is the simplest means of advertising to enhance your brand image. No need for extra Salesforce Marketing Cloud training.



As part of our Marketing Cloud services, we use the Datorama platform for processing your marketing data and conducting the predictive analysis. All customer data valuable for corporate forecasts is compiled and processed into statistical assets in one place.

Interaction Studio

Interaction Studio

Let’s visualize real-time customer actions for better relationship management. Good knowledge of customer behavior patterns will give you the best opportunity to make accurate predictions and forecasts for your next steps in the business strategy.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Demo: How It Looks

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud overview.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pricing

Our Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud developer can implement one or several of nine Salesforce Marketing tools for your personal business needs. Pricing data for Audience Studio, Datorama and Google Marketing Platform are just in one letter – contact us to get the numbers.

Check the Salesforce Marketing Cloud pricing:

Customer 360 Audiences
Email, Mobile, and Web Marketing
Social Studio
Advertising Studio
Customer 360 Audiences
  • Unified Profiles
  • Super Message
  • Segment Publish
  • Engagement Events
$12 500
per month
Email, Mobile, and Web Marketing
  • Email, Mobile, and Journeys
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Journey Builder
  • Mobile Messaging
  • Powered by Einstein
  • Manage Multiple Businesses
per month
Social Studio
  • Salesforce CRM Integration/Connectivity
  • Brand Listening and Engagement
  • Community Engagement and Social Care
  • Monthly Mentions
  • Publishing Across Social Networks
  • Social Accounts
  • Third-Party App Partner Access
per month
Advertising Studio
  • Activate Your CRM Data for Advertising
  • Automatically Refresh Audiences
  • Real-Time Lead Capture
  • Journey Builder Advertising
  • Security and Access Controls
per month

Marketing Cloud QuickStart Package

What's included
● Business analysis
● Requirements definition
● Complex solution design
● Deployment plan
● Configuration
● Training
$5 900
Effective and Personalized Consumer-focused Campaigns
Effective and Personalized Consumer-focused Campaigns
  • Easy-to-use experience for every point of customer interaction with integrated digital marketing tools.
  • A single comprehensive view of each consumer for more personalized communication.
Responsive Marketing
Responsive Marketing
  • Identification of potential customers and new segments of your business.
  • Predictive recommendations using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.
Connected and Simple Interactions
Connected and Simple Interactions
  • Integrated touchpoints and interactions between services and applications, advertising, marketing, trade, and sales.
  • Out-of-the-box templates and streamlined message flows.
  • Digital engagement Salesforce setup.
  • Mobile apps for multi-channel campaigns.
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Implementation Methodology

As official Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation partners, we offer our clients Salesforce Marketing Cloud support with our tech specialists and help solve business challenges with Salesforce, including:

Social media connection

This Marketing Cloud implementation integrates with the major social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+. This gives you an opportunity to get direct feedback from customers and create outstanding ad campaigns.

Accurate marketing forecasts

SFDC Marketing Cloud tools help you carry out large-scale market research and generate reliable forecasts. Salesforce solutions also include a tool for evaluating the ROI of advertising campaigns, which will help you save the budget while getting the most profits.

Customer journey management

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration helps you synchronize customer data and captures customer behavior in real time across your digital web platform. Due to this, you achieve the most personalized approach, implementing various scenarios depending on each client’s needs, and automatically grow customer confidence. We also always provide qualified Marketing Cloud support.

Realization of effective mobile marketing strategies

With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you will launch perfect marketing strategies using mobile user data and mobile device experience practices. This will help you reduce the budget for marketing campaign needs. You can ask our Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud consultant to learn more about this opportunity.



What is Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud is a platform for managing customer journey, email, social media, mobile,  advertising, content management and creation, online personalization, and data analytics.

Who is using Marketing Cloud?

These are both for-profit and nonprofit organizations, including the world's largest consumer-facing companies such as Sony, HauteLook, and GE.

Can I choose Marketing Cloud products to buy?

There are several subscription plans to choose from. Our Salesforce Account Manager can help you determine which plan best suits your marketing strategy.

How does Marketing Cloud help companies become “customer companies”?

By leveraging a 360-degree view of each user, you will be able to engage customers with the correct messages in the right channel at the right time, leading to deeper and more meaningful relationships and delivering a premium personalized experience.

How does Marketing Cloud help marketers manage customer journey cycles?

Marketing Cloud combines customer data with real-time behavior to create smarter communications and interactions that respond and expect customer needs and propel customers along their individual journey.

What is the customer journey?

It includes all points of contact - from experience to interaction. Marketers create relevant content that scales across multiple channels to deliver a personalized client experience with marketing strategies that combine real-world and digital cases.

Where can I find prices?

Prices vary according to the individual needs of each client, and the package is tailored to your requirements and price considerations individually.

What are the benefits of Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud exposes application data and functionality over the Internet, and users simply log into the app to share and collaborate on the relevant data and business processes.

What channels can I use to connect with customers with Marketing Cloud?

Whether email, mobile phone, social media, ads, apps, or the Internet are all used to interact in marketing, sales, and service.

How does Marketing Cloud help you map your purchase journey?

With it, you can plan and realize the interactions with certain groups of customers at each stage of their life cycle, based on specific customer wishes and your business goals.

How does Marketing Cloud provide email interactions with customers?

Marketing Cloud offers a lot of features to help you implement basic email marketing strategies or complex campaigns using Predictive Intelligence. You can create emails and send relevant messages during all customer's life cycles.

How does Marketing Cloud help me manage my mobile marketing strategy?

You will engage customers by launching interactions at the right time and in the right place, create messages from pre-built SMS and MMS templates with useful tools. And GroupConnect, a new mobile messaging solution, expands the customer experience for group messaging apps.

Can Marketing Cloud help me manage my customers’ journey through our app?

Your apps can connect to Marketing Cloud, allowing you to consume data, connected products, and spaces. This includes sending emails, targeted advertisements, push notifications, and SMS messages with any data such as app usage or location.

What is a Social Studio?

Social Studio is a single interface with which you can easily manage your marketing strategy across any social channel.

What is Marketing Cloud’s relationship with major social networks?

Marketing Cloud maintains strategic partnerships with all popular social media platforms including YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

How does Marketing Cloud deliver personalized experiences on websites?

With advanced web marketing tools like CloudPages, you can easily create, host, and measure the performance of dynamic web pages and personalized content with no coding skills.

How does Marketing Cloud use customer data to drive digital ad performance?

With, you can reach customers from any device or channel with personality-based targeting through Facebook or LinkedIn, and Active Audiences provides powerful tools for leveraging customer data you've already collected, such as purchase history, to deliver relevant ads to social networks.

What is predictive intelligence?

Predictive Intelligence makes decisions based on customer data and behavioral analysis to create and deliver relevant content to each customer without any manual effort.

What content management tools are available in Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud includes tools to create, manage and track content across all available digital channels from a single location with the assignment of tags and content owners.

How does Marketing Cloud help achieve 1-to-1 personalization?

Individual personalization is possible through to a complete overview of each individual client. Every interaction - for example, opening an email, registering for a loyalty program, buying from a store - is analyzed in CRM.

How does Marketing Cloud make customer data actionable?

Marketing Cloud doesn't just collect data - it makes it actionable in real-time with Journey Builder, which allows marketers to plan, optimize and personalize customer journeys across channels.

What metrics are available in Marketing Cloud?

Marketers can test various factors to optimize performance - frequency channels, messages, and combinations thereof.

In what ways does Marketing Cloud influence Net Promoter Scores?

These are increased customer satisfaction, more purchases and renewals, more referrals, and less churn.

What is Marketing Cloud’s contact model?

To create a personalized experience, you need data, that is, a contact model that includes a predictive analytics engine with prediction algorithms for the relevant content and offers for each customer in your database based on their history and actions in real-time.

How do I get technical support?

If you need technical support, please contact your Salesforce Manager. When a request is received, it will be assigned a level to help determine its priority.

Is Marketing Cloud part of Salesforce Customer 360?

Yes. Marketing Cloud is a component of Salesforce Customer 360 and can work with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Community Cloud, and App Cloud.

What makes Marketing Cloud different from other clouds?

Marketing Cloud is designed for the marketing, sales, and service industries and focuses on a one-to-one customer experience across any device on every channel.

How does Marketing Cloud differ from traditional marketing automation tactics?

Its coordinated and targeted data-driven customer engagement.

Does Salesforce use Marketing Cloud for any of its own marketing campaigns?

Salesforce uses Marketing Cloud to deliver superior results across all business functions and to build relationships with new customers through increased product awareness, targeted communications and scale-out support. Marketing Cloud also supports Salesforce's cross-channel social strategy and digital ad campaigns.
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