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Our Zoho consulting team has a wide range of specialized skills that can help your business make smart investments in technology, improve processes, and save time and money. We think of all our clients as collaborators and work to bridge the gap between business needs and technology solutions.

Zoho Implementation

We will use our knowledge and resources to carry out your project in effectively and rapidly, completing each phase on time and without exceeding the allotted budget, whether it is a simple Starter package or the comprehensive Enterprise implementation of multiple Zoho apps.

Zoho Integration

Our Zoho integration services allow businesses to concentrate on the tasks that matter most. The Zoho API makes it possible to connect the CRM not only to other Zoho products but also to a wide range of applications from other companies. We manage all the integration types swiftly and seamlessly.

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Sales Facilitation

Built-in tools make it easy to get important information about prospects, keep track of sales documents, and quickly organize work with the sales team and vendor. Stay updated with notifications, enjoy the meeting tool, and be on the move with the mobile app's availability.

Sales Force Automation

Make your customers not only managed, but also satisfied. That’s why Zoho automates dozens of redundant tasks, such as contact management, account execution, and deal visualization, so your sales reps can focus on building relationships with your customers.

Predictive Sales

Enjoy the benefits of AI with Zia, the conversational assistant. You can automatically get the information you need, dictate notes, predict how sales activities will go, look for anomalies, automate redundant tasks, get suggestions on your workflow, and even manage your team.



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    Depth of Expertise

    Our team has broad expertise with Zoho CRM. We take the time to learn how your business works and partner with you to create a Zoho implementation that helps you reach your goals.

    Cost Efficiency

    We save you money while providing a user-friendly, customer-focused digital system. Our prices are competitive and don't hide any additional fees or costs.

    High Dedication Level

    For the successful completion of your project, we have an in-house team made up of only senior-level experts. This way, we can pay more attention to the quality of what we deliver and work well together. We appreciate enhanced client-side control over the entire project, from inception to completion.

    Enhanced Customization

    Your business is unique, and your CRM should reflect that. As a flexible system, Zoho CRM can be modified to fit your requirements. It's one of the easiest tools to set up, maintain, and customize your sales and marketing workflows to be swift. It can be used as a one-size-fits-all solution made just for your business's goals.

    Seamless Integration

    Use your existing tools and workflows with Zoho integrations. Zoho CRM integration goes with popular third-party applications like Google Apps, Office 365, and more. For the most efficiency, you can connect Zoho CRM to third-party apps using a variety of integration options.

    Data Visualization

    With Zoho, you can create customizable dashboards to get the information that you need at a glance. Create as many dashboards as you need and choose from a huge collection of widgets, charts, and graphics to visualize your data for in-depth analysis. This helps you stay on top of your sales numbers and makes it easy to spot trends.

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    Healthcare Сustom CRM

    Custom CRM Development for Healthcare Company

    Case study on the development of a custom CRM for the healthcare industry with customized business process system configuration and flow management.


    CRM And Inventory Solution For Automotive Industry

    Payne Auto Group is a Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Ford, Volkswagen, FIAT & Alfa Romeo dealer with dealerships across the Rio Grande Valley. Payne Auto Group provides auto services and financing for all makes and models.

    workplace co
    Real Estate

    CRM Implementation for Real Estate Company

    The Workplace Company is a fast-growing occupier-focused real estate consultancy based in central London, acting for all types of occupiers seeking office space in London.


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    Information security program
    We appreciate your trust in further collaboration and take appropriate measures to keep your data safe. Our security program is aligned with industry standards, ISO 27001.
    The NDA protects the process
    We will sign a nondisclosure agreement to keep each other's confidential information and trade secrets safe.
    Intellectual property ownership by the client
    Your company will be the sole owner of the copyrights to the digital product if the collaboration takes place.
    Complete control over the product development cycle
    Your company will be in charge of the entire development process and manage it from start to finish as the product owner.
    Essential data hosting
    All the critical data that relates either to the project or to the cooperation details are stored on cloud servers hosted in the United States.
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