By following trends, modern technology approaches and software development best practices, we create the state-of-the-art solutions that perfectly match your business requirements.

Software services we deliver upon your request ensure end-to-end maintenance of tailored solutions, which include consulting, business analysis of your unique processes to provide the highest automation level, project management, and top-notch development quality with security measures and quality assurance. As an advanced software services company, Ergonized offers you a holistic approach applicable to multiple industries.

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CRM Software Development Services

Enhancing business with automation has a direct influence on cost reduction and increasing efficiency. As a result of this strategy, you’ll have a powerful yet cost-effective toolkit that grows while your workload decreases. When your company achieves new breakthroughs, offshore software development services provided to you will make all the necessary adjustments simple and quick to implement, allowing you to perform better and stay ahead of the competition.

Software Engineering Services

As a company that delivers a software development service for you, we promise to give you high-quality solutions at a fair price. Ergonized's main goal is to help you find the best tools and solutions for your specific situation. We are committed to helping your business from the beginning of planning to the end result by taking a close look at your business goals and objectives. Our experts are constantly working with cutting-edge technology and are accustomed to providing a variety of software maintenance services.

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    Wide Expertise of a Trusted Partner

    We provide software development services that are precisely suited to your company’s demands for maximum efficiency. We've been developing software for large, medium, and small businesses since 2007. Teaming with our clients, we’ve helped them achieve great results and a wide range of benefits.

    Smooth Delivery

    Our agile methods and certified employees allow us to deliver even the most complicated projects with strict adherence to coding standards. The deep business analysis we perform allows us to create such valuable estimates for delivering your solution. The transparency of communication we believe in at Ergonized can make you sure that we will discuss all the emerging risks in the development process to mitigate schedule variations.

    Reduced Development Cost Without Quality Loss

    The approaches used by Ergonized are meant to provide results-oriented services that address all challenges in the most cost-effective manner possible. While working with us, you can always expect greater dedication to the development process and a higher commitment level provided by a team of professionals with proven expertise.

    Multiple Scenarios for Reaching Your Competitive Edge

    By embracing digital transformation, you gain a competitive advantage from software maintenance services. Our software development company offers all the necessary experience and resources to help you make the right decisions and stay ahead of your competitors.

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    salesforce app development case study

    Salesforce App Development For GDPR and CCPA Compliance

    The enthusiastic team from Braveheartdata will ensure company compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other data protection laws.


    Custom CRM Development for Healthcare Company

    Case study on the development of a custom CRM for the healthcare industry with customized business process system configuration and flow management.

    custom elearning software development

    Custom E-learning Development for Healthcare Company

    Custom e-learning development, an internal Enterprise LMS platform, which enables online access for registered users to the knowledge library and training with easy-to-use CMS and users’ activity tracking.


    We bring innovation through technology to create a new digital era for you business
    Projects delivered
    Years of success in custom software development
    Efficient remote employees
    Ongoing clients worldwide

    Information security program
    We appreciate your trust in further collaboration and take appropriate measures to keep your data safe. Our security program is aligned with industry standards, ISO 27001.
    The NDA protects the process
    We will sign a nondisclosure agreement to keep each other's confidential information and trade secrets safe.
    Intellectual property ownership by the client
    Your company will be the sole owner of the copyrights to the digital product if the collaboration takes place.
    Complete control over the product development cycle
    Your company will be in charge of the entire development process and manage it from start to finish as the product owner.
    Essential data hosting
    All the critical data that relates either to the project or to the cooperation details are stored on cloud servers hosted in the United States.

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