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Get the most out of your data with the synergy of advanced Salesforce Tableau technologies. Leverage Salesforce’s futuristic approach and boost your business success with the Salesforce Einstein and Tableau tandem.

Delivering a fast, simple, and personalized digital experience is more important than ever in this era of explosive e-commerce. Salesforce has long relied on artificial intelligence to create a comprehensive view of its consumers. Combining Tableau and Einstein Analytics into a single platform has sped up the pace of digital innovation. Einstein Analytics’ predictive modeling potential on Tableau provides advanced machine learning-driven dynamic predictions, informed insights, and actions for Customer 360 and other Salesforce apps. Einstein’s and Tableau’s solutions complemented each other, and Tableau CRM ultimately accumulated the best of both technologies.

Strengths of Salesforce Einstein and Tableau

The synergy between the strengths of Einstein Analytics and Tableau is evident. At the core of these two products advanced data exploration, preparation, and transformation capabilities. Both offer robust training programs and communities that support users.

Both solutions focus on analytics but handle original cases using different technologies. Tableau has an extensive list of connectors that allow you to combine data from varied sources. Einstein supports specific outer joins but originally was designed for interacting with data in Salesforce.

Differences between Salesforce and Tableau

It is the differences, not the similarities, between the two that make Tableau CRM so useful. Tableau has a leading position in analytics for a reason. Its patented VizQL technology creates data visualizations and provides expeditious results 100 times quicker than alternative methods. With Tableau, you can rapidly analyze and receive ideas you never knew existed.

While Tableau leads the way in visualization and handles descriptive analytics, Einstein Analytics combines external and internal data and presents users with outstanding powers of machine learning, language processing, and computer vision. Einstein makes apps cleverer with AI and built-in automation of existing CRM data.

Tableau was the first in the ranking of BI platforms to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for four years. Einstein, in its turn, provides over 80 billion AI-driven predictions for sales, service, and marketing every day.

Salesforce Einstein and Tableau Customer Success Metrics Survey

More daily Einstein for Marketing forecasts and 300% more Einstein Bot for Service and Commerce sessions per quarter.
More Lead-to-Buyer Conversions with Einstein's Lead Score
Over 1.5 million
Einstein searches and 100+ million unique keywords per month

Tableau Analytics features

Tableau dashboard

Tableau dashboard

The dashboard comprises multiple views that allow you to compare different data. The dashboard displays all views at once using tabbed access at the bottom of the book. Data in tables and dashboards are linked and updated at the same time.

Data sources

Data sources

Tableau CRM efficiently visualizes, analyzes, and aggregates data from Salesforce and other services. Using a direct connector to fetch data from, Tableau embeds and updates dashboards and data in real-time. It helps you drive opportunities, account management, and hot leads.

Collaboration and sharing

Collaboration and sharing

Tableau Desktop gives you the ability to quickly and securely share data, reports, and dashboards with your team, company, and customers. Sharing and collaboration options are available both on-premises and in the cloud.

Live & in-memory data

Live & in-memory data

Tableau combines in-memory and live direct connections by leveraging different memory levels at different times. The Tableau Data Engine enables ad hoc analysis in the memory of millions of rows of data in seconds

Robust security

Robust security

Tableau protects your business intelligence. Tableau Server supports complex security requirements in a simple and easy-to-deploy manner that requires no configuration or coding

Mobile View

Mobile view

Tableau Mobile syncs and makes it easy to keep track of your data wherever you are and even when you're offline.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics demo: How it looks

Einstein’s AI / ML functionality added to Tableau as calculations, dashboard extensions, and bulk predictions. If you’re interested, you can watch the Einstein Analytics use cases video here.

Salesforce Einstein and Tableau pricing

Get the best insights from your data by choosing the rightful solution for your company.

Einstein Predictions
Einstein Analytics
Tableau CRM Plus
Einstein Predictions
  • Einstein Discovery
  • Einstein Prediction Builder
$75 user/month
Einstein Analytics
  • Growth
  • Analytics Studio
  • Sales & Service Analytics
  • Data Platform
$125 user/month
Tableau CRM Plus
  • Sales & Service Analytics
  • Einstein Prediction Builder
  • Analytics Studio
  • Einstein Discovery
  • Data Platform
  • Einstein Data Insights
$150 user/month

Einstein Analytics QuickStart Package

What's included
● Business analysis
● Requirements definition
● Complex solution design
● Deployment plan
● Configuration
● Training
$3 900
Advanced AI-powered Analytics in Your Salesforce
Advanced AI-powered Analytics in Your Salesforce
  • Interactive dashboards.
  • Data transformation.
  • Data exploration and analysis with Einstein Analytics.
Quick Start with Pre-built Templates and Apps
Quick Start with Pre-built Templates and Apps
  • Individual implementation and adaptation to your unique needs.
  • Customizable use cases and reports.
  • Data integrity support.
Customizable Tasks and Prediction Algorithms
Customizable Tasks and Prediction Algorithms
  • Precise business processes.
  • Value for specific decision-making requirements.
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How We Can Help

Businesses with the budget and capacity to scale up Tableau SDFS deployments will no doubt have the best combination for digital enterprise transformation. The most obvious way to take profit from Einstein Analytics and Tableau is to provide information to users directly in the environment where they operate. But since Tableau CRM is the latest product, you need an experienced Salesforce certified Einstein analytics and discovery consultant to implement it.

The Ergonized team has excellent technical skills and knowledge of the Salesforce Einstein and Tableau principles. We’ll look at all combinations of users, data sources, and analytics use cases to determine the one that’s best for you.

Our Einstein Analytics & discovery consultant will provide qualified Salesforce Tableau integration based on your company’s business goals. Harness the power of the Salesforce Analytics Tableau to minimize risks, reduce budget, increase sales, and improve your profitability and productivity.



What is Tableau CRM?

Tableau CRM (previously Einstein Analytics) is an innovative customer and business intelligence platform optimized for mobile use that works with any data from any source and allows you to "see and understand" your data.

Where is Einstein Analytics?

Presently Einstein Analytics and all of its features are a part of Tableau CRM.

Why should I buy Tableau CRM?

With Tableau CRM, you get true business intelligence for any industry, from sales reps to customer service representatives, business users, and more.

What is the difference between Tableau CRM and Tableau?

Tableau CRM is part of Tableau's massive portfolio and its tandem positioned as the leading analytics solution. Tableau is enough for enterprise-wide business intelligence. If you want analytics to be deeply integrated into Salesforce CRM, or if you want to complement the Salesforce clouds with advanced analytics, choose the Tableau CRM.

What’s the difference between Tableau CRM and Reports and Dashboards in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud?

  • In Sales and Service Cloud reports and dashboards provide a snapshot of metrics, including team productivity, conversion rates, and lead volume.
  • But Tableau CRM goes beyond standard reports and dashboards and provides new end-to-end customer insights and your pipeline and trends, and real-time predictive analytics.

What are Tableau CRM Apps?

It is a series of specialized analytics applications for a variety of business areas that allow anyone to explore data, gain insight, and instantly take action from any digital device.

Does Tableau CRM require extensive training?

You don't need any special knowledge to use Tableau CRM. The solution allows you to explore and share data without any complexity.

How hard is it to set up Tableau CRM?

There are two ways to load data into Tableau CRM: use a simple visual wizard to create initial datasets or write the data flow yourself. You can get third-party data in Tableau CRM using the integration partner connectors. In general, loading data using either of these methods can take several hours.

Can I customize or make changes to the dashboards?

Since one of the major features of Tableau CRM is the ability to create and edit dashboards as you see fit.
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