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Service Cloud is an award-winning part of Salesforce’s ecosystem for marketing and business operations. From 2015 to 2017, 7,000+ randomly selected Salesforce users were surveyed and reported that Service Cloud implementing increased Salesforce Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Salesforce by 32%.

Salesforce Service Cloud is a unified service solution built on the Salesforce base that can be easily adapted to the needs of any business.

The advantage of SFDC Service Cloud is a fast-tracked service process, individual attention to the demands of each customer, and a proactive approach to their problems. Which, in turn, improves customer experience and loyalty and positively affects sales.

Service Cloud is primarily focused on external customers, but can also function as an internal system for managing employee IT tickets and support requests.

Service Cloud implementation to increase satisfaction and repeat purchases will enable you to:

  • Build a highly effective support team through in-demand channels including instant messengers, social media, and web pages.
  • Offer clients a completely individual approach.
  • Add AI-powered hints to your Salesforce support case.
  • Give your field staff access to the system from mobile devices.
  • Make the right decisions with valuable built-in analytics.
  • Provide convenient self-service tools to solve common customers’ questions.

Salesforce Cloud Platform Effectiveness Evaluated by "State of Service" Research

More likely to highly rank for mobile customer service
More likely to say service reps make customers happy
More likely to use analytics in their organization

Salesforce Service Cloud
Solutions That Perfect Customer Service

Agent Workspace

Customer Service

Agent Workspace proposes a one screen convenient console with a 360-degree view of each client. Service Cloud Case Management assimilated automated processes through access to data, context, and history of each user interaction. Knowledge management facilitates fast response times with an optimized search for recommended articles. Service Process Automation automatizes and scales recurrent scenarios with drag-n-drop tools. Omnichannel Routing automatically redirects requests from a lot of channels to the correct specialist with the Salesforce case team routing app. Service Analytics tracks channel usage, team results, and crucial KPIs on dashboards. Call center management and integration with CTI enable AI-powered capabilities by inclusion cloud telephony into the service console. Asset and Order Management provides instruments to promptly track and manage orders.

Help customers help themselves


A self-service community where visitors’ collaborate, ask questions, and get answers from other users saves your employees time. With Salesforce Live Agent implementation, you define knowledge areas and assign an agent to receive requests related to these areas. With a choice of templates or an option to build from the ground up, self-service communities can include trending articles, FAQs, and even have a rating system for the responses. And, since the self-service communities are controlled by the Service Cloud case support process, if the question is not answered, then it is redirected to the Salesforce support phone to the operator. Service Cloud SDFS generates dashboards and reports on how customers are using the community, giving teams guidance on how to be more efficient.

Social network

Digital Channels

Routine queries are automated using Einstein's social media bots. Salesforce Einstein Service Cloud is connected to all your CRM data, including all visitor info and related commercial processes, as well as the ability to easily handle trivial questions like order status or password reset, etc. With Service Cloud Einstein Salesforce, you can customize content based on customers’ profiles, interests, and actions, bringing out suitable articles and answers. Salesforce omnichannel reporting allows employers to easily control any information flows. The Salesforce help desk handles support requests and other client inquiries whenever they arise. Social Customer Service enables users to create and track requests within any social network. You make the best use of LiveMessaging to communicate with clients through their preferred channel, be it SMS or any messenger.


Field Service

The solution can be expanded with remote assistance. Key workspaces are more efficiently used when all employees have access to the same screen. Automation helps distribute employees based on their location, skills, and responsibilities. Field service shows operational data and KPIs in real-time. The Field Service mobile app allows you to monitor all processes offline. Einstein Vision helps agents identify Salesforce cloud image and accelerate intelligent service. To refine the first fix, the relevant specifications are added to the app. Specialists often add Salesforce Service Cloud chat to the console to access all specs at one time.

Support employees over every channel.

Employee Service

Customer-operated portal users can set up and customize everything from basic information articles to ticket updates and integral workflows, as well as get answers to common HR and IT questions. Workflows are controlled by proficiency, AI, and automation tools. Add Service Cloud chat or email to case Salesforce Lightning and integral AI chatbots in order to redirect employees to the proper facilities.


Platform Advantage

Customer data is consolidated through back-end systems and departments - localized or in the cloud - in an integrated view. Asset management is done with Service Analytics dashboards. Project delivery accelerates with API projects, reusable integration templates, and connectors. Track and solve problems with a unified view for each Salesforce email from the case and identify more appropriate sales opportunities. Automatically launch and use a shared structured visitor record to customize offers, messages, and Salesforce support email. Salesforce Einstein for Service Cloud automatically checks detailed data and patterns on the system and provides compelling recommendations.

Salesforce Service Cloud Demo: How It Looks

Make an informed choice by looking at the Salesforce Service Cloud overview and assess what is Service Cloud in action.

Salesforce Service Cloud Pricing

Salesforce Service Cloud solutions offer three pricing plans for a customer service platform that meets clients’ needs and improves service team productivity. Complementary features of Salesforce Service Cloud – Live Agent, Einstein, Customer Community along with Knowledge are charged separately, and accessible on Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.


All-in-one sales and support app for small teams.

  • Case Management
  • Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Service Console App(s)
  • Knowledge
$25 user/month

Complex service CRM for any size teams

  • Knowledge
  • Service Contracts and Entitlements
  • Case Management
  • Service Console App(s)
  • Telephony Integration (CTI)
$75 user/month

Customizable CRM for complex service.

  • Service Contracts and Entitlements
  • Case Management
  • Service Console App(s)
  • Knowledge
  • Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Web Services API
$150 user/month

Limitless CRM power with full support

  • Case Management
  • Service Console App(s)
  • Knowledge
  • Service Contracts and Entitlements
  • Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Web Services API
  • Full Support and Configuration Services
$300 user/month

Service Cloud QuickStart Package

What's included
● Business analysis
● Requirements definition
● Complex solution design
● Deployment plan
● Configuration
● Training
$4 900
Improving the Efficiency of Service Agents and Reducing Support Costs
Improving the Efficiency of Service Agents and Reducing Support Costs
  • Reasonably designate the right agent for each request.
  • Correct the distribution of cases depending on the priority and volume of work.
Transparency at All Levels of Your Organization
Transparency at All Levels of Your Organization
  • Timely display of the latest trends and support news.
  • A single chat for communication between all departments.
Analysis and Monitoring of Key Indicators (KPI)
Analysis and Monitoring of Key Indicators (KPI)
  • Business intelligence tools to better understand business logic and anticipate your customers’ needs.
  • Service console and user-friendly interface to manage, exchange data, and organize actions.
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Salesforce Service Cloud:
Integration of Capabilities

SFDC Service Cloud offers a range of options to best serve your visitors. But initially, the kit is not ready for use. It needs to be organized, adjusted, tweaked, and sometimes even significantly reworked, so that your business gets the most out of it. The effectiveness of the product is highly dependent on the proficiency of the integrator. Ergonized is a practiced consulting partner in the Cloud implementation services for client-oriented businesses looking to provide their customers with an effective and satisfying experience. We offer end-to-end Salesforce Service Cloud services made up of consulting, sales enhancement, SFDS implementation, migration, and constant support. With our help, customer teams can quickly and intelligently move from ideas to action.

Analytical insights and business expertise

Our verified structure helps with the optimal approach to assist businesses to personalize the platform, fulfill their Salesforce Support Cloud team’s demands, and the specific wishes of their customers. The combination of technical and business expertise allows you to maximize the real value of the Salesforce Service Cloud Integration. Salesforce Certified Service Cloud consultant examines your commercial methods and means and requirements and creates a Salesforce Service Cloud implementation plan.

Implementation and support process

As a Salesforce Service Cloud consultants, our IT team possesses broad encounters in implementing the Service Cloud support case, automates and streamlines the entire customer service experience, as well as supports the Service Cloud lifecycle in Salesforce. Salesforce’s infrastructure as a service is flexible enough and scales quickly. Therefore, it can be modified to suit your needs at the current moment.

Salesforce Service Cloud developers design a system based on your concrete situation and set-up Service Cloud Lightning Case. After that, you start working with the Salesforce Service Cloud solutions, and we modify it, taking into account real-time processes. Your business deserves the best cloud implementation of SFDC services.



What is Service Cloud?

Service Cloud is a Salesforce product with Customer 360 that gives you a complete view of your customers, automated workflows, and enables you to deliver smarter, faster, and more personalized services from any device and across any channel.

How can Service Cloud help my business increase loyalty, retention, and satisfaction?

Service Cloud is a kind of service management tool that makes customers more likely to return to your product or service.

How does Service Cloud improve agent productivity?

The Salesforce Lightning Console provides agents with the tools to quickly and efficiently respond to customer inquiries across any channel, and a streamlined and intuitive interface that gives them a complete view of your customers, a comprehensive knowledge base, and access to company experts.

What is social customer service and how can it help my business?

Because social customer service is an integral part of Salesforce Customer 360, your employees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer before they interact with them, and can offer them the most relevant answers and services.

What is a self-service community and how can it help my business?

Self-Service Community is a customer portal that allows users to help themselves by getting their questions answered anytime, from any device, from community content or from colleagues.

What mobility solutions does Service Cloud offer?

Service Cloud offers built-in mobile and web in-app services so managers can access the data they need right from their mobile device in real time.

How are other companies using Service Cloud to grow their business?

With Service Cloud, companies can deliver faster, smarter and more personalized services to their customers over the Internet and other channels, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Will my customer service data be secure and private on the cloud platform?

Salesforce takes a multi-layered approach to protecting your information by continually monitoring and improving systems, processes and applications.

What reports and dashboards are available in Service Cloud?

Customizable Salesforce reports and dashboards help you track KPIs that matter to your business, including information about the performance of your CRC, call center, or helpdesk, while dashboards provide high-level visibility.

What field service or mobile workforce solutions does Service Cloud offer?

Field Service Lightning is a field service management solution powered by Service Cloud that enables your business to intelligently plan work, create and track work orders, manage assets and jobs in real-time, and access and update information from any mobile device.

What mobile customer experience solutions does Service Cloud offer?

Service Cloud offers not only built-in mobile apps so agents can access data and analytics and make adjustments as needed in real time, but also an associated knowledge base and Live Agent chat.

If I start with Service Essentials, can I later upgrade to a different version?

No problem! Essentials is on the Salesforce platform, so it's easy to upgrade to another version, and your data remains safe and sound.

Which version of Service Cloud is right for my business?

There are several versions, from which you can choose the one that suits you.
  • The Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive solution that provides the Lightning Console with multi-channel case presentation, call scripting, CTI integration, knowledge management, developer tools, and more.
  • With the Unlimited Edition, you get access to over 100 administrative services, unlimited online training and free 24/7 support.
  • And with the Performance Edition, a fully integrated sales and service solution, you can maximize your service and sales efficiency.

How does the free trial work?

The Service Cloud trial lets you use the amazing Service Cloud features for 30 days free of charge.

How can Service Cloud improve my business applications and websites?

Service Cloud can be directly integrated into your business applications and websites using snap-ins that integrate knowledge, case management, chat, and SOS. This will allow you to use all the features of Service Cloud Lightning right in your app or website.

What additional features are available?

The solution has a number of customizable add-ons that you can install to optimize your business processes. You can select them here.

How many licenses do I need to purchase for mobile workers?

All field technicians and dispatchers require a Field Service Lightning license, not including a Service Cloud Organization license.

Where can I find a list of implementation partners for my Service Cloud?

To customize Service Cloud in the best way for your company, you need the help of a Certified Salesforce Consultant Partner. You can contact us, or find a partner through the AppExchange.

How do I integrate my other products and systems with the Service Cloud?

Service Cloud integrates with back-office applications and many popular phone systems. To find out how to do this, write to us.

What support is available to help me get Service Cloud up and running?

We have a team of certified experts and innovative offerings who know how to add value to your business and help you get the most out of your implementation.

How can I connect with other Salesforce experts?

Join the  Salesforce Success Community and Service Cloud group.

How does Service Cloud integrate with other parts of the Salesforce platform?

Since all solutions are based on a single platform, this process is easy, while saving all your data.
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