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Salesforce Sustainability Cloud enables organizations to accurately track, analyze, and report the necessary environmental data in order to develop efficient sustainability approaches. This is the best option for those who feel the urge to take action in cutting down their carbon footprint.

By turning to this solution, your business will be able to quantify and analyze its carbon emissions and obtain the information in comprehensive reports in order to formulate your next climate action strategy. Moreover, data-driven insights can be incorporated into your operating models and other business initiatives. In such a way, your business will demonstrate complete transparency of its sustainable practices.

Make your organization more ecologically responsible by keeping an eye on energy patterns and emission trends, so you can assess your ecological consequences. Salesforce Sustainability Cloud will assist you in obtaining the most accurate data possible so that you can build impactful and efficient climate action strategies for your company.

Salesforce Customer Success Metrics Survey

Of customers prefer environmentally responsible brands that share their values.
Of people consider organizations to be responsible for fighting climate change, making carbon accounting a critical factor.
Of customers are concerned that organizations are not taking enough action.

Salesforce Sustainability Cloud

Carbon Accounting of Scope

Carbon Accounting of Scope 1, 2 and 3

Based on energy usage, billing data, and spending data, Salesforce Sustainability Cloud assesses carbon emissions. If you are looking to implement an efficient environmental strategy, all emissions must be considered. Salesforce Sustainability Cloud covers three greenhouse gas categories to allow companies to make more informed decisions. Scope 1 includes Building Emissions (refrigeration, heating), Company Shuttles and Corporate Jet Travel; Scope 2 includes Data Center Electricity Consumption and Purchased Electricity For Own Use; Scope 3 includes Purchased Goods, Fuel and Energy-Related Activities, Upstream Transportation and Distribution, Upstream Leased Assets, Waste Generated in Operations and Investments.

Full Global Reference Dataset

Full Global Reference Dataset

Salesforce Sustainability Cloud offers a comprehensive global reference dataset, which helps organizations compare their collected and reported data in order to create more efficient sustainability strategies. The collection of such information can take weeks to process; however, they are already collected and put in one place, which easily allows those involved in adopting, implementing, and evaluating their environmental impact to use the data to reduce their carbon emissions. By turning to this solution, you can have access to carbon accounting with the help of such preload datasets as the U.S. EPA, IPCC, and many others.

Automatic Data Quality Controls

Automatic Data Quality Controls

Bad data is the first reason why projects fail, as it is the source of incomplete and inaccurate information. Salesforce Sustainability Could include the feature of automation of this process to avoid any misleading and confusing data. In such a way, your reporting can reach the highest level of accuracy and help you create powerful environmental action strategies.

Renewable Energy Allocation Tracking

Renewable Energy Allocation Tracking

Tracking the source of clean and renewable energy is critical for businesses since it allows them to ensure that the energy is produced in accordance with sustainability guidelines. Sustainable Cloud Salesforce has a feature called renewable energy allocation tracking, which makes determining the source of energy utilized much easier. Indeed, this aids in the discovery of the most environmentally friendly source of energy that can be used for your business and monitor the necessary environmental data to make accurate data-driven climate decisions.

Energy and Emissions Variance Tracking

Energy and Emissions Variance Tracking

One of the most effective ways for businesses to enhance their operational efficiency and sustainability is to track their energy and emissions. Your organization may get an accurate report of energy and emissions variance data with Salesforce Sustainability Cloud, which helps you boost transparency with your stakeholders and develop more efficient climate policies. Indeed, businesses avoid unnecessary energy investments and enrich their knowledge of energy consumption trends.

Built-in Reports and Dashboards

Built-in Reports and Dashboards

Obtain your company's environmental effect data with accurate and extensive reports and dashboards. They help keep track of all the necessary emissions and create detailed and data-driven cases that will definitely help your team find the perfect solutions and make better decisions for your climate action strategy.

Salesforce Sustainability Cloud Demo

Salesforce Sustainability Cloud helps businesses track, analyze, and report the company’s carbon footprint in order to make more environmentally friendly decisions. We invite you to see what it looks like in the demo video below.

Salesforce Sustainability Cloud Pricing

Salesforce Sustainability Cloud
Salesforce Sustainability Cloud

Comes as an option for enterprises, providing measurement analysis into greenhouse gas emissions. This edition includes a contract renewed and billed annually

$4,000 USD/org/month* (billed annually)

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As an official Salesforce partner, Ergonized will help you integrate the Salesforce Sustainability Cloud and support you from the beginning to the end of your journey in order to obtain the most value possible for your business.

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Ergonized has helped hundreds of clients obtain a secure and accurate view of their environmental impact and obtain result-driven insights that help reach carbon neutrality faster. We provide all the necessary support from the beginning until the end of your Sustainability Cloud journey, as the success of our clients is also our success.

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Our team of consultants is created by certified and exceptionally qualified specialists with years of experience and profound comprehension of the specifics of Salesforce Sustainability Cloud. Our clients are accustomed to always meet their business’s needs, getting the most value possible.


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