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Grow a business and advance productivity with smart decisions by Salesforce Sales Cloud. This complete AI-Powered platform is the ideal technology to automate and scale up all sales stages for managers and reps. The corresponding Salesforce SalesCloud features reveal the structure and progress of sales, present detailed contact information, and enable powerful feedback across various devices and online channels.

Use the world’s best CRM to the best of its ability. Salesforce CRM Sales Cloud helps sellers attract more leads and close deals quicker. Salesforce takes into account all the nuances of teamwork, automation, and sales analytics. Check out the list of Sales Cloud features in Salesforce, which is functionally designed for sales teams. Sales Cloud creators have been working on the technology for over 20 years, and its convenience has been appreciated by 155,000 clients across all industries. Sales Cloud Salesforce holds first place in the ranking of productivity and sales management apps.

Correctly managing, setting up, and customizing the Sales Cloud add value to the selling processes and improves customer engagement at any stage of your company’s development. Salesforce’s Sales Cloud implementation can provide up to 600% ROI. So, what is the Sales Cloud, and what are Salesforce Sales Cloud benefits?

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Raising ROI in marketing
Raising lead volume
Raising lead conversion

Salesforce Sales Cloud
Features for Effective Management

Contact management

Account and Contact Management

In Sales Cloud CRM anything configures to the way you want to sell. Enjoy all the benefits of a digital workplace and mobility for your pre-sales specialists, sales managers, and reps. Collect and analyze information from Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to know your customers' needs and drive brand engagement. Consequently, reps can track and meet the respondents' needs more effectively. Access any Salesforce SalesCloud functionality from multiple digital devices anytime everywhere.

Opportunity manager

Opportunity Management

See important details in a detailed timeline of your client's activity. Monitor trade milestones, generate the latest quotes and get real-time updates when actions are required. Send emails with highly effective templates in one click. Streamline the sales procedure and forecasting phases for optimal process management, productivity, and consistency. Follow the status of the deal and communicate with the team from mobile devices.

Lead management

Lead Management

Sales Path allows you to easily determine and control your Sales Cloud process in Salesforce. It suggests what measures are required at every stage so sales managers receive feedback from representatives. The lead conversion process helps you simplify and adapt it to B2B or B2C business demands. Conversion of the hottest leads from accounts to contacts and their validation is performed automatically. Monitor the hottest leads from their first click until an increase in conversion rates and revenue.

Sales data

Sales Data

Plan strategies and increase sales with fresh ideas and clear forecasts. Use Lightning Data to identify the best opportunity, track change, and target the right segments and customers. Easily integrate and update trusted third-party data sources. Lightning Data Apps available on AppExchange.



Streamline all reps working (projects, calls, emails, appointments) with the Salesforce Lightning Sales Cloud smart activity bar. It offers a detailed outline of actions concerning a specific opportunity or associated record. View meetings, events, and get account updates from one unified app. Participate in mobile conferences, take notes, track invoices, and close hot deals. Receive and analyze interactive reports on sales performance through dashboards. Easily view, edit, and share uploads to Salesforce Cloud and Microsoft Office files.


Workflow and Approvals

Take-up drag-and-drop functionality via the Sales Cloud license Salesforce allows you to change, automate, and administer your commercial activity. Process Builder provides a simple point-and-click interface to automate trade alerts, in-process tasks, and more. It minimizes manual tasks, which makes it easier for reps to track leads faster or generate mail newsletters or notifications.


Files Sync and Share

Work with an extensive range of files as part of a small team, within your organization or outside with clients from any device. Get notified when a new version is downloaded, keeping version history and comments. Keep your files, content, and customer information in one place and keep track of what you need with quick filters and tags. Post the latest information and fix bugs. Keep the most up-to-date sales tools in front of your cell teams.


Reports and Dashboards

Easily move the desired fields, groupings, filters, and charts to get an interactive sales forecast. Track team efficiency with sales reporting tools and dashboards, and promptly make segment changes to focus on the information that matters most. Sales Cloud analytics Salesforce software lets you quickly validate important business metrics and close hot deals on any device. Precise forecasting leads to more logical decision-making operations and verified sales tactics. Sales Cloud Einstein Salesforce generates notifications and tips about important deal points and hot deals to watch out for.

Sales forecasting

Sales Forecasting

Get a total view of your business conveyor and take action on time with accurate forecasts. Provide quick updates to make informed decisions and forecast amounts. Make adjustments without affecting the underlying capability data. Follow up on your top performers and set new goals with a flexible performance chart. Sales Cloud Einstein's abilities forecast sales through rigorous analysis at all information layers. If you would like to know more about Salesforce Einstein’s pricing, we will calculate how much Salesforce Einstein costs you.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Demo: How It Looks

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the Salesforce Sales Cloud overview.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Pricing

All four Salesforce Cloud editions are specially designed to meet certain business’s needs, so choose what suits you best.

Essentials Edition
Professional Edition
Enterprise Edition
Unlimited Edition
Essentials Edition

Recommended to small enterprises. Essentials Edition is a ready-to-go basic solution for small market participants to reinforce their sales processes. Differs in easy-to-use UI and smart manuals to customizing and deploy.

Essentials Edition Features Set:

  • Multi-Channel Communication
  • Full Mobile Access and Functionality
  • Automated Routing
  • Lead Management
  • Customizable Sales Process
  • Email Integration
  • Ticket Management
  • Web-to-lead capture settings
  • Access AppExchange
$25 user/month
Professional Edition

Recommended for small-scale and medium companies. Salesforce Sales Cloud Professional Edition is the go-to for ventures looking for a feature-packed CRM system to easily administer their entire sales cycle.

Professional Edition Features Set

  • Social listening and analysis
  • Content marketing
  • Community engagement and social care
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Mass Emails
  • Case Management
  • Comprehensive Lead Management
  • Сustom Reports
  • Campaign Management
  • Embedded Quotes and Orders
  • Process Builder
$75 user/month
Enterprise Edition

Recommended for large and complicated businesses. To boot to the options of Professional Edition features, Salesforce Sales Cloud Enterprise Edition automates complicated work processes in large companies through workflow and approvals. Large-scale deployments are supported by top configuration and tools.

Enterprise Edition Features Set

  • Sales Console App
  • Workflows & Approvals
  • Salesforce APIs
  • Territory Management
  • Innumerable processes and flows
  • Innovative reporting features
  • Unlimited page layouts and profiles
  • Lead Registration
$150 user/month
Unlimited Edition

Recommended for large corporations. This cloud-based version of Salesforce customers’ accesses to 100 administration services, non-stop support, and online training. These comprehensive Salesforce’s Sales Cloud capabilities allow you to create a limitless number of custom applications and tabs. What’s more, admins can request access to a lot of sandboxes.

Unlimited Edition Features Set

  • Developer Pro Sandbox
  • Workflow & Approvals
  • Web Services API
  • Increased Storage Limits
  • Numerous Custom Apps
  • Full Mobile Access
  • Free 24/7 Support
$300 user/month

Sales Cloud Salesforce
Features Implementation Methodology

Ergonized is a registered Salesforce Sales Cloud consulting company with cross-industry knowledge. We will find a suitable Salesforce SalesCloud solution for your special business challenges. Our Salesforce certified Sales Cloud consultant will unleash all possibilities of SFDC Sales Cloud for numerous organization verticals. Also, we offer:

Individual advisory to identify if there’s a demand for improvements.

We ensure a complete package of advisory provisions for all categories of Salesforce Clouds: Sales Cloud, including Pardot, Marketing Cloud, and Community Cloud, etc. certified Sales Cloud consultant will boost communication support with respondents, and full cooperation among marketing departments and managers.

Salesforce’s implementation and end-to-end lifecycle support

We understand that an off-the-shelf cloud platform may not exactly match your processes, so we will modify it to suit your business requirements. Our experts will transfer your third-party applications and data to Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Professional as well as ensure after-launch assistance. Certified Salesforce Sales Cloud consultants can give you a viable and clever solution through the innovation tools as Salesforce Lightning Sales Cloud and Al technologies like Salesforce Einstein Sales Cloud.

Salesforce’s configuration, personalizing, and insights from specialists.

Ergonized will adjust your Sales Cloud features in Salesforce with minimal coding and maximum use of built-in program tools. We can show how you can change the user interface, custom reports, components dashboards, or business logic using point-and-click functions. If these instruments aren’t enough, we’ll tweak the solution with the usage of code. Sales Cloud consultant Salesforce multiply your income in accordance with your data. Let us know if you require more details on Salesforce pricing Sales Cloud and select the optimal version cloud for sales.

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